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Far-Right and Centrists Repackage Capitalist Handout to Rich

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Isn't it amazing that the far-right and centrist candidates have been selected for a runoff by the French citizens? Most on the far-left who are not advocating a return to socialism but instead a new 21st century "ism" that fully empowers the citizenry are amazed that the rake-us-over-the-coals capitalist crowd with their worn-out voodoo economics packaged in a populist wrapper and the centrists who stand for nothing are in the ascendancy. Does this mean voters are convinced that coddling the filthy-rich and maintaining the status quo is the hole they want to bury their heads in, that it is better to just ignore their continued decent into economic, planetary, and societal devastation?

Or is voter apathy the reason that Le Pen on the far-right and Macron representing the equivocal crowd were selected by the exhausted electorate? Maybe only their hardcore supporters showed up at the polling stations? According to the Los Angeles Times 1/3 of France's voters really did not give a damn about the election - similar to the other Corporatist autocracies their lives never improved so why vote for any flavor of elite stoolie?

Only corporations and the 1% superclass benefited from years of in the pocket lawmakers. Their lobbyist interlopers generated more piles of loot for their tax haven protected bank accounts. A wised up citizenry realized that the act of voting would only ensure that the preachers of the capitalist faith would be elected anyway - the lawmaker ready to pander to corporations while ignoring the needs of the general citizenry would always be the outcome of the phony democratic process.

Meanwhile, in the United States the business dictatorship beat goes on without any deviation from the rhythm of corruption that ensures the dominance of the royal power-brokers. Always in the lead when it comes to locking down the unruly underclass citizens the 1% bandits in the "Land of the Free and Home of the Impoverished" are thankful that US Orwellian tactics are second to none. Misinformation and redirection of the voiceless general citizenry using some of the most advanced marketing techniques incorporating psychological ploys is a hallmark of the preeminent capitalist labor camp. Top notch propagandists are always rolling out brand new Doublespeak campaigns that keep the underlings in the bottom rungs of the rusty ladder following the bouncing ball, drool rag in hand.

The latest freak show at the circus guaranteed to keep your attention slam dunk in the hoop is the blame all citizen disillusion, disaffection, and whatever else sticks on those devious Russians. Also, send the dynamic duo of Bernie Sanders and Rick Sanchez around the country to get people riled up about Trump.

Deep down all the lobbyist-snatched political cronies have no problem with Trump who is promoting legislation to cut taxes on his big-business buddies. After all, according to the Democratic Party superstars it is all Trump's fault that he is following another faction of business masters that do not align with their yacht club crowd on Wall Street. Nevertheless, the party hardy goers are still swilling down champagne by the gallons.

How about all that orchestrated hype that Bernie Sander's generated for his single-payer healthcare bill? Now really, do you actually think this legislation was actually meant to even get past the congressional committee? Maybe, it was just designed to stir up the far-left in a frenzy so that both he and Rick Sanchez could scoop up all the rabid Democrats getting them on the train heading for the Land of Nowhere - a mystical ride into Democratic fairy tales compliments of all those who hate Trump.

This does not mean Trump is the friend of the downtrodden - those of us who work for a living? His faction of old school "Mad Men" types is just at odds with the more modern shove-it-to-the-99% keepers of the royal scrolls. The Trumpster still wants to keep profit leaches like health insurance companies draining us dry of our last farthing. Let the con that is run by 1% luxury villains to get boatloads of your cash for little to no expense outflow plow us further-and-further into medical debt. The real problem talked about around crystal laden castle-dweller dinner tables is El Presidente's looter faction wanting to supplant the traditional Wall Street power base. Masters-of-the-Universe parasites don't like being shoved around by their less cultured brethren in the business hinterlands.

But all of this is business as usual in a society that prides itself on maintaining the tax havens and mountains of loot for the rich superclass. Even if this power struggle between the old school "takers" and the new school financial 'wizards' is a peculiar twist on events, in the end all us underlings will get the familiar shaftaroo. No change.