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Blockade Elite Power Centers - Ostracize Delegates, Lobbyists, and 1% Powerbrokers

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No ambiguity or indecision should intrude to dissuade our People's Movement from acting to eventually put a stake through the heart of this exploitative societal monster. Call it what you like, a market economy, free-market, global economy, or capitalism, it is still an anachronism, a feudal holdout with a few super-wealthy lords seizing all wealth from those of us unlucky enough to find ourselves scrapping up the leftovers that the anointed parasites missed. There are some who would carefully parse their words to sugarcoat our dismal existence. Anyone who uses words to make subtle references to a kinder gentler capitalist society by masking it under the phrase market economy should be reminded that there is no respectful or honorable side to capitalism only brazen exploitation. Let us be perfectly clear, the People's Movement does not want to reform even a flyspeck of this market economy. This is a degenerative, destabilized, abusive, 1% elite manipulated capitalist society that bilks hardworking laborers out of their productive output so that a self-anointed royalty can live like sultans and rule unopposed behind layers of cleverly crafted laws that allow them unfettered authority over all the slaves in their dominion - it must be wiped from the face of the Earth. The pervasive income inequality of the lower to middle classes that make up the general population cannot be mended by tweaking this rich-take-all societal structure. Reinforced by 1% 'takers', lobbyists, political party bosses, political party delegates, government puppets, a host of obscene tax havens, elite tax breaks, and endemic massive corruption it is a scourge that will run amok in a consumption orgy wasting resources and human beings until nothing remains but a vast wasteland. Run swiftly from those who pander the benefits of this parasitic upper crust extraction tool. They undoubtedly have a hidden agenda, have not read the material on this website, or do not fully comprehend the vicious nature of the beast they are trying to tame. There is no reforming evil. That is why it is time for action instead of mere words. Left to fester, this evil will devour us, turning what few meager liberties we possess like freedom of speech into gutted euphemisms.

We already know that nothing positive can come from emulating this rich-take-all society. That is why we should not seek to create a culture that mirrors in any way shape or form this top-heavy autocratic monstrosity. Why would we want all powerful big-businesses that blackball troublemakers into homelessness and pull the levers of government with their army of lobbyists? Taking just a few hours reading the material on this site is all that is needed to understand that our Movement is in no way a hierarchically organized association. This should be abundantly evident.

So why are some new champions of our purple wave trying to inject a top-down control structure? Possibly they are tired of the fight, or are false apostles wanting to water down or worse yet distort the principles of our People's Movement ideology to appease "The Establishment." So that there is no misunderstanding about our core philosophy let me wash away an irritating misconception. We are not a "Progressive" - anything. This term owes its existence to the late 1890's agrarian movements and other disconnected popups like Ross Perot's independent outside "The Establishment" U.S. Presidential run. Our People's Movement civilizationism is closer from an ideological standpoint to socialism than capitalism. Only two elements from capitalism, both of them from the economic domain, are merged into our/my novel cultural template. Both a healthy dose of competition and open markets would remain to insure that cultural stasis from a lack of individual intuitive would not pollute the economic foundation of our civilizationist society. The major difference between capitalism and civilizationism is in our emphasis on infusing democracy across the full scope of our daily lives. Currently, our daily work environment in capitalism is nothing more than a Dark Ages autocracy. Our new society will be an all-encompassing 24/7 egalitarian democracy.

Now that "The Movement" within the United States has gained sufficient converts many newcomers jumping on the bandwagon are claiming to be the exclusive prophets of our belief system, the progenitors of all that our People's Movement stands for, including my unique civilizationism. This makes my blood boil over. Con artists coming out of the woodwork who are quick to take credit for something they had absolutely no part in creating just so they can become the new rulers supplanting the current crop of upper-class vultures. These 'intellectual' thieves would rule over the citizens of this blue planet the same way as our current 1% masters. That is why a verifiable source of what the People's Movement belief system is in its totality needs to be maintained and referenced. Of paramount importance is to not let our creed be watered down, diluted to the point that it is an unnourishing gruel. That is why any individual or group that aspires to follow our People's Movement belief system must pledge never to pollute any of the principles that we hold dear. Our friends, associates, and fellow followers should never be allowed to form deviant constructs or spout absurd ideas like their desire to "reform the market-system" all under the guise of speaking for our Movement. For if the principles set forth in the writings on this website are to be successfully implemented they must not be cheapened by any concepts that owe their existence to this exploitative society.

