Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Frees up Income and Wealth to Build an Amazing Civilization

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Freeing up income from the surplus that was previously being syphoned out of corporations by executives, major investors, and other elite thieves will provide new worker owned, operated, and controlled organizations with trillions of dollars that can be used to significantly increase the remuneration of all workers. These new worker owners will then be able to transfuse an income starved economy with copious amounts of product demand built up to a crescendo from years of income famine. After being neglected for so long, firms will also have the money to invest in R&D and capital improvements. The surplus pilfered by the capitalists to place bets in the financial industry can now be productively used to enhance the general welfare of the workers who generated it and an economy that needs this income to fuel commercial growth. By having our People's Movement government seize all large corporations and transfer them to the workers who will then handle all business decisions collectively through a social network there is no need for the parasitic top layers. These leaches who drain away most of a business's income into the black hole of financial investments or purchase over-the-top cruise liner sized ships, flying palaces, castles, private islands, and any number of other extravagances will be pried off. Money that had been wasted or barricaded up top in the financial industry casinos will now be flowing freely throughout the economy. It will no longer be sputtering along because a tapped-out debt strapped general citizenry cannot consume.

Before we can reach our enlightened civilizationist civilization we have to rid ourselves of the current income strip-mining corporate dictatorship that can only endure by keeping us at each other's throats. The divisiveness that the CEO and executive class tries to exacerbate, especially the racial and religious differences, is an attempt to keep the general population distracted - fighting among ourselves while they tighten down the screws on the corporate dictatorship. There is no racial or religious divide in an egalitarian society. The civilizationist civilization that our People's Movement is aspiring to create will respect every citizen equally. Truly democratic societies do not need to sow conflict among their citizens because they have no hidden agendas, no shadow government that demands the subjugation of the majority. Contrary to civilizationism the capitalist society is by nature a confrontational system that pits the strong against the vulnerable and instills an aggressive sociopathic demeanor. Civilizationism is instead a community based cooperative culture that values each and every citizen. These two societal constructs are therefore diametrically opposed to each other. Exploitative anarchic societies like slavery, feudalism, and capitalism bring out the worst in people. Just the simple act of moving from a 'taker' society like capitalism to a democratic civilization like sociocapitialism will erase all socio-economic disparities. Diversity is so effusive in our People's Movement that we are not even aware of the differences of those who share our creed. We simply do not register the many shades of beauty in our world community. Knowing they are there but not focusing on them fuses these differences into the background that is our forest of indescribable beauty.

Many flashpoints will erupt between our good and their evil but regardless of the hardship we face we must never surrender for it will spell the end of our struggle for freedom. When absolutely nothing, the slightest flake of decency, morality, honestly, and fairness exists and you are constantly hammered lower into the proverbial ground it is time to fight the system - change the entire society. In this capitalist society the worker is nothing more than an expendable tool to be used by business. Having your back flush against the wall with no place to go except oblivion makes this stilted situation crystal clear. You start realizing that nothing good will ever come your way so you might as well throw all your energies into overthrowing the capitalist society that makes it utterly impossible regardless of your abilities to ever move from the starting block. This is what a large majority of the general population is facing, for it is not an isolated occurrence.

There is this mythology fabricated by "The Establishment" that all the blessed prosperity of the last thirty odd years has been the direct result of superhuman CEOs. Marvels of the business world are supposedly out there making it better for all us mere mortals. Maestros like Jack Welch of GE have been orchestrating through sheer deft mental power spectacular corporate results. This is utter nonsense, these Neanderthals are just better at wielding a club. With the confluence of events like the introduction of computers, automation, a flood of cheap labor flowing across borders, women entering the workforce, the shifting of factories to dirt poor hellholes to employ citizens in the equivalent of slave gangs, and the installation of a global shadow government from the mid-1970's to now the productivity of each worker skyrocketed while their real wage fell precipitously. Every single worker was able to produce more products in a shorter period of time for less and less take home pay. How could a moderately competent blue-blood executive slave master not drag ever larger bags of loot to the royals' castles? These big-business pigs have shelved through automation and falling economic demand a growing number of labor slaves that they can now pick from at ever lower wages. So maybe they are less the intellectual giants of folklore and more the opportunistic pirates of a sordid history of human exploitation? How could they fail to dramatically increase profit margins by saturating the global marketplace with cheap junk? In the short term before lack of income became such a drag on the global economy this thirty year debt driven expansion created a circular flow from surplus seized that was 'invested' in financial instruments resulting in 'revenue' lent on the backside by the financial sector as easy credit to income strapped consumers who could then buy products that the shortfall in their declining wages could not cover. Mountains of declining low unit cost products were produced from our declining real wages, steadily increasing hours of labor, higher levels of skill, and technology infused work stations all saturating a glutted global marketplace. The accelerating year-over-year revenue stream inflows applied against declining production costs generated the staggering profits that these executive 'geniuses' are ascribed to have miraculously whipped up from thin air. Add to this the work of a better class of MBA vampires who were able to subvert governments to their will through billions of dollars spent on lobbyists and the campaigns of elected officials all having the effect of shifting corporate taxes to the middle class, adding even more too corporate bottom lines. Throw in a few trillion dollars of bailout money complements of the same bought-out government puppets that are the purveyors of corporate handouts and slap-bam-boom you have got the most cash rich business entities ever to grace this despicable big-business playpen.

