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Capitalisms' Inherent Dysfunctionality Degenerates and Destroys - It Must Go

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Recurring crises are an inherent characteristic of capitalist society. Bubble boom and bust have arisen cyclically over the entire sweep of capitalist dominated global exploitation. More recently the bursting of phantom assets backed merely by a cackling chorus of exuberant exhortations have been destroying lives roughly every seven years. Prior to the last fifteen years those of us in the general citizenry suffering from declining real wage income bulked up on massive amounts of debt to maintain our perceived standard of living. After the "financial crisis" in 2008 a good portion of that easy credit was withdrawn exacerbating the genuine decline of our standard of living making all of us in the 99% especially exposed to the vagaries of this super-rich societal system of pillage.

These next systemically generated eccentricities of an elite 1% manipulated capitalist society will not just set us back but instead financially bury us forcing the large majority penniless into homelessness. Already carrying skyrocketing unsustainable debt burdens those of us in the labor slave class who have not benefited from the current "economic expansion" have no cushion to ride out this latest cataclysmic bust. Over the last seven years we have instead watched in horror as our wages were drained dry by ever more voracious executive CEO and investor vampires.

Slavery is the human condition that we are rapidly racing towards.

Royalty, the 1% elites who rule the world by leaching off the surplus from our productive efforts so that they may buy islands, yachts, prostitutes, legislators, stuff Swiss bank accounts with billions in loot, slanted media coverage, and generally live better than any emperor or sultan have no plans to ease off on their exploitative destruction of the planet. They get aroused when they contemplate the fast approaching day when they will be the absolute lords over a global majority forced to become gulag toiling slaves shackled from dawn to dusk. This will be a world with no labor protections, constant technological supervision, grueling mind-numbing drudgery, 126 hour work weeks, subsistence company store tokens in place of wages, corporate/state absolutism, widespread ecological destruction, starving homeless throngs, and utter hopelessness.

Cruelty is the currency of capitalism.

Globalized capitalism promotes a societal structure founded upon sadistic meanness expressed and acted upon by sociopaths who are the best candidates to fill executive and corporate board positions. All 1% elites are inherently 'takers' incapable of empathetic and higher-level abstract thought processes. Constantly stimulating savage animal instincts within a short-term oriented life's perspective is the only objective of these modern day pirates.

Unfortunately the primal mindset of these tyrants permeates into the exploitative capitalist culture. Being forced to exist within this deviant social system requires that we bury our inherent embrace of concepts like community, empathy, cooperation, and other higher level emotions and attitudes typically found in an advanced society. This autocracy is brutally efficient at enforcing its 'norms' upon the rest of us, there is no deviation from the unrelenting Orwellian status quo. Whatever is promulgated from the highest levels of the top heavy corporate/state fused bureaucracy must be adhered to without question. All serfs soon to become full-fledged slaves, those of us who are bottom-scrappers fighting each other for the scrapes thrown over the castle walls by our feudal lords are especially cognizant of the penalties for not mirroring the expected behavior blessed by the dictatorship. Any deviation from the insane norm is punishable by excommunication from the entire marauder based society. This translates into too few to no job prospects for the miscreant. If you are lucky to land a job after being expelled from the obediently blind crowd typically it will have substandard benefits and pay less than other comparable positions.

No need to fret if you have been banished. Our mutual fate is for all of us to be transformed into slaves once our masters have their lobbyist scum push rules through their compliant governments. No longer paid a wage but instead given company scrip or tokens to buy all our subsistence needs at company stores and establishments all will be equally filthy, hungry, and dejected. That is if we fail to change this repulsive capitalist society into an egalitarian community.

How do we initiate the change that will ripple across this oppressive parasitic excrescence?

Gradually we will pull the suckers from our backs, disentangle the corruption emanating from all corners of society by taking from the 1% elite parasites what belongs to us, ripping from them the control, surplus, and ownership of all corporate entities larger than sole proprietorships. This demands the total annihilation of the existing exploitative society.

Through uncoordinated worker revolt at many corporations, this coupled with our People's Movement Fifth Column infusion into every crevice of this global society, the election of Bernie Sanders for U.S. President, and many yet to be determined initiatives we will dynamically transform this big-money controlled viper pit into an unconstrained democracy.

Everyone who is gainfully employed will be a part of an emancipated community of workers that control, own, and rightfully distribute the surplus that they generate through their productive efforts. No longer will 1% elite thieves steal the fruits of our labor siphoning this surplus into too big to fail banks so that they may turn around and lend to us with interest what was rightfully ours in the first place. This travesty of all that is just must end now! Begin taking over your workplaces forming them into Workers' Self Directed Enterprises (WSDEs). Once we have transformed a majority of corporations into universally emancipated WSDEs our movement will start setting up People's Councils for those who do not work.

Revolution, the catalyst that will eradicate this elite contrived injustice that is having all of us race to the bottom begins now. Too build a racially blind, equitable, and free society requires that we erase the scourge that degenerates our humanity - capitalism must go!