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Capitalist Society Is the Problem - Replace It with Real Democracy

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a genuine democracy? You are probably looking around you right about now, feeling your pulse to make sure you have not been transported into the twilight zone. Rest assured you are still on terra firma and this writer is not some crazy who has just escaped from a lunatic asylum. Sorry, you are right, it cannot be a mental hospital because our 'democracy' defunded those decades ago so they could yet again lower the taxes on the 1% elite royalty. Enough with the rambling - let's get back at it. How was work today? Speak up; it is hard to hear you. That's good, well, did you at least toil your forty hours? Did not mean to insult your intelligence - let me try again. You worked more than forty hours but were paid only for forty - bet you enjoyed every minute of your job. This is especially true when the CEO executive crown princes keep cutting your benefits and paying you less in real wages (nominal wage - cost increases) each year for the past forty plus years. Right about now you are probably thinking this revolutionary leader/writer guy is truly an idiot or playing with you because everybody knows that work is something we suffer through to pull in our paltry salary that buys even fewer chick peas and rice - that is if you do not purchase family packs of these important staples. When you were at work today did you feel all that democracy ebbing and flowing about, empowering all the little serfs? Bet you had a lot of say, talked quite a bit, and exchanged ideas with your managers who along with their bosses, the bosses of the bosses, and all the way up to the executive upper crust appreciate your productivity, particularly your years of experience, dedication, and intellect. Do you believe they even know your name?

With so much going for the average U.S. laborer who has produced five times more than in the mid-1970's you would have thought that our well-stuffed executive overlords would have given us many fat paychecks. Instead they cut our pay. Our real income, the amount we receive after deducting each year's increased cost of living has been steadily falling. Listen carefully; you may hear the pitter patter of your corporate board of directors authorizing another round of big bonus checks for all their highly productive hard working employees. Your thinking there he goes again taking a planetoid trip. Everybody knows that regular employees are expendable in a capitalist society and the work environment between capitalists and their employees is confrontational by nature.

Capitalist society is the problem.

Until we replace this corrupt festering gangrenous rich-punks income harvesting machine called capitalism with an egalitarian civilization those of us in the 99% will keep careening into poverty.

The fundamental problem with capitalism is that the workers who produce the products and services have no say in how the production is organized and the surplus that they create is dispersed. Any profit that is the balance remaining after the sales revenue is deducted from the firm's general expenses is stolen from the workers by others. After paying the outrageous salaries of executives, managers, and all those at the top of the corporate pyramid the surplus that is left goes to the firm's board of directors and major stockholders. These upper echelon parasites suck the corporation dry, never for a moment entertaining any notion of fairly reimbursing the laborers who created the riches that they squander. Workers are plentiful, and therefore expendable, that is why capitalists pay these 'resources' an ever decreasing real wage. A wage that is able to cover less and less of the always increasing monthly expenses that we are forced to pay to fewer and fewer firm's who always raise the prices in the industry markets that they hold sway over.

A corporation's board of directors and majority shareholders typically comprise no more than fifteen to twenty swindlers. They are a disconnected group of autocratic rulers. In today's oligarchic corporate dictatorship that links directly to the global shadow government these despots are usually many hundreds or thousands of miles away in penthouse skyscrapers, lounging in cabanas on their private islands, or flying their gargantuan sized planes to and from their modern day castles. All are sociopaths, megalomaniacs, short-term oriented bleeders of the planet. They are a coldly calculating and inhuman lot of sick mutants. Destroying the environment and economically strip-mining the earth is just another day's work in their use of unlimited power.

Is this democracy? How can we even vaguely suggest we live in a democracy? Isn't it obscene to boast about capitalist society's democratic spirit when the very foundation of most of our day is mired in corporate tyranny - the voice of a few bigshots silencing the legitimate rights and wishes of the majority?

Uproot capitalist society - the weeds are choking us to death.

