Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Fight the Instrumentality of 1% Parasitism - Blockade the Democratic National Convention

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Illusions are sometimes very powerful especially when we want them to be - it can be very painful to admit to ourselves that our lives are being manipulated by forces we never believed existed. Conditioning from childhood into adulthood by an outside force determined to maintain power over a large segment of the population creates an environment conducive to a general acceptance of the status quo. The reality of our situation is disturbing. We live in a planetary wide gulag under labor slavery in business fiefdoms, in a place where the capitalist religion is practiced with the zealotry of the Spanish Inquisition, and where 'freedom of speech' has so many conditions that it is almost meaningless. Everyday our cheap lives are threatened by the sanctioned killings of enforcers who are the uniformed defenders of corporate tyranny. If this were not enough to make our existence unbearable, our masters, the 1% leaches are pillaging the planet of all its resources and money. They steal from what are effectively our businesses to line the pockets of boards of directors, executives, and major investors. They are no different than the old west gangs that came to town to pillage, rape, and rule like petty dictators. All these injustices perpetrated against the general population infuriate labor slaves who constitute the majority of the population. Raising our fists in rebellion is our statement that we will not just stand singing love songs to the 1% vultures who want to bury us six feet underground. We will fight for the freedom promised but denied. Our purple wave is a revolution, the complete purging of this wicked society concocted to benefit only a tiny one percent of this planet's citizenry. This is our only hope of achieving genuine liberty. We must break out of this seemingly perfect prison.

Capitalists have created the ideal prison that does not require any actual bars or cages. This new batch of modern day feudal lords are able to impress labor slaves into an inequitable system of production because they conditioned them as children to like their prison cell's and to believe there is no escape from their life of unending toil. The brainwashed legions that generate all the wealth of the planet willingly submit themselves to a daily drudgery where they have no voice and are dependent upon their self-anointed masters to throw them a bone every now and then, but it has of late already been gnawed on and cleaned of all its meat. Fights are now breaking out over the broken bones.

So much power and wealth concentrated in the hands of a few ensures widespread corruption and degeneration of the entire society. Like in the Middle Ages, for every good king that was the chance event that brought a more tolerant and generous ruler to the throne there were thousands of kings and queens ruling over there starving and threadbare serfs like the sociopaths they were - without the slightest bit of humanity. That was why the founders of the United States were so adamant about leaving the British crown. These revolutionary leaders understood that most of the time the odds were against the subjects of a crown having a king ascend the throne who was an extraordinarily insightful and caring leader. Most of the time when the dice of fate was rolled history had shown that subjects, serfs, and all the extensive underclass who served their king or queen just ended up with a half-wit inbred idiot or if luck was on their side an average sociopath that did not strip the common folk of everything by taxing them into abject poverty.

Some bright subject of the crown had an idea. Why leave your future to the whim of fate, instead lay the groundwork for a little predetermination by casting aside the chance events of who would rule over you based upon how the genetics played out by selecting your own leader. That way you could remove the calamity that usually resulted from nature's infusion of an already dangerous set of abnormal traits caused from continual inbreeding of royal stock.

The same holds true for all the 1% propagandists' reports popping up about this or that innovative, decent, and magnanimous CEO ruling over their labor subjects. Cherry picking the succulent fruit that just happens to grow in a worn infested grove only highlights that even in nature there are exceptions to a rule. Why base the fate of an entire planet's happiness and our children's lives upon chance events. It is high time we exercised our right as sentient beings to determine our own future in a bottom-up democratic community that respects each and every individual regardless of how fate dealt their cards.

Another misconception flooding the 1% media outlets is that somehow entrepreneurs are these brilliant individuals who can move heaven and earth without the need of anyone else. That if placed on a deserted island they alone could build a civilization from the ground up with their bare hands without any help from all us regular folk watching from our adjacent island slums. Wow! Talk about superheroes, these radiant beings must have their own phone booths to change into their capes. This is sheer unadulterated fantasy; it takes marketers, accountants, realtors, bankers, and many others to turn an idea for a product into a reality. White horse riding business geniuses need 'regular' professionals that make it possible for each of these up and coming business sociopaths to claim all the credit and grab all the loot generated by these and all the other underclass labor slaves that they enslave.

Busy propagandists have been spinning a web of utter fiction. Couple the superhero entrepreneur myth with the love filled hearts that CEO and executive types are supposed to engender - the parental happiness that these executives inspire in their frolicking little labor slaves who enjoy being subjugated by such caring royal saints. Mix in some of that extra special prime fairy dust from Shanghai-la that allows the distorter of reality to turn these smiling believers in the possibilities of lobbyists and bought-out governments into adoring parents who still understand the need to use tough-love to keep their small fry in line and Walla you have the ultimate leader. Although, these glorious awe inspiring super-beings representing all that is precious will still need to leach off writers for their speeches and books, steal ingenious ideas from creators, and use the rest of the 99% for just about everything else to claim their billions of dollars in tribute.

