Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Citizens Sanction Trashing of Democratic Ideals

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Absolutism in its many varied forms is an attack on individualism, the sacred right of human beings to determine their own future free from meddling power hungry inferiors. Military internment gulags, remote torture camps, absolute monarchies, and all the other contrivances that lock away or silence our freedom of expression are diabolically evil.

A corps of deviant power hungry demons is arrayed against honesty, truth, and decency. Their ultimate goal is to crush dissent, imagination, and creativity.

Utterly incapable of comprehending brilliant unconstrained emotion, insight, diversity, and boundless creativity these process droids impose a culture of stasis - a direct reflection of their vacant minds.

Instituting a rule-riddled regime mired in fear these animal simpletons use force and intimidation to keep the 'unruly' majority in line. They attempt to eradicate what they just don't have the capacity to understand - the magnificent expression of the human spirit. Brute robots, leftovers in the evolutionary process, they are threatened by the passionate soul of humanity; it's awe-inspiring capacity for genuine genius.

Seeking structure and continuity to the point of absurdity these worn-path-walkers lash out at anyone who blazes a new trail. Mustn't upset the delicate balance of stagnation that is the hallmark of instinctually driven lesser beings. It's therefore imperative that any constitution that spells out the rights of citizens in a freewheeling democracy be made irrelevant. A terror-focused state can't have its subjects engaging in unapproved activities.

Those that don't heed the subtle advice of the Fatherland (or was it the Motherland) must be whisked away by a black SUV in the dead of night. No trial, no charge, no call to a concerned relative, only years of torture and indefinite detention in far-off lands.

In his book "The Trial" Franz Kafka warned us about the injustice, randomness, and cruelty of governmental abominations. His fictitious world is filled with citizens devoid of courage, a vast wasteland of worn-path plodders that docilely accept the edicts coming down from legions of mindless bureaucrats. This vision of our current reality is a cave dwellers delight, the perfect system of tyrannical custom.

So remember, it is your duty to comply with all the edicts spewed forth by crony capitalist states, absolute monarchies, dictatorships, or any other tyrannical regime. By remaining compliant subservient little slaves you are sanctioning the free rein of criminal governments that trash the very foundation of democratic ideals.