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Building a Foundation of Understanding

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Building a foundation of understanding before a dive into the dark blue depths of divisiveness saves us from a mountain of counterproductive behavior. But deeper still is a pervasive moral corruption that permeates our entire economic society. Ideals obtuse to basic societal cohesion have taken root across the 'capillaries' that feed the constituent parts of our society. When behavior that divides and isolates is cherished over cooperation and community we needn't look any further to find the festering sores of corruption spreading. In an economy with abundant resources, a basic governmental structure, and a fairly educated citizenry the first prerequisite of economic success is a generally adhered to set of moral precepts. This is because with our interactions we can either rub each other in conflict or cooperation - sociopath conflict grounded within our current economic system only breeds deceit, disunity, inefficiency, and unfocused efforts.

Those who profess a proud belief in their invincibility often find that there is always an unanchored many that is easily convinced through force or coercion. If sanctioned by society these high priest miscreants breed more true believers that emulate their behavior. After a few years an alien inhuman set of immoral prerogatives predominate within an economic society patterned after their machines. Humanity finally takes a 'back seat' to expedience that exalts any corrupt practice, which allows the wolves to reign free across a barren economic landscape.

Many examples of a barren societal landscape rooted within moral debauchery exist - the most prominent example being Mexico. With barons either derived from a drug sub-culture or business aristocracy ruling with absolute power infused from above and below by moral ineptitude the wheels of society stop. Corruption having spread, like wildfire across all governmental levels and throughout the general populace the only element that remains is animal survival - humanity has died. Violence forms the cloth that covers the persecuted heartless individuals that remain perpetually alone in a hopelessness that splits across cleaves of greed and isolation.

Anytime the violence of the heart is executed with cold-blooded calculation against one's fellow citizens within a hot hatred or visions of erotic greed there is no doubt that what rushes society towards the gutter is unbridled evil. If our modern society was founded upon a global free market based upon integrity, simplicity, and non-violence determined to promote equity, equality, cooperation, and respect within a truly democratic framework binding all to a common purpose - ours would be a world steeped in economic success not hideous cyclical failures.

You and I need to tear at the curtains of silence that are dropping around our businesses, governments, and each other. Those who want to shift our society from one of divergent voices to silence, in an attempt to stifle free speech, are inhibiting discourse. A closed society fears free speech because it has unpredictable consequences. Unpredictability is anathema to those who must control every minute detail of your life and the lives of others. Theirs is a policy of absolute truth guided by their self-interest that cannot be inhibited by any free speech uttered in opposition to their gospel of absolutes. My world is not founded upon absolutes and neither is theirs, unfortunately perception is such a malleable entity shaped and molded from our experiences and beliefs. Hope stems from the belief in the malleability of our future not the absolute adherence to a hopeless past.