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By Distracting the Gaze of the Clan You Risk Being Ostracized

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Clearly the wall was too steep to climb. Superhuman determination, ability, knowledge, and an abundance of experience are never going to amount to anything in a culture that values hype over evidence. Falling back into mediocrity a place that is assured never to irritate those who feel constantly threatened is the only alternative. It is the safest course of action when you hold none of the cards. Rest assured this is not easy when you are a passionate and creative individual. But to continue to pay the bills all those who impact whether you remain gainfully employed must be pacified. There are no winners in a society that pits one another against those who we would gladly call friend in a more equitable less predatory environment.

It is a monumental mistake to believe that logic always trumps illogic. That in a capitalist economy those who produce innovative creations insuring a steady stream of profits are elevated to more prominent positions.

First of all this messy anthill of a planet is not run by logical sentient beings but by those who value their tried and true emotional bonds with longtime friends over any calculus rooted in rationality. No amount of cajoling will ever convince buddies who have shared the lunch table for eight or more years to invite others into their clan.

That is the essence of humanity, to never break free from a need to express itself strictly in terms of clan loyalties. Any outsider who violates the sacred territorial bond inherent in the clan relationship by infusing the horde with new ideas that rattle the stale daily routines runs the risk of being ostracized. Perpetual continuity even if disharmonious to the better good is cherished over spontaneous invention, imagination, and general improvement generated by sound choices. Nothing need ever be translatable into better societal outcomes because in a society that devalues the input of the majority why should anyone endeavor to rise above the throng when doing so places you dangerously outside the comfortable bosom of your clan.

You must never agitate the thoughts of the resting. Those are the countless who say they are enjoying life by cruising mindlessly towards death. Your path should be crystal clear. Why would you ever want to persuade the blissful happy souls to deviate from their well worn ruts? Even to suggest an enriched result, no matter how brilliant, without the proper backing from all the disinterested clans drooling their way towards oblivion guarantees your annihilation. You are a foreign body that has invaded the confines of ordinariness. Distracting the gaze of the clan from their trudge in the scorching heat of the desert by suggesting an alternate route is dangerous. Even if your information is flawless you will earn the disdain of all who have already focused their total attention on reaching their clan’s particular goal.

Worse yet is when you inject foreign methods that disrupt the familiar. When human beings are confronted with what they perceive is discontinuity generated by your actions they will go on the defensive – encircling the wagons ready to shoot anything that heads towards their enclave. If you are unlucky enough to have believed in the preeminence of lucidity over absurdity just find yourself a remote cave far removed from the nearest human tribe. Never once mention you are rational for believing in the wisdom of your techniques over the tried-and-true cleaved to by all your former neighbors. Rest assured they will hunt you down like vermin fearful that you will spread your ideas precipitating further disruption of their steady-state existence.

Therefore, it is utterly important that you keep your nose clean by never stepping out ahead of your clan. Always remember protocol and never outshine the intellect of your primate leaders. Once you have bruised their pride they will use all the cultural tools at their disposal to purge their happy clan of you and all the other troublemakers you have inspired.

Never fall prey to the flawed judgment that you have friends. Being born with the gift of ingenuity is a disease. The collective of clans called human society will treat you like you have the deadliest pestilence they ever encountered. You will find no safe haven. No introspective freedom will be proffered. All you can expect is an unrelenting subservience to a society in a state of perpetual stasis. You will always find yourself at odds with the enshrined belief system of this society.

Most important, there is no dichotomy between good and bad ideas. All ideas in an introverted retrograde society composed of innumerable clans are considered bad. Heaven help you if you are an inventive fount of notions. Lock the gates and reinforce the rampart. For your fellow citizens will soon be swarming over the hills on the distant horizon. Shortly, they will be scaling your walls.