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Business Hypocrites Want Main Street Frugality

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All of us have been asked to wrap ourselves around the virtues of frugality in order that we may save every last drop of income be it from our wages or our government for the pockets of the few elegant spenders who enjoy absolute decadence. Also, important is to tone down your dreams for the future don't expect government to create anything spectacular because the truly magnificent that benefits the majority of citizens also takes money away from the few powerful elites that control our wheels of involuntary governance. Expect only puny half measures from those who profess their allegiance to the electorate and by no means expect meaningful solutions to the problems that confront the world and our nation if it entails expending large sums of money on the majority of citizens.

Every solution to alleviate our current income crisis by fiscally stimulating the demand side consumption spending of everyday citizens is typically only a shadow of the endless billons to trillions of dollars that are made available by the government to their business masters. The U.S. Treasury, or Federal Reserve will conjure up any number of reasons to keep the tax money spigot open for banks, insurance companies, companies, and any other organized group of lobbyists that ride our 'body snatched' government representatives like string drawn pony's in a carnival. But give them the slightest indication that tax money may be spent in helping everyday hard working American citizens living on "Main Street" and watch the howls of indignation rise from the posse of zombie legislators about balancing the sacred federal budget.

They've even been successful in convincing hard working Americans that it is criminal to substantially invest in making their lives better even though it is in our best interest to have nationalized healthcare, subsided university tuition assistance, guaranteed right to organize under a union, good paying "Green industry" jobs that can't be outsourced or given to illegal immigrants and foreign visa holders, a government without lobbyists, and a maglev fast train countrywide mass transit system. Every one of these investments in the future of our country would improve the quality of life for all our citizens and build a foundation from which exponential future GDP growth could be realized. It's interesting that not one politician is suggesting that any of these bold initiatives be taken even though we're confronted daily with media reports about how governments around the world are bowing to the interests of their business masters by opening the doors to their federal banks (FED included), and treasuries so that they may be more effectively looted of not billions but now trillions of our taxpayer dollars.

Don't forget it is always your fault for every misfortune that comes your way whether it was induced by the greedy actions of powerful business or political interests bent upon maintaining their world view deep within your psyche. We're told we over spend even though we spend mostly on what we need and not on frivolous parties complete with every practiced debauchery comprehensible like those AIG had on our taxpayer bailout money. Never mind these little details, there not important, just focus on the fact that maybe our government might find it within their hearts to give the people the miniscule sum of $15 billion a year to create "green jobs" for a sputtering underfunded "green industry".

Unfortunately, the "green industry" won't 'make it off the ground' on this anemic investment by government. It's an attempt by timid leaders to placate the general citizenry into believing that they will act boldly in the face of economic catastrophe even though upon reflection we're constantly nagged by the reality that if we were a financial institution we'd have unlimited billions or trillions of dollars at our disposal not the pandering promise of this insignificant, ineffectual meaningless amount of money. If this proffered token amount of money is actually going to be spent 'investing' (hardly meets the definition) in our economic future - why bother, just give it to the financial institutions, insurance companies, and other firms that have bought our government so that they may continue to party hardy at our expense.

What we (includes everyone) are facing is not your average 'run of the mill' income crisis (recession, or even depression) that will be short and shallow - this will be a depression of epic proportions that has been building up under the surface (income starvation of general populous) for many years. It requires dynamic, immediate, and bold actions by our government leaders so that both their business masters and the insignificant 'run of the mill' citizens (like me) don't spiral down the economic abyss hand in hand.