How utterly sad that there are so many cerebrally incapable individuals who have to steal and pervert our philosophic underpinnings to 'get ahead' in this perversion of all that is equitable. These ideas where given to the whole planet. No single individual should profit from or gain power from utilizing this societal construct to their exclusive benefit. This new societal foundation and all the writings on this website are meant to inculcate a spirit of freedom that is so entirely lacking among the citizens of this world.

All the theft, both intellectual, and tangible, that is committed within this culture stems from the unjust, unfair, and disgusting nature of capitalist society - a place that breeds immorality and larceny in all its daily social intercourse. With these degenerate societal mechanisms already in place, by the time this essay flows across the web there will probably be a new horde of false proselytizing prophets announcing to the world that they are the true creators of all that relates to the "Movement."

Each inhalation of this unclean environment brings all of us closer to the demons that rule. Any society that places so much emphasis on amassing riches and power risks regression to a pure primal state this is the uncivilized barbarism we will end up in if we do not change course. Be on the watch for traits in our key organizers that are indicative of their clinging to this anti-democratic culture. Those who immediately build out top-heavy administrative layers are not followers of our People's Movement. There are no hierarchical layers, bureaucratically weighty, thick impenetrable hindrances, and law abundant contrivances to dissuade or intrude upon the free exercise of each member's liberty in a civilizationist society. Everyone thrives within civilizationist structures that are thoroughly ubiquitous, embodied in a 24/7 democracy, people run, bottom up, egalitarian, diverse civilization, that spans the globe.

Before we can encompass the planet in a pervasive democracy we must vanquish the capitalist nexus in the United States of America. Languishing on the sidelines or just making the same bad choices particularly where choosing candidates for public office are concerned the rest of the world wonders if the majority of people in the United States secretly love their corporate jailers. Discontent should be welling up in every worker who exists like a prisoner subconsciously crossing off each day of service to their elite corporate masters. Instead, even operating in high gear, pushing past may formidable barriers, the general population does not respond with a ground swell of support. Logic dictates that everyone on this capitalist blue-green labor camp of a planet should be demanding that their inalienable right of self-determination be respected. That we are sick of platitudes sprinkled with some of that leftover "Hope" holly water from the last presidential election, and tired of this abomination pretending to be a democracy. The world, represented by those outside "The Establishment" in our People's Movement, the general population shoved about by the big-money powerbrokers, they just do not understand why the people of the United States are not storming the 'palace walls'. It is beyond the comprehension of most planetary citizens within our Movement that a citizenry could even allow themselves to be cajoled into supporting, even mildly, such poor candidates for the most powerful governmental office. Watching the charade that is merely a new feudal order masquerading as democracy unfold across the world over many years, and the accompanying anti-democratic capitalist fervor sweep away most of the hard fought liberties and benefits going to the general citizenry in Europe, most of the populous of this planetary transnational business gulag are not surprised at the lack of quality candidates. They know that all of them except Bernie Sanders are puppets of "The Establishment", or could be easily persuaded to follow the dictates of the top 1% rulers.

This could be why Americans are not in the least excited about the slate of Presidential candidates they have to choose from - all of them are excellent examples of how low we have sunk. Only Bernie Sanders has a presidential demeanor backed up with an intellectual competency. Even Bernie has made a few blunders during the presidential primaries. In his speech at the Vatican he stated a couple of times that the market-economy (a.k.a. - the degenerate capitalist society) generally works and that all it needed were some reforms like eliminating income inequality. If that were the case how would he eliminate income inequality from a degenerate culture that thrives on exploiting others so that a few may luxuriate in gated paradise? Granted, a single speech and a few less than revolutionary platitudes about the capitalist society is not unexpected coming from our proposed "transitional leader" who will bridge us from exploitative capitalism to egalitarian civilizationism. Bernie has said all along that he is a "Democratic Socialist" meaning that his ideological footprint rests somewhat firmly in a market economy that is more highly regulated and offset by governmental entities equalizing the playing field and reducing income inequality. Therefore, he is just the right temperament, possessing a middle of the road ideological slant that can bring together large swaths of the American electorate involving them in a truly revolutionary leap from capitalism to civilizationism.

