Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Challenge of Crafting an Equitable Counter-Society

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Sitting back relaxing at least for a few brief seconds to gather thoughts is all the time allotted for the gelling of concepts. To take up the struggle for economic freedom is primarily an intellectual battle. Not being barbarians’ means that we have to win hearts and minds over to the shaping of an equitable counter-society. All of this requires a steady continuous commitment. In a world of rising economic apartheid the divide between the rich and everyone else is expanding into a societal gulf. This chasm is an unrelenting drag on the dysfunctional mega-rich income collecting scheme loosely classified as an economy.

The elite royals by not committing to engage in constructive discourse aimed at crafting a sustainable, refined, improved form of capitalism melded into a democratic government free of lobbyist interference guarantee a future of instability and chaos. It is time we all came together to work on an improved counter-society not devoid of capitalism, hard work, or rewards for achievement, but once again including these central values. We need a revival of meritocracy.

Far too many have reached the lofty peaks of power not because of special talents but because of connections or an assured throne inherited within the elite aristocracy. If we were to scientifically analyze, stack these mover-and-shakers up against citizens from the majority even without the interplay of the law of averages we’d find that the unrelenting stress of surviving in a world of corruption, inherent dishonesty, extreme maldistribution of income, and a degeneration of values has equipped the majority underclass survivors with a Darwinian advantage over the spoon fed elite aristocracy. That is why any feudally derived society is always doomed to failure.

Trying to shield the elite rulers from adversity only breeds or inbreeds weakness. Creatively and passion come from the dynamic stream of the upstream swimmers who ultimately take back power from all the soft minded controllers.

Being realists having to live in the gutter of the other income starved economy has given us a special insight into the inner-workings of the human psyche. It is therefore abundantly clear that all you nose-bleeding parasites stuffing your Swiss bank accounts with loot made from buckets of our sweat and toil are too simpleminded to comprehend that your income milking society is careening towards oblivion.

We are therefore not optimistic about commencing negotiations on the design of a mutually better society. The big-money clan is degenerating with every generation of Ivy League bloodsuckers that takes the helm of our sinking ship of horrors. We in the bottom-scraping class of producers must try to convince even duller witted simpletons to steer us out of the storm.

Grasping tightly to doctrine, the purveyors of this miserable two-tier stratified caste scheme have used their baser instincts to devise a model of pillage that has been refined by all the drooling upper crust that preceded our current brood of sociopaths. This gospel of subversion insures that their rickety kingdom of deviant anti-morals, special case saturated contrivances, deteriorating basic communication linkages, stasis enforced anti-creativity, and refusal to let invigorating ideas into the swamp of ‘expert’ dogma grows more ghoulish.

Ever try reasoning with a dull pet? Well that is the challenge that we face. These non-survival stressed rulers of vetted privilege, anti-virtue adherents, generally confused myopic carbon copied creators of illusion are just ill-equipped to handle abstract thought. Their outright refusal to even consider any ideas not excreted by their court jesters the professional holders of the sacred scrolls makes our task almost impossible. But we must use our tenacity, born from our constant brushes with adversity to spoon feed our lessor class of ruling simpletons. Maybe, after digesting small morsels of real creatively spawned theories they’ll assent to allowing our world’s society to advance beyond its current depraved state?