If we were to cut off the top of the corporate pyramid, remove the corporate lords, knights, and assorted royalty only keeping those who could earn their keep in administrative positions the general population would be left with billions of dollars that could be used to significantly raise wages, invest in society, and restore meaning to dreams so often denied realization because a few filthy rich need to have it all. Why should we settle for a bleak future just so a fraction of a percent can live like sultans?

There are so many over worked sleepy citizens who lead frenzied lives working many more than a single job just to pay the always increasing costs associated with a plummeting standard of living. We are forced to fork over exorbitant prices for a whole slew of products and services that are always rocketing to newer heights. Asked to accept this or that government program cutback or a dearth of any help from a regime more focused upon providing corporate tax breaks to their big-business benefactors than all us easily chucked workers isn't it high time we took what is rightfully ours. If we are the society then why shouldn't we organize it so that it serves us and not a sect of bluebloods? This means that by extension all the workplaces we toil in and the governments we live under are ours to do with what we please.

Let us start by eliminating all the kickbacks going to lobbyists from elite paymasters, immediately slicing the top off the corporate extortion 'apparatus' that ravenously devours income, pounding a stack into the heart of the corporate entity, and replacing capitalist with civilizationist society. We will guarantee that all of us and not just a chosen few will enjoy the benefits derived from our collective ingenuity, brawn, and incalculable productivity.

Surely it is not a stretch to grasp that all governments derive their authority and legitimacy from the consent of the governed. Too compartmentalize our business lives outside of justice and too meekly bow to stone-age power-hungry authoritarians means we have legitimized a society that is profoundly illegitimate. How can we for even a split-second believe that we live in a democracy if the entire society is a nest of cronyism, discredited and dishonest? Capitalist government's primary purpose for being is to grease the wheels of corporatism, privatized the profits stolen by the capitalists from the workers, and socialize all risks so that no one percenter on the inherently flawed cyclically riddled roller coaster ride from boom to bust loses a penny.

Is it even possible to reform an oppressive system founded upon duping and misleading the general population into believing they are in control, that they alone are the rightful constituents? Does not business supremacy imply worker inferiority? If that is the case then the whole affair is a house of cards ready to collapse at any minute since our masters are clearly idiots incapable of even shielding themselves from this problem plagued society that is an extension of their irrationality. Being the lords of the realm they will always be shielded from major losses. But if this 'free'-market invisible hand voodoo with a government ever so ready to open the treasury for these masters is so awe-inspiring why are these superrich rulers always squirming in pain, anxious at losing so much in each of the never ending series of recessions, depressions, or stock market crashes?

For all concerned, let us dump this wasteful, destructive, and evil capitalist society.

If a few of us were placed upon a deserted island we would have to come up with some form of government and economic system inserted within our own original societal construct reflecting the confluence of our shared moral precepts. So why do we believe it is impossible to switch out a dysfunctional capitalist society for a more egalitarian stable civilizationist society? There is no difference between this small island analogy and the application of this concept to our larger nation and the world. Societies, governments, in fact anything that human beings construct either tangibly or intangibly are not sacrosanct. They can be torn down or reorganized to suit our needs. There is no holy sacrament that says we must permanently enshrine a constitution, government, or society especially when it is contrary to the wishes of the general citizenry. What is unconscionable is to leave a society in place just to fulfill the status quo - the demands of "The Establishment" - those who want to keep us penned up like sheep so they can finish off their grand extraction of all income, wealth, and environmental resources leaving all future generations to slowly die on a fiery hot ball. Our People's Movement is our last best chance to stop this club of sociopaths from wasting us all into extinction.

There is no better time than now to say bye-bye to this capitalist labor gulag.

Come on now, you must not be afraid of a bunch of misfits whose puny numbers are like a few grains of sand to our miles of white beach. Our People's Movement Fifth Column is so expansive across an entire planet that you can be assured the single-minded dwarf mentalities running the show from up high are terrified. They know that if we were to decide to just declare our Fifth Column the rightful replacement of all human organizational constructs on this world that they would be powerless in stopping the billions of our adherents from replacing their evil society with our human friendly democratically oriented civilization. Let it be so.