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Capitalist Society is a System of Corruption a Parasitic Excrescence That Must Be Replaced

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Marx was right in concluding that the only way to bring down the parasitic excrescence that is capitalism is to completely overthrow the entire monstrosity in a full-blown revolution. Capitalism is a system of corruption that is captivated with promoting the gratification of capitalists and their businesses. Anyone who suggests a break from the gospel of upper class supremacy is immediately assaulted. Overwhelming resources and power are at the disposal of the societal enforcers to crush the unfaithful. The slightest attempt to break free from the rusty hook is met with a swift blow coming from the many integrated layers of subversion that infect society all the way to its core.

Our attempts to break free from this exploitative society turn us into enemies of the state. ISIS, capitalists, and the entire 1% obligated Establishment is arrayed against our unification of humanity. They are particularly annoyed at our blindness to many humanly discernible characteristics. Our purple wave is engulfing hatred in love, tyranny in freedom, and division in unity. We are breaking down religious, ethnic, cultural, national, and all other barriers that separate humankind into warring camps. Aspiring to organize an enslaved majority used like beasts of burden to fill the coffers of mega-transnational business interests has painted a bullseye on our Movement that the international Capitalist Dictatorship and ISIS targets. Generally speaking any organization or individual that has an agenda of hate, tyranny, and intolerance wants to crush our creed.

We must be ever vigilant for the enemies of egalitarianism, unconditional freedom, real 24/7 democracy both at work and home want to silence the truth. Our bold transformative positive changes would benefit the majority by dethroning the minority robber-barons. This makes us public enemy number-one that these parasites must discredit, destroy, and destabilize. The People's Movement, our philosophy, is always being targeted for destruction.

Tangled incoherent logic marketed across the extensive mainstream media outlets may eventually associate our creed with the agenda of our enemies. Propaganda experts paid by the Establishment intentionally mangle our message of freeing the masses from labor slavery. They snip and cut until they can convey the impression that only a few insane malcontents dare to confront the capitalist religion. Streaming across the many media outlets we will only see the rantings of disheveled unorganized pockets of dissent - this is all that will be transmitted by the propagandists. Instead of the angry howl coming from many millions angry at having their life's blood sucked dry by CEO executive sociopath elitists the capitalist Machine will push a phony unreality meant to destroy our message of freedom through unity.

Surely, you are not surprised by this analysis. Living inside a culture that is organized to exclusively benefit a small upper crust of feudal holdouts where the underlying economic system is exulted to the level of a religion means our heretical messages of freedom and the many writings on this site rarely get promoted by search engines and the media. There are a multitude of ways unorthodox viewpoints and material is indirectly censored by the Establishment and search engines not adding website pages and the media silent on our informational inputs is just the tip of the iceberg. Being heretics against the capitalist religion all of us know we are on the most hated list of those faithful to this exploitative absolutism with our ideas always whitewashed from the Orwellian record books. It is a history that is constantly rewritten to exclude the accomplishments of any anti-capitalist heretics.

Brimming with inconsistencies our lives are turned into a confluence of events that make us pawns to a destabilizing culture. On an upside down planet where the wants and desires of modern day lords are met by manipulating a malleable societal construct that only bends to their whims. In an undemocratic environment that has CEOs and other executive clowns prancing around like petty dictators. This is a place where a tiny fraction of the population enslaves the entire planet without inciting the slightest disgust from the enslaved.

Ever wonder why so many people are going crazy? Maybe it's the constant fight to stay financially afloat? The subconscious submerging of our revulsion for a society that treats us like chattel and an amalgamation of dissonant societal threads send some over the edge. Could the elevated levels of insanity that we are witnessing possibly be the result of a rapidly destabilizing and degenerating capitalist society that squeezes us into financial ruin, unsupportable debt levels, and a constant tempo of interpersonal turmoil? The warning signs that we are moving into a state of total chaos are everywhere - no need to catalog them, we are all aware of the fanaticism, racism, ethnocentrism, elitism, factionalism, and nationalism destroying our chances at unification.

Even if we could address the ruinous symptoms of this degenerating capitalist society where would we get the resources? What do you think happens when we request even the most basic services from 'our' elected representatives? Do you believe for a moment that the castle dwellers would cut back on their drain of this planet's resources? With a financial and environmental bounty to reap they have no incentive to help us bottomscrapers? We are the enemy that will take their mountains of loot.

See how quickly the door slams shut when you inquire about universal mental health care, that is if you can get past all the Secret Service agents, dogs, and assorted barriers erected to keep 99% lowlife like ourselves from conversing with 'our' lobbyist snagged lawmakers. After all, everyone knows that government representatives only respond to their real constituents - their lobbyist buddies.

We all experience the canned response coming through the Establishment propaganda channels. They tell us we are delusional to believe our economic reality is anything but dramatically improving. All the spinners of the 'taker' society inform us our lives are already getting better so why tinker with capitalist perfection.

Anyway, there simply is no money left after bailing out the Banksters in the Great Recession and propping up all the debt laden businesses dependent upon government handouts. No money can be found in the government coffers especially to lighten the load of insignificant bottomscrapers. The essential needs of us dredges in the bottom rungs of this stinking cow-pen, all us labor slaves cannot be met we must just make do and accept our lot. All outlays must be kept to a minimum so more can be funneled to our 1% overlords. The decadent sociopaths living in secluded luxury are far more important than millions of whinny workers complaining about the conditions in the gulag.

What is not a fallacy in this illusion based system of exploitation is that the money is gone. Even if our masters were interested in making our lives a tad bearable the money simply does not exist. When billions are flooding from government treasuries for corporate and elite welfare the only option left to keep the crumbling roads patched, the bridges braced to forgo collapse, and a few very basic state needs met is to go into debt to the tune of trillions of dollars. Couple this with the substantially reduced effective tax rate of corporations, millionaires, and billionaires, and in some cases the complete shutoff of tax revenue inflows from this the only source with growing income. Add to this the income the CEO executive office crowd has been draining from our paychecks that never reaches government at all levels and it becomes abundantly clear there is no money - only IOUs to China. This much needed wealth and income held by the 1% elite class is in offshore tax havens, Swiss bank accounts, and sloshing back and forth in illusory 'investments' in the financial industry. None of this wealth and income will ever reach us income starving ninety-nine percenters or the governments that were once responsive to our needs until we replace this degenerate capitalist society with a new egalitarian 24/7 democratic society that values the contributions of every planetary citizen.

How long will we continue to accept the indignities these elite parasites heap upon us - the redirection of funding from public mental health to corporate tax shelters, lobbyist written legislative payoffs to benefactors, mandates that require us to pay 'protection money' to insurance mobsters, all the innumerable tentacles sunk deep into our pockets?

Trying to inject an egalitarian zeitgeist into a capitalist aristocracy, a society that is founded upon the subjugation of the majority by an omnipotent upper class is an impossibility that has slammed us back onto the unyielding pavement of reality. There are just too many checks-and-balances built into the Machine state that make it infeasible for the 99% to gain any traction. Big-money puppet politicians are always trying to move off our message of bold egalitarian change to a flurry of sensational sound bites.

The entire societal foundation is crumbling and must be replaced. There is no way to repair or make renovations to something so inherently maladaptive and jacked-up.