The term "transitional leader" aptly applies to Bernie's personality and sociological leanings. That is why someone like myself, who if elected by a Liberty Congress or Constitutional Convention, a firebrand revolutionary ready to thoroughly dismantle the entire billionaire class system, and bury the capitalist society in the 'backyard' will be the leader who will fight for dramatic reformulation, providing the inspiration to empower billions of planetary citizens to build a new egalitarian society after crossing the divide from capitalism to an untarnished effusive liberty. Bernie will be instrumental in pathing the way to the transitional crossing from bandit capitalist society to our new civilizationist civilization. What we require once we reach the shore of our new beginning will be a revolutionary spirit who will guide us through the treacherous waters of all-out revolution. We will need someone who is not afraid to drop into the deep chasm the remnants of 'taker' capitalist society and build up from the ashes of exploitation an egalitarian civilization that mirrors, at least in outline, a civilizationist society.

This is still the plan if we stay wedded to the political process but it is looking increasingly unlikely that the 80% of middle to lower income citizens we need to increase our numbers at the polls for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic Primary, the stay at home, non-voting citizens, will not make this a reality. Historically, voter turnout in the United States has been significantly lower than in any other 'democratic' society. Obviously, the word 'democratic' on this planet is an extreme distortion of the genuine meaning of liberty but that fact aside, looking only at voter turnout - we cannot expect revolutionary change through a political process where less than 5% of the electorate turns out to vote.

There is no disconnect between the citizens of the United States and a political process that is slanted to favor status quo candidates by empowering delegates to be beholden to no one but themselves and the big-business dominated "Establishment." Citizens' have rightly inferred that their vote is but a meaningless exercise, that nothing positive will move the general population past its reliance on and subservience to Capitalist Dictatorships. Long denied even a decent candidate who did not cleave to the 1% billionaire "Establishment", the voters just 'learned' to stay at home because nothing positive would happen even if they went to the polling stations with the best intentions. It has been my suspicion all along, that attempting to have our Movement progress through a rigged political system that for so long promoted voter disengagement in a locked-down two party system where divergent viewpoints are not allowed to emerge would not significantly advance our cause for genuine democracy.

My expectation, the thin thread that I held onto tightly, was that even though the big-money societal construct would not allow our "transitional leader" to gain any traction that we would at least have a candidate like Bernie Sanders who could effectively educate the American people about their true condition of living day-to-day within an autocratic business dictatorship under the heel of a shadow government beholden to 1% billionaire elites. This was, and still is, being accomplished under Bernie Sanders effective and unyielding leadership. For this we will be eternally grateful. If somehow Bernie does pull off an upset of the "Establishment" candidate Hillary Clinton, and he is able to energize the electorate to vote for him in a landslide in the remaining primaries upsetting Hillary's four-hundred plus super delegate lead that she was 'awarded' within this rigged political process even before the first Democratic Primary votes were cast. Then this will truly be cause for celebration, but we should not set our hopes to high. That is why I am proposing that we move forthright from our involvement in this rigged political system and immediately blaze our own trail of revolution straight through the impediments placed before us - plow down the billionaire's club, not stopping until this whole soak-the-populous capitalist society is razed to the ground. Hedging our bets we would like Bernie to keep passing along our People's Movement message of egalitarian transformation. He is an inspiration to all of us, a true leader of the downtrodden masses and those of us who have been voiceless for so long! Viva Bernie!

Never forget, we may at times need to weave a tangled web to get to our ultimate goal of genuine 24/7 democracy. So at times it may seem that we may be backpedaling to positions that are counter to what we stand for but rest assured this will only be done when we must take a completely unforeseen path away from danger. The building blocks that make our civilizationist society unique among any culture to spring forth on this typically hierarchically ruled planet are centered on the fact that the people will be in charge. This will never change and it must never be watered down or we will have accomplished nothing. In a ground swell of effusive liberty all of us will be in control of our own lives without interference from interlopers like lobbyists or any other money and power hungry sociopaths. Our revolution will vaporize the capitalist society and replace it with a real 24/7 egalitarian civilizationist society. We will not cover ourselves with even a patch of this threadbare capitalist fiber that could easily rip and expose us to the elements. Never again will psychological deviants rule over the world's population.