All of us in the slave gulag of this worldwide Corporate Dictatorship already know that this elaborate scheme is concocted simply so the elites can steal from the general population all the income and wealth we generate in the economy leaving us to fight for the carelessly dropped spare change they leave on the floor. No super human intelligence produced all the wealth flooding forth from this global exploitation machine. Those of us in the trenches working ever longer hours for less and less pay but still producing more and more products were the saps who believed that somehow, maybe not this but surely next year, our efforts would be justly rewarded. Our labors never were rewarded and they never will be because the entire capitalist society is rigged to exclusively benefit the too-rich-to-give-a-damn CEO executive class. What they have pulled off in the past thirty years is nothing short of grand theft of our surplus - the money left over after paying all the general expenses of a business. We produced these products and services that are sold on the open market for many times what we were paid in wages so why do we allow a few self-anointed thieves to steal what we have produced leaving us to live like beggars?

Why is there all this talk about not enough money to pay for everything we need and want from a society that we control? There is plenty of money to go around for all the needs and wants of a society when it is free from the banditry of feudal barons. Trillions of dollars are being funneled up to our elite lords' offshore accounts only to be bet in the Wall Street financial casinos who conjure up phantom 'investments'. When our People's Movement governments remove this upper layer of parasites we will all have these trillions of dollars to invest in our collective future. Instead of the filthy rich 'takers' buying fleets of gigantic private planes, or islands, we will be able to use this money for....

An elevated 350+ mph maglev train system that runs down the middle of all interstate roadways complete with appropriately spaced exit ramp parking garages.
A single payer healthcare system with unlimited access to medical, psychological, dental, and vision care services and community run hospitals reminiscent of the days when we had county "General Hospitals" - all provided without profit hungry insurance companies racking us over the coals.
Building a massive western state alternative energy generation industry that feeds directly into the across interstate highway maglev train network and into an improved energy grid that moves the U.S. to 100% renewal clean energy production within ten years.
Mars colonization spaceports that for the first time transports humanity out into the heavens.
Free college education for all qualified applicants through a Master's degree program. Such a broad based expansion, going from a primitive 'taker' society like capitalism to a civilizationist civilization requires the skills of many more educated citizens.
Free skills training for non-college bound citizens in professions like Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and many other technical school type fields.
A non-tax funding increase to Social Security that will provide every citizen retiring at age 65 with 85% of their highest yearly working income each year over the remainder of their life.

This is just the start. What we envision is a spectacular improvement in the lives of every single citizen of this elite raped planet. So long deprived of income, wealth, and dreams. Existing in a dead-end status quo enforced by marauding pillagers the general populous of this benighted sphere believed that the only change that could take place was more money coming out of their paychecks or going to governments in the form of taxes. That is now understood to be propaganda used to keep us cleaved to the status quo of business absolutism. We are all ready to tell these incompetent blue-bloods to take a hike off a cliff. Now is the time to take what is rightfully ours. We alone through a democratic process should determine our own destiny free from the degenerate machinations of incompetent big-business thieves. How we shape this destiny is for the general population to determine not some pirate cabal.

There are many ways to install real democracy into what is essentially a corporate dictatorship. Our new People's Movement governments that will be established across the planet just before we merge them into a single Earth Planetary Parliament will adjust taxation so that it finally does not take the most from those least able to pay. Here are a few legislative highlights....

Tax all intangible income like investment capital gains and other 'income' acquired through placing bets on stock exchanges like Wall Street.
Seize all corporations for the workers who will then democratically own, control, and distribute any resulting surplus. Only small proprietorships and other small (five or less employee) business entities will be excluded from direct seizure of all assets.
The corporate entity will cease to exist. All future worker owned businesses will be organizations that are not legally considered individual's. Business organizations will never have more rights than a living breathing human being.
Community banks will be run by the community and their workers for the benefit of an indeterminately sized community.
Hospitals and healthcare centers will be funded and operated by their communities.
Workers of small proprietorships or entities that are not worker owned and operated business organizations will have the option of purchasing their firms for a fair market price from their small business owners.

Let this be a warning to all in "The Establishment" who will do whatever it takes to keep their positions of privilege and power.

Do not try to subvert the will of the people by employing trickery.
When this perverted economic mess called vulture capitalism starts sinking deeper into the emptiness of the income vacuum do not bail out the banks for a second time.

Any of the above actions will trigger a profound massive response from the People's Movement from across the planet. We presently intend to continue to operate within the bounds of existing though obviously flawed democratic frameworks but will rapidly shift our Fifth Column into a more subversive stance if "The Establishment" further games the system in their favor.

History is on our side. We will rip this elite leach from our backs and establish an egalitarian, decent, exciting, progressive, and equitable 24/7 democracy that is barrier free. Fully embedded through all professions in governments, associations, businesses, and spread across all the continents of this planet our Fifth Column is transforming a privileged camp of big business dictators into an irrelevant backwater nonentity.

Our purple wave is leaving its mark - our emblem's three stripes symbolize decency, egalitarianism, and liberty. Let this be our outward mark of positive change. Display it freely for all to see.