Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Caress Us with Lies from a Corrupt System

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The cackles can be heard coming from behind every wall of this 'windowless dirty room' that we're trapped within - with little or no hope of escape. Don't worry every now and then they'll throw us a dark moldy piece of stale bread from that opening in the wall to our far right. Word is that those on the other side who call themselves "controllers" have nightly banquets within crystal palaces. The controllers belong to a select group of privileged citizens who are the lobbyists, business elite, corrupt elements of the intelligentsia, and least we forget the governmental representatives that have been 'body snatched' by the business elite through their lobbyists.

We've been dropped here because when we were working outside within their society we had the indiscretion to engage in wasteful spending. Not just your average supplementing of our paltry subsistence wages through excessive borrowing (credit card, and 2nd mortgage debt) at their financial 'company stores' but the heinous act of causing a correction within their economic society. We neglected to cut back our daily meals from 3 to 1 in order to save some of our meager income at their banks.

The controllers are livid with anger at our inability to create savings from nothing. With our jobs being transferred overseas or replaced by H1-B foreign workers, declining wages if where lucky enough to be employed, medical insurance payments increasing faster than inflation, tuition beyond reach, gasoline & food prices soaring to the heavens, mortgages on homes worth less than 4 years ago, and lack of decent full time employment necessitating 2 - 3 part time jobs we have been relegated to just existing in this damaged evil totalitarian economic society. We've reached the 'end game' - consumption is breathing its last gallant breath while savings has been long dead.

We can no longer deny the evidence that squeezes our bodies within this juice grinder of corruption and greed - there is an external reality that the controllers would like use to deny. The walls are shaking from their foundations with the cackles emanating from all sides of our dingy room turning into screams. Those must be the screams of panicked controllers attempting to block out our struggle to consciously recognize the reality of our situation. Louder and louder their screams become, each attempting to cackle louder than the other.

They've constructed this room that encloses us within boundaries similar to the larger room where the rest of our fellow citizens wallow outside in misery. Evil has transformed truth into something to be denigrated by foul mouths bent upon maintaining their positions of power within a system that is fed corruption, lies, distortion, pain, and greed. It is a system that has no relation to any pure economic conception - distorted, and contorted into a grotesque monstrosity that grinds across the bodies of the majority of global citizens sucking their life blood out. The economic monstrosity moves from nation to nation in search of cheap labor and resources to plunder leaving vanquished nation-states in its wake.

Our governments are obsolete within a new world order that is comprised of multi-national companies that operate on the premise that the world is their resource supermarket. We're nothing more than expendable human resources to be grind down to dust. Their lies become truth that must be conveyed daily across their global dominion. Nothing will stop their relentless march of greed across our histories, cultures, and beliefs. Nothing but our ability to ignore their lies, and dishonestly within a world that we see clearly in reality - we must remain vigilant during their onslaught of distortion and unreality.

They have far too much to loss to discontinue their onslaught - legal thievery in the form of tax payer bailouts of financial institutions, lobbyist payoffs to governmental stooges, millions of dollars in compensation for business executives, the speculator financial bonanza, yachts, private planes, and homes resembling palaces in many geographical locations. Wow, the controller chorus resounds with "let the good times roll".