Sociopaths, instead of ruling our future society will be in mental health hospitals receiving treatment for their serious antisocial condition. The disdain that all the 1% elites hold for those of us who work for a living or scrap by after they have raided our pantry is palpable. There political party delegates are the equivalent of border raiding banditos. They sack our national community leaving us disconnected from justice, legal restitution, and fending for ourselves like hurricane "Katrina" survivors. After seeing a few of these vote-box stuffing elitists and sold-out jailers' pets strut down the upper class enclaves of big cities oblivious to the bottomscrapping voters, some with even the gall to pontificate about how they are serving the interests of democracy by disregarding the voters' wishes. It is clear what we must do. Get the names, all contact information, including online social network accounts, every stitch of data pertaining to their personal lives and move it into our databases. Those of us in our purple wave who are members of our technology underground can help in assisting in this process like they assisted in getting the Panama Papers that outlined the organized legal theft of trillions of dollars from the global economy by the sect of the too-rich-to-give-a-damn.

Once we know the identities of these backstabbers, the delegates, and political party bosses we should ostracize all of them, treat them like lepers. All who serve the interests of this cave echoing with the ghosts of injustice' past and the business dictatorships' chain rattlers of the present need to be completely ignored like castaways on some deserted island. They have no empathy for our day-to-day struggles to survive in this land dominated by oligarchic price-scalpers and power hungry moneybags so why should we return even a smidgen of humanity to these money-hungry mongrels. Let these self-centered seekers of special royal treatment, the turncoats of their own brothers and sisters feel naked, unprotected by "The Establishment", every waking hour, of each day they should feel our presence, all the eyes of our People's Movement, watching, but not registering their presence. When they talk to us, just give them an unresponsive blank stare, right before you abruptly turn away. Refuse to provide services, products, and assistance to this group of castle jesters. Not even a single wasted word should fall from our lips for these lovers of anti-democracy, the insensitive panderers of business royalty, will not exist, are not real, will be a figment of our imagination - an inhuman virulence that all must keep their distance from like a deadly pestilence. These delegates and their scummy chums the super-delegates, political party bosses, and all others who assist this autocratic business dictatorship are from this day forward outcasts, pariah, untouchables that no citizen should acknowledge as existing. Let us wipe from our minds these despicable anti-human creatures. This will be our first act at teaching those who would go against the wishes of the people that there are consequences.

There should not be a single person in our People's Movement who is not furious at "The Establishment". They are blatantly extending their middle finger at our request that a modicum of fairness resonate far and wide. We are done talking. Now, not tomorrow, not the day after, or some other yet to be determined time, but right this minute, this very second, we are embarking on our journey to freedom, the disengagement from this big-business shadow government that is forcing us into destitution. No more talk - genuine citizen controlled democracy awaits our arrival. All of us, the general population, who are the real constituency, will toss out the lobbyists and their superrich vermin manipulators head first from local, state, and federal seats of power.

Our second direct act against "The Establishment", after ostracizing the elite powerbrokers, will be to peacefully block all means of egress to and from both the Republican and Democratic conventions. This is where millions may contribute to the shattering of the chains of this business empire. Even an ant should be kept from crawling into these delegate havens of illegitimacy. However many of these money and favor peddling fiends may still be currying special treatment from their elite lords let us starve them out into the open to face our angry wrath. All power, all resources, even a tiny piece of bread, water, any and all supplies must be cutoff. Just like a castle of royalists ignoring the demands of freedom coming from the citizenry let this 21st Century riffraff know we are done bowing down - we will no longer stand idly by letting them treat us like dogs to be kicked around.

  • Staff should boycott, refuse to comply with any political party boss, lobbyist, or Establishment powerbroker's edicts.

  • Every fed up voter in our People's Movement from across the ideological spectrum, conservatives and liberals, should blockade the wheeling-dealing bastions of corporate power like the Republican and Democratic conventions, lobbyist offices, the numerous PAC headquarters, and any other 1% elite power center.

