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Blue Planet Is an Aristocracy Not A Meritocracy

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A great exodus of planetary citizens is freeing themselves from the clutches of a feudal based societal framework ruled by authoritarian elite mental degenerates. Moving towards the egalitarian philosophy of the People’s Movement is invigorating. You’re freed, released from your chains, have struggled out of the quicksand of a societal imprint that is designed to perpetuate the progeny of Ivy League royalty. It is the fight for real freedom unimpeded by lobbyist controlled governments and big-business manipulated societal structures that release us from an ingrained feeling of inferiority. By empowering ourselves to right the wrongs of a mega-wealthy master class dynasty we’re able to see the rulers for what they are – human defects not worthy of leading.

Having effortlessly slid into their anointed positions the spoiled brats of big-money royalty are nothing more than caretakers of a failed scheme of pillage. This insane culture of grinding mediocrity like all aristocracies before it holds down the surging genius of the majority of humanity. By erecting barriers to entry that exclude all from the club of success who don’t belong to the class of elite sovereigns the global oligarchy encourages a leader culture bathed in perpetual mediocrity. Worse yet is the cultivated stupidity instilled in the offspring of the privileged. Not required to suffer heart wrenching setbacks like the progeny of the exposed majority these carefree future rulers degenerate into process bound simpletons incapable of creative genius. Learning at an early age that money in a corrupt society buys position, status, connections, and even ideas the little monsters never grow through trial and tribulations.

What seeps from the putrid orifices of the upper crust youth indoctrination centers are privileged semi-sentient clones incapable of generating a first rate thought. The whole process that ensures the smooth ascension of idiot slugs to positions of leadership was never designed to adhere to any meritocratic rules. It is a grand fallacy; propaganda extraordinaire that props up the merit based societal norms that we’re told are the basis of all upward mobility. In reality the elite collective monstrosity only perpetuates ordinariness. What is effectively ensured is a ruling class that cleaves to established doctrine, popular beliefs, business phrases, technological key words, and cultural norms.

No deviance is possible with minds that have never been stressed by the challenges of real life events. Shielding these already genetically inferior sociopath progeny from essential stimulus guarantees that each generation of elite masters will have slithered deeper into the swamp of degeneracy.

Exposure to continuous environmental stimuli imparts lessons that build character, empathy, honor, discipline, and creativity spawned from necessity. These are challenges faced everyday by the offspring of the 99%. We aren’t protected from life’s vagaries. Better able to lead, adapt, and comprehend dynamic conditions we are barred entry to the upper echelon of human power structures simply because we don’t have the proper social connections – aren’t drooling carbon copy feudal simpletons.