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Break Past Safe Harbor Conformity into Unexplored Intellectual Pathways

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Failure to admit flaws is a common condition of those who fear change. Don’t cling to credentials. No matter how many degrees you possess ultimately justifying a position entails coming head-to-head with reality. Conflicts do exist between memorized doctrine and our day to day existence. If you are trying to glean peace-of-mind within the walls of your narrow-minded constructs save yourself time by admitting the futility of this exercise. It might prove more enlightening to learn from a broad collection of subject matter sources than regurgitating drivel that doesn’t correspond to conditions on the ground. The reality we recognize is the only touchstone of how viable and valid our beliefs and accumulated knowledge is when applied to real world situations.

Obviously, if we do not care to recognize real occurrences in our everyday ‘transactions’ with the tangible world then we are condemned to relive mistakes and miss opportunities. Spending too much time justifying actions is wasteful. When actions are insufficient or based upon inaccurate accumulated dogma that passed for understanding it is time to chuck the whole lot. Purge your mind of these inhibitors to change.

Once all the preconditions you have set have been eliminated it is now time to seek out the truth. What are the unfiltered occurrences that have led to the visible reaction or condition?  Attempt to reconstruct the logical path to the reality you experience. This may mean delving into alternate informational sources other than those deemed acceptable by intellectual overseers. All the professional and societal guardians of the sacred scrolls will wail over your intolerable indiscretion. You have some gull investigating. Leave all that experimentation, and dogma writing to the anointed experts. Using your brain instead of having it force fed with incontestable scripture is utterly unacceptable.

With so many failed theories across a plethora of disciplines why uncover the truth? Maybe because without generating new ideas to replace those that are untranslatable into reality we run the risk of societal intellectual degeneration. Far worse, we may allow disaster to strike simply because we refuse to accept the undeniable facts ‘screaming’ for recognition.

Maybe, we come to the same conclusions after our careful study. Does this mean we have wasted our time reinventing the proverbial wheel? No, it only confirms that the basic tenants of a discipline that relates to an area of concern may be based upon sound theory. Let those that call you obtuse or a troublemaker utter their abusive remarks. If it wasn’t for the few inquisitive souls who had the guts to question anointed authority we would still be sailing only wind powered ships using maps depicting a flat world.

Change is not easily transmitted. Sometimes it is simply not understood. Many citizens will just shrug and tell you they don’t understand what you are attempting to convey. Try harder to get your ideas through to the confused. It may not be an inability to understand but simply conventional doctrine that temporarily blinds. Once your fellow citizens allow you to anchor your ideas in their safe harbor of conformity it then becomes easier to develop these ‘radical’ theories within the mainstream societal consciousness. This is when ‘unorthodox’ theories or viewpoints will have a better chance of gaining general acceptance.