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Business Pirates Raid Government Treasury

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Paulson was furiously waving his shaman's rattle today swaying back and forth speaking in dervish tongues only comprehensible to his fellow neoclassical fools - it finally dawned on him, the answer to solving Main Street's income 'starvation' is more credit. How much more you ask - a whopping $800 billion consisting of $200 billion in term asset-backed security loans to (you guessed it) financial institutions, a $100 billion purchase of Fannie Mae, Federal Home Loan Banks, and Freddie Mac debt with the remaining $500 billion used to purchase mortgage-backed securities from these same GSE pirates.

Something new is afoot, Paulson would blow the doors off of the Treasury allowing the financial institution buccaneers access to another $200 billion so that they may (operative word here) offer us more credit-card, auto, and small business loans that we nether need nor want in our over leveraged position. Oh, that's wrong, just remembered those pirates aren't stupid they'll just pad their balance sheets with the cash that they thieved from the American people. The doors of the U.S. Treasury were getting a little squeaky since they've been opened up so regularly by business elite raiding parties that have been dragging cash to their crumbling castles on almost a weekly basis - good thing Paulson jettisoned those doors with well-placed C4 explosives.

Just think of all that party money for all those well-heeled executives - darn Christmas is almost upon us - their greasy hands are dripping with sweet from all the excitement at dividing that mountain of cash amongst their fellow conspirators who will ultimately hide it in offshore accounts. Meanwhile, our fellow citizens are still awaiting jobs, mortgage foreclosure relief, tax relief, and debt relief. We're not excited with anticipation or flushed with decadent greedy lust transformed into all its disgusting images - no we're awaiting a 'pink slip' from an employer, counting our change to come up with the money for a turkey dinner, or just worrying whether we'll be able to make it through Christmas without being thrown out onto the street by a bank that cares nothing for its nation.

To make matters worse even the Obama government changelings are chanting, must balance the budget, must find ways to cut the budget, must follow the holy of 'holy's' - don't spend money without cutting out something else. What this really means is they just don't want to spend any money on Main Street because they'll be none left after the Paulson thieves finish raiding our Treasury. But most important for this group of wolves in sheep's clothing is - they must have every printed U.S. dollar available for their corporate masters to use up top. It won't matter much anyway, Paulson has already blown the doors off (it was too much trouble opening them continuously) the Treasury and our governments AAA rating will eventually be lowered to something shy of a banana republic without the banana. We won't even have had the benefit of using these billions wisely to create jobs - fiscal stimulus of Main Street at around 10% of GDP without offsetting cuts to government spending. Billions upon billions of dollars have already been pilfered from the people to feed the corporate cancer that has spread throughout our globe infecting everything it touches with greed and corruption. We've witnessed our body-snatched government representatives engage in the most disgusting abuse of power imaginable while our checks were getting smaller and smaller, year after year. What did the business elite do with all the money they saved by replacing us through outsourcing and bringing in foreign workers on the government sponsored Temporary Worker Visa (H1-Bs, etc.) program - why they went out and bought more than 41,000 lobbyists and invested in toxic securities. Really, how many cars, houses (maybe 7 might be enough), airplanes, luxury yachts, trips to the Rivera, diamonds, and islands can a business elite leech buy before needing to invest in more exotic securitized trash - the same trash that has brought our (sorry, their) global financial system to its knees.

Forget it, just put it out of your mind entirely, change comes only to a corrupt society when the people raise their hands up high and say in unison enough is enough - we will no longer complacently allow the few to dictate whether we live or die - they may contemplate forgetting about us but rest assured we will not forget about their despicable deeds when the time comes to remember.