  • Stop these citadels of influence peddling and corruption from running smoothly by using any creative peaceful tactics necessary.

  • Our People's Movement is calling for the mass boycotts of all political party related activities from now until we remove these tumors of anti-democracy from this planet.

  • On the days that these big-business controlled party boss festivals are held have citywide sick-ins that will expand in geographical scope if the corporate autocrats remain unyielding to our demands for real 24/7 bottom-up citizen controlled democracy.

  • Strikes organized by our union brothers and sisters will also help in exerting pressure on any Corporate Dictatorships that come to the rescue of their fellow gangsters.

  • Shut down the cities where these political conventions are being held - no commerce, activity, not a piece of paper blowing down deserted streets should reach the blockaded delegates.

  • Mass stay-at-home protests that go for the duration of these political conventions should spread nationwide until the business elite have released their stranglehold over our governments and our destiny.

  • The streets of the convention cities and citadels of elite corruption should rock with the feet of millions marching in unison to keep the political conventions and any other anti-democratic command centers blockaded.
This is our answer to the unrelenting injustice of this degenerate robber baron society. More will be forthcoming if the 1% elite do not turn power over to the general population.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders our ideas, the belief system that has emerged from my soul, the egalitarianism that will rejuvenate all of humanity, is now a spreading already expansive belief system. What terrifies the 1% robber barons and all their bought-out enablers, the thing that keeps them from sleeping soundly is that the People's Movement is now a far-flung belief system, a set of ideas that is in "the wild", a spreading immunity to their propaganda. Ideas are very powerful. They are not easily squelched by "The Establishment" wanting to maintain their power over the people. These deviants cannot stop the spread of ideas that have the added potency of informing the ignorant of their true condition.

The 1% elitists are fighting back. Anyone who deviates from the "party-line" just like in Communist China is blackballed from employment opportunities and may even face criminal charges stemming from some trumped up, obscure, lobbyist, big-business, or party boss written law that can be used against an evildoer when the need arises. Writers, journalists, and anyone who exercises their 'freedom of speech' in an undemocratic autocracy always run the risk of having the billionaires club, party bosses, or other elite scum pulverize them into obscurity and perpetual poverty. What these modern day monarchs fail to realize is just because you blackball, send the thinkers to the streets, or throw them in prison on unjustified charges for crimes "against the state", billions will have already adopted the belief system, in this case our People's Movement ideology, and it will continue to spread. Many millions who have copied my writings from this website, the basis of what binds us together as followers of the worldwide People's Movement will continue to share this egalitarian belief system with many others who may still be unaware of their enslavement. There is no stopping a people yearning to be free.

Watching the sunset behind the horizon it was abundantly clear to me that this was an auspicious week. Our word of equity, egalitarianism, dignity, justice, decency, diversity, and a pure 24/7 democracy that all of us have a hand in running and benefiting from has spread in such a short period of time to billions of oppressed and downtrodden planetary citizens. Citizens denied a voice in determining the shape and scope of their own lives by a gang of business elitists operating Corporate Dictatorships are busting their shackles and throwing the parasites overboard. We have taken the initiative away from the global business pirates and now have this royalty on the defensive. There have been a few twists and turns, some setbacks playing by their rules in the rigged political system of the United States but this was not unexpected and generally we have spread our message to a much more receptive population than any of us could have ever thought possible. My sincere hope is that all of you who have suffered in your own unique ways at the hands of an out of control super-class of corporate royalty will continue to carry on. Copy the hell out of my writings so that they may hopefully inspire many more billions around this global labor prison to rise up against their corporate jailers. Simple hardcopies may be especially necessary in those countries where the citizenry is unable to access the internet because of government censorship.

Someday, when boiling chick peas over a fire under a bridge with many others who have been ostracized and forced into homelessness, someone will ask the other outcasts if they hear a roar. All will train their ears in the direction indicated, after a few minutes the noise will drown out even nearby birds. Finally, these few rebels forced into poverty by a tiny sliver of rich sociopaths will know that what they hear are millions marching on the castles of their oppressors. They will rejoice in the knowledge that the Rubicon has been crossed and bright colorful sunrises will soon replace the darkness.