Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Business Alchemists Believe In Their Infallibility

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Does anyone really consider the obscure possibility that any of those who hold positions of power either in the management of the smallest firm through to the most 'enlightened' 'preacher' of the 'free' market gospel could ever be wrong. Not so, never, impossible, all the anointed have to do is profess that something will be so and it will be so. There can never be any doubt of their omnipotent revelations when tied to calculations, measurements, and wild suppositions based upon the forcefully conveyed machinations of others who are now enshrined within the impenetrable walls of history. When the wind of reason exposes the barrenness of their logic they still hold onto the worn stumps of their learnt management, economic, or political religion with all their might. Never will they admit that stark reality has shorn their suppositions, and imposed superstitions from a foundation laid so loosely in sand.

We're all aware of those who spout eternal truths of this or that but never seem to realize that our world doesn't revolve in complete accordance with their demands. Behold, says the management guru your workforce will now meld into this compliant, subservient, malleable team of droids who will work with one and only one thought in life - a single minded devotion to the company. Thank goodness for the individuality inherent in all living creatures. Invariably we'll be confounded by the complete implausibility of something that we're forced to implement or observe, without ever being able to contradict its assertions. So we follow a legion of idiots who've chosen the only path availed to them in life since their incapable of creative relevant reasoned thought - they just eagerly follow other idiots. Is it any wonder that our business, political, governmental, and in general societal structures are so convoluted and contorted when their 'stretched', 'pulled', and forced to conform to the edits of the 'it will be so because I say it's so' crowd of savants.

No attempt is made to ascertain the relevance of their theories to reality while every attempt is made to impose maligned selfish concepts upon us - against our inherent passion for remaining human. Thankfully, there are still enough of us who will never meekly absolve our humanity to become the unthinking machines of an evil totalitarian economic society. That remains the clear unadulterated light not dimmed by the accumulation of grit and grim from a new order culture founded exclusively on greed. Humanity will prevail against those who are attempting to globally perpetuate their selfishness mired in a muck of greed that breaths an air polluted by incivility, and lack of respect for anyone. Our more social selves will slowly emerge from their 'grand' business system - we will continue to laugh, enjoy, respect, dream, and create even when submerged fathoms beneath compassion.

Our fight against narrow-minded 'wavy' thinkers who sway back and forth between this or that process, this or that 'new' enlightened supposition, and this or that adherence to distortion can only be won by holding firm to our core belief that reality is immutable - it is what it is and not what someone wishes it to be. Invariably, each and every 'new' process or theory based upon the precepts of this society of greed is thrown into the pit of disuse along with all the other 'magnificent' revelations that proved to be utter failures. Nothing is ever learned by the drooling servants of the business elite - for their allured to rote mindless learning from those properly anointed within their distorted system. How could they ever question the logic of anything conveyed by a properly anointed representative of their greedy caste - that would be most unthinkable? They'd rather blunder along slithering here or there with the rest of their army of hopeless followers who require their every thought to be properly vetted by the holy priests of their religion.

Yes, those of us who still maintain the passion of humanity through our possession of clarity of reason tempered by reality, an understanding that for anyone to succeed everyone must be given the opportunity to succeed, an ability to enjoy the living of life, and a respect for our unique gift of creativity will prevail. We'll prevail over a soiled community consciousness buried within greed-induced conformity. Reality is not determined by the few who believe they may convert mere rock to gold simply because they sit upon thrones of politically bestowed power. All 'golden' ideas are first supported by reality - not the illusion of a wished for reality. Unfortunately, or fortunately for those of us who are slated to become labor slaves of the business elite - they just can't force their world of illusion onto a universe governed by physical laws. Of course, this grates them to the point of rage since the only way they may maintain their self-respect is through ordering others around because invariably their incapable of engaging themselves in more constructive activities that require cooperation, respect, and civility.

No, just because it's written within a book of pseudo-science doesn't mean that we can wave our wands and make it so. Good luck trying.