Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Circus Style Full-Bore Sex

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A pageant of sound came from the circus tent. Rocking to a rhythm that had a driving beat, Ned moved his firm shaft at full bore, plunging deeper, sinking into Jenny's ever expanding wet orifice. All the clowns, freaks, animal trainers, and assorted other high flying daredevils were fast asleep. Quenching their desires, the passion that had burned them over the past few days was exhausting their pink skinned sweat soaked bodies.

Pumping next to snarling lions, wild beasts that could rip a person to shreds was Jenny's kinky fantasy; she was swollen hard, dripping like a rainforest downpour. Ned a broad chested, dark haired, muscular, prime male specimen, was pounding her like he wielded control over his cats.

She felt her opening expand and dilate in spasms until she could barely contain the trickle of liquid running in rivulets down her inner thighs. On a pure high cloud of ecstasy her intellectual side; the focused, skilled, expert part of her being was now engulfed in this extreme instinctual release - an unrestrained grinding.

Ned's hands were now stroking the nipples of her breasts fully erect like sprouting tan flagpoles. Moving his tongue into position he released his forefinger from her glistening knobs in favor of licking them to a tingling popping delight.

Jenny wasn't sure how much longer she could hold out; she'd already had multiple orgasms. These were undoubtedly leading to a singular explosive sensory eruption - the final would make her red rubbed mound quake to her very toes.

Fully charged, ready to open his fire hose within her sticky wetness Ned felt his firm body rock her between moans, he was overpowering her with thrusts that made her gulp between breaths, she was now screaming in delight. Her back was arching from tense muscles that were at the limit of their elasticity. Supporting her silky smooth arch above her well-formed butt his hands could feel a shiver move violently in the twitching muscles.

Ned the last of the great lion tamers and Jenny a beautiful high wire trapeze walker a tad past her prime at forty weren't interested in love but lovemaking; full-bore sex. Being at the end of their careers in an industry that was equally near the cliff's edge they just wanted to be happy neither had grand plans for the future.

So with each deep plunge into her shuttering wetness Ned felt the emptiness draining from him. Jenny had become an obsession he craved with every fiber of his being. First seeing her on the high wire with her breasts firm and uplifted, holding the steadying bar, strong legs moving gracefully, he visualized taking off her skimpy leotards and rubbing her sticky puffed up love canal.

To Ned she was the personification of perfection, a perfect ten that he knew he'd pump to screaming exaltation, leaving a puddle of her juices on the blanket. His fancy was to make love to strong women not weak insecure fumble minded moral value holdbacks.

He knew Jenny was just such a woman prior to their first time when she took his hand in her trailer and said, "I want you now, all of you. With a bulge like that you're going to shake me straight into the next century!"

Not needing to reply verbally he just unbuttoned her blouse, removing each button slowly until he saw her breasts, soft knolls that were ready to burst from her bra. Already panting in anticipation Jenny's mouth was open in hot-blooded expectation.

After exposing her luscious humps that had the most wonderfully wide nipples he'd ever seen he then reached down to unzip her pants. Pulling the skin-tight jeans down below her knees he could barely contain himself when he saw that her panties were soaking wet. Shaking the jeans from her legs Jenny couldn't get them off fast enough.

Moving his hands ever so softly in stroking motions over her panties he applied more pressure feeling the slit underneath pouring more juice into the already saturated white panties. He just kept playing, getting her hotter and hotter until she tore the panties off in a single sweeping downward thrust.

That night, their first was the best sex he'd ever had with any woman; she was a wild-eyed unconstrained lover. She didn't have the slightest inhibition; he knew she would drag what she needed back to her cave - no holding her back. Jenny must have known that life was tenuous at best - she just wasn't going to let any opportunity pass her by, she'd enjoy sex - to hell with the bible thumpers. Lust was in her veins; she was a totally free individual.

Realizing she could take this guy down whenever she chose she was so thankful she'd finally found a real man. Most men she'd known hadn't a romantic sliver in their mostly overbearing personalities. Ned was different, he was the authentic personification of the long dead cowboy, a simple gentleman that new what he wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it. He made her flip; practically drool in nuclear dripping passion.

She could barely contain herself, even when walking the wire she thought of his big balls, with that super charged beast that could bring her practically to an uncontrollable convulsive squirting. A slight dampness and a swelling that she couldn't help think was noticeable must have had the men rock hard, she knew they stared more between her legs than marveled at her prowess on the wire - her body was always waiting for evening.

This was a tough business, Jenny had put up with a lot of shit to get into the premier circus, the largest, oldest institution in a financially life-supported industry. She loved walking on that thin metal filament up high with just a threadbare net below. It was exhilarating doing something only a few knew how to do. Her teacher, now long dead, had passed the art of high wire walking to her when she was barely six. Now performing under the biggest tent for the top circus she knew she wasn't the richest, wisest, or most successful of humanity but was certain that she was the best high wire artist of all time.

She felt she was falling in love. Ned was her equal; he was a singular standup human being, who wasn't afraid to be his own person regardless of what others thought of him. They'd both been through the ringer. She knew they were unsurpassed, the very pinnacle of a dwindling set of professions they'd push to the limit riding the rocket until it flashed towards the ground. Wow! What a ride!