Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Bystanders Along For the Ride

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We are bystanders merely along for the ride, having no say in how our lives evolve. What gives another person the right to boss you around, rake in piles of loot leaving you with a tiny salary even though you are a producer of the products and services of your organization? Does it not seem a tad askew that those of us who are the producers, the workers have no input in how our capitalist organizations are run or structured? Do you really believe this is democracy – that we should be simply bystanders pushed around by corporate executives – taker leaches sacrificing us on their altar of greed? Truly democratic societies are awash in constituent groups that wield direct control over their governments, firms, and every other organizational form. No segment of a citizen’s life is ever outside the effusive influence of unobstructed liberty in a culture that values each and every human being.

When a person feels that they are powerless, unable to sway events, the society that they find themselves within is probably not representative. Therefore they are bystanders helpless to change how events unfold in an unpredictable and capricious social environment. If you find yourself drifting along not able to change direction because the deck is stacked against you in favor of your CEO’s gangster clan that shovels in more and more loot stolen from your paycheck you can be certain that this is not freedom. Liberty does not exclude citizens from participating in their life-changing events. A society that is truly committed to democratic principles does not condone tin horned dictators flushing your freedom down the toilet for any portion of your day. It certainly does not allow capitalist organizations to take the form of special persons that can steal the fruits of your work so a few elite henchmen can live like kings.

All of us need to have more respect for ourselves. We must not let others destroy our future so that they can feed off of our very existence. That is not freedom, it is tyranny. Our destiny should be determined not by vested interest lobbyists or any other power not directly answerable to the people. Constituents, the citizenry, are not pawns to be manipulated by an impulsive clan of powerful gangsters.

Direct representation must be present anywhere we find ourselves interacting with others. When we enter our place of work we should not have to relinquish our rights at the door. Worse still a dictatorial atmosphere that treats workers like subhuman production inputs to be used and abused at will by a corporation bestowed with rights exceeding those of the workers would never have been concocted in a free society. Consider for a moment all the legal exceptions to your supposed freedom. Do you really believe a ubiquitous unrestricted society would erect constraints to rein in your independence?

So what does it mean to belong to a civilization that values individual expression, self-determination, constituent rights, and work that returns income not channeled exclusively to the most powerful few? First of all, you are no longer viewed as factors of production but participants in a greater whole where everyone collectively determines the pace, rewards, goals, and desired outcomes. Elections become a way of life, a cherished part of the day, not something to be avoided because lobbyists and special interests have taken control of the process. Your orientation is dramatically shifted from a top-down ruler takes all autocratic power structure to a bottom-up egalitarian all inclusive community that flows across the entire society. No part of the culture exists in isolation from liberty in its purest form. Unadulterated by contrivances meant to funnel all wealth to a privileged vampire class all citizens have the opportunity to succeed.

To be a part of a real civilization that values each and every citizen equally not segregating or treating differently certain citizens based upon some arbitrary calculus like their appearance or socio-economic standing is the surest guarantee of widespread liberty. You will not find laborers having their paychecks sucked dry by upper echelon elites, militarized ghettos, unarmed people of color sprayed with police bullets, lobbyists, or any other offshoot of a feudal fiefdom pretending to be a democratic society. No bystanders will be found in a pure democracy because all members of society are equal participants across the entire spectrum of their lives. Nothing is subsumed within a dictatorial regime because no exceptions or interference in the democratic process is tolerated.

A social condition that sanctifies the liberty of every single citizen without placing carefully crafted constraints on this liberty is the purple beauty we should strive to fashion. Our People’s Movement is the personification of the decency, dignity, effusive liberty, and individual respect that we will imbue our future society with once we have disassemble this abomination of privilege dragging us into the dungeon.