Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Capitalist Sinners Repent - Work Harder, Desire Less

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Listen to the lobbyist-snatched government representative's for they are hammering home the latest evil word - protectionism. This abomination that lurks in the shadowy depths of fairness waits to snare the holiest market drones among us, tearing out all that is evil. Beware that lurking vapor of protectionism for it has the power to transform the unsuspecting into capitalist sinners. Those who are weak might even begin to understand the importance of protecting worker rights, labor power realizable through pervasive unionization, decent wages, equity, and equality.

Danger abounds around every corner. It is quite possible that anyone is susceptible to this tempting desire to stop protecting the interests of our most precious of sacred institutions the business. You may find it hard to comprehend but there are those who walk among us that practice the most heinous sin of all - disbelievers that fight for freedom from our business elite. How is it that these disbelievers don't see the logic in a corruption-riddled society that is masterfully oiled to insure that all of the wealth is drained into the hands of a few elite controllers?

For what is the meaning of life if we who toil endlessly can't realize how truly blessed we are to receive less. This covenant of the ultra-capitalist economy has recently been molded into a new righteous attitude. Our elite masters are forcing their media parrots to extol the virtues of less with an unyielding force of conviction. It is a most exalted revelation that all of us who aspire to the highest of an inner strength of greed must come to terms with in order to come clean of our corrosive belief in humanity. Those of you who wish to walk the path of deception, corruption, selfishness, and a fragrant musty evil need to realize that we must live a life of pauperism in order to bless our all-knowing rulers with an unimpeded skyrocketing income.

Ever important to the cleansing of a spirit soiled by empathy and that far rarer pollutant classified, as honesty is an education that is so pervasive that no free time is allowed to exist. We must not allow our children to experience the intrusion of a happy exploring mind that desires to dream. Dreaming is dangerous for it leads to a free spirit that questions - for the powerful must constrain creativity to acceptable channels that don't distort the purity of our "Taker" society. An edict is just now making its way down from that most high political priest in the business compliant administration. It is a redoubling of the effort to work our children till they drop; for it must be remembered that constant indoctrination creates for the most compliant soulless worker slaves that will readily accept the chains that will bind them until death. Also, they will be exposed to those truisms that are the corner stone of our societal norms and belief system that is founded upon our version of a distorted history that deifies those who rise to our highest moral precept - unrestrained power wielded by the powerful. Not one ounce of decency will remain to swerve the young adult towards acts of compassion for this educational system brewed in a cauldron of boundless evil will vanquish all pure actions. Rest assured it will produce the ultimate worker drones ready to accept any orders no matter how self-destructive. They will be utterly mindless propaganda vessels that will pleasantly conform to all the bent illusions concocted by a society that feeds upon the unenlightened.