Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

By Toppling Executive Dictatorship You Can Stop Being a Passive Observer

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Workers should benignly submit to any edict from their corporate masters. Laborers chained to the worldwide oligarchic slave machine have an obligation to oil and shine their shackles. Of the utmost importance is regular tightening of the bolts that secure your chains into the concrete. You would not believe the number of times our lords slave masters have found an otherwise perfect galley hand deficient in this simple but crucial task. Responsibility dictates that we prostrate ourselves, cheerfully follow without question, and mindlessly adhere to our own personal destruction for the capitalist society. Most of you find it appalling that some would take their self-sacrifice so lightly.

There are many ways you can ease the strain of your suntan drained, hungover, and lobster stuffed corporate executive but to just dumbly supplicate yourself before this supreme-being is the most profound act of faith you can offer. The "Book of Capitalism" found in the "Taker Prophecies" within the "12-1 of Acts of Pillage" say that: "To impale your entire being on a sharp stake so your billionaire jailers can steal more of your income and self-respect is to truly know the power and glory of your shadow government and it's parasitic rulers." If a corporate jailer blithely decides to terminate you so the business gulag can save a few bucks for their CEO's island buying fund you should sing the company jingle and dance a jig. You might even have the opportunity to double up on your work if you are the labor slave lucky enough to be saddled with the ejected piece of meat's work. With the robotics age just around the corner most big-business media outlets are starting to 'educate' the world about new preordained changes in store for all flesh and blood workers. Get ready to do your duty and bow down to the high priests of legalized thievery. Mass layoffs are on the horizon.

All of this is pretty commonplace for most workers forced to endure many indignities within a top heavy feudal society. Not much has changed since the days of the lord of the manor. Elite rulers long ago dissuaded 99 percenters from exercising any self-determination in their lives. Vulture capitalism has come to expect an indoctrinated, pliable, and docile workforce. The 'taker' culture gives capitalists free rein to sink laborers deeper into poverty by stealing more and more income from their shrinking paychecks. How often do to hear of laborers revolting against this form of societal larceny? We are told to just carry on, because that is what a good worker does when stuffed in the gutter or forced to walk the plank.

Did you know that only 62 kingpins are left at the very top of an ever shrinking pile of loot? This is a mountain of treasure that equates to a staggering half of the planet's wealth. We are constantly told that these billionaires have a right to all the world's products and services and from time to time in a flickering afterthought they will toss a loose farthing our way. With our lives so utterly wonderful why wouldn't we just allow these monsters to snuff out more workers with robots so they can economically strip what remains of the wealth, income, and natural resources from this dying planet? After all, we are naturally inclined to bow before the capitalist god chanting furiously for forgiveness when we express an opinion or act contrary to the gospel of transnational oligarchic capitalism. Praying our almighty employers will expunge our sins just so we can maintain employment is a daily offering we make to this evil system of exploitation. The worst of all sins is to want a better life where we are in control of our own lives. How dare you take from the 'takers' just to buy food, shelter, transportation, and a few basic necessities when these creepy crawlies need ships, private islands, over-the-top parties, billions of dollars in offshore accounts, and a corral of luxury cars within walking distance of their crystal palaces.

Our accumulating immoralities are many. Soon our masters will decree that we, the flesh and blood models are outdated. When the new and improved AI automatons come online what self-respecting elite looter would want to keep a complaining, sometimes troublesome slave? Steel, cables, computer chips, and servos will toil endlessly, making those breathing models obsolete? Already the dollar signs are flashing in the emotionally vacant eyes of transnational corporate mobsters.

Ruthless is the only word that can adequately describe the sociopaths who control this world. They saturate every media outlet with sticky propaganda that is designed to pacify the 99 percent into meekly accepting every injustice of a global system of economic apartheid. The general population is bombarded with wave after wave of capitalist gospel that we in the hinterlands are expected to equate with irremediable laws. This is an unalterable 'scientific' determinism that cannot be comprehended by mere 99 percenters because we are not versed in deciphering the sucking sounds of the gigantic capitalist leach. We must therefore leave the rendering of tea leaves, chanting of prophetic phrases, sprinkling of fairy dust, and of course the monitoring of the suckers of the gargantuan elite income leach to trained experts. Our only responsibility is to blindly follow the dictates of our absolute elite rulers and their CEO and executive henchmen. If these all-knowing soothsayers of financial oblivion foresee in their crystal balls a future global dungeon without flesh-and-blood license plate makers then we should just rejoice and sing the praises of the capitalist god. For it is not our place to question the supreme wisdom of the creators of injustice, inequality, economic destabilization, extreme poverty, hopelessness, and worldwide shadow governmental totalitarianism. Just submit to all the endless indignities with your best smiley face. Do not dare to forget to show those decaying pearly whites for you know how important it is to convey the right impression to your fellow inmates.

Would it not be supremely more enjoyable to tell these tin-horned dictators to take a flying leap off the nearest cliff? A simple exercise of self-determination by the majority of this world's citizenry is all that is needed to exorcise this planet of these demons. We should take control of our governments and workplaces. There should be no part of this society that we do not collectively call ours to own and control. How can we call ourselves free when we let such a small number of people boss us around? It is disingenuous to even suggest that we live within a democracy. Liberty is never found within a hierarchically organized society and especially one that is rigged to exclusively benefit a minority of the population.

We have the technology to completely democratize the workplace so that all decisions flow from the bottom up within companies that are also owned by the workers. After breaking up the too-big-to-fail financial institutions, shipping all lobbyists off to Nome, Alaska, enacting a single-payer universal healthcare system, and radically restructuring all governmental entities so that they are responsive to the citizen constituents that they serve then we will be ready to transfer ownership of large businesses their rightful owners - the workers. Any assets held by the executives of these firms will be seized. Workers Councils at each firm will then vote to determine how this wealth will be utilized. These assets may be liquidated or used as collateral to back government loans. Workers who are the rightful owners of the surplus that they alone generate will finally exercise total control over it, to do what they consider to be appropriate. No longer barricaded up top by the feudal rulers this wealth can now circulate freely within a bona-fide economy. Excluded from being used as sugar coating for a plethora of illusory 'assets' and investment vehicles that fuel excessive overvaluations, justify exorbitant broker charges, and sustain an entire subsidiary industry of con artists that whips up even more toxic financial cons the underlying real assets tied to a firm's surplus can now be used for real working capital or invested in other employee owned and controlled enterprises.

So the next time a corporate potentate floats down from the clouds to issue a directive. Tell the income rapist to sail their yacht into a hurricane, pilot their personal jet into a mountain, join their lobbyist scum near the North Pole, or better yet, hand over all the misappropriated wealth they drained from OUR Companies.