Are you a little infuriated right about now? You should be. First and foremost we are not children to be cared for by a paternalist firm and its partners in crime but instead intelligent human beings able to chart our own future unchained from any superclass that deep down only cares about how much more money they can steal from our businesses and society.

But 1% propagandists do not stop weaving their fairy tales even though they have crossed the line into what a child would also find implausible. Now they want to associate the love we have for our parents with the adulation we should have for our employers. Some bright spinners of illusion thought - why stop this 'love train' at the corporate station let it continue all the way across the land so that it becomes unacceptable behavior to exhibit any emotion but love. Simply brilliant is the only way to describe this stroke of creativity on the part of these well paid media adulterants of reality for they know if they can remove or classify all other emotions as negative then their 1% masters will be able to lead the stupidly smiling slave gangs into darker dungeons.

False love promoted by castle dwellers who do not want to lose their rubies, jewels, harems, party islands, Trump sized private planes, and all the other perks of being kings and queens is an unnatural response to how we have been treated. Do you give your boss a hung when he terminates you - shoves your ass on the street where you now face baton waving 1% castle guards who beat you up before they put you in a jail cell because the same 1% vultures who rule over you also decide your kind listlessly walking the pavement is bad for business? There is nothing wrong with the legitimate anger expressed by billions of planetary citizens who are forced into poverty on this slave planet by modern day buccaneers.

The chorus of "just love" is getting louder. Is this because our 1% dictators must keep this global prison camp humming along if they are to extract ever larger profits from the companies that they bleed into oblivion? Our masters need all of us in the hinterlands to love our country, the tyranny it inspires, every insult we are forced to endure, the many injustices committed against us, and the anti-democracy shoved down our throats at an early age. Despots must have ignorant, complacent, timid, and peaceful grass nibbling cattle. It just makes things so much easier when it is time to lead the herd to the slaughter house.

The tension sometimes overwhelms us. The duplicity, the disjunction between what our senses tell us is patently wrong and how our conditioning enforced each day by media propagandists who work hard to dispute the facts, the undeniable truth that we are living a lie perpetrated to enrich a tiny few bandits - all of these distortions of realty can take their toll. When this happens many go insane. This happens when the indoctrination since childhood collides headfirst with the unadorned truth of their imprisonment, when the illusion is laid bare by undeniable facts - for some this is impossible to bear.

Capitalist brainwashing is practiced in all the schools. Even in the universities where we are told science and fact are supposed to inspire critical thinking and a passion for analysis there are many disciplines like economics, sociology, and business that have become graveyards of the status quo where followers of spiritualism, zombies with no neural energy, regurgitate dysfunctional unrealistic deceptions. Off-limits are topics such as alternate societal models, fact-based analysis, research on small population sets into advanced social structures and any scientific inquiry into the many possible formulations of facets like economics, government, and societal mores that are the components of all societies.

No insightful questions are allowed. Just regurgitate, memorize the untested, the smelly bag of truths sanctioned by those sitting on thrones who just happen to benefit from looking at twisted images in malformed mirrors. Your job as a student is to just accept without inquiry this new feudal incarnation of robber baron society called capitalism. Any deviation from the syllabus is not permitted. Cheering when prompted is essential for you must not give your brain stranglers the slightest hint that you are in the least bit cogent. Impassive sleepy sheep who will lead in the shadows of their glorious blue bloods are only required to spill out the swill with gusto when prompted by their lords. Inquisitive minds who do not want to join the cheerleaders of capitalist pillage are marginalized.

This system of unquestioning allegiance to the instrumentality of 1% parasitism by the general population, the very citizens who are the hosts used up by this societal excrescence generates more silent automatons. They will readily sacrifice themselves to their masters. It is sickening to see intelligent beings bow down to degenerates when they could overpower their oppressors with their sheer numbers. 1% shakedown artists intimidate their prey just like any other mobster who feels entitled to a piece of the action even though they contribute nothing. Why do so many continue to suffer the consequences dished out by these Mafioso's?

Some, not all labor slaves are able to take orders from their 1% masters' overseers without ever questioning why they never get any raises, even though they work harder. Always having their benefits cut, having absolutely no control, no democracy, and no hope of getting back the money they generated through their hard work it is incomprehensible how compliant a few workers are - they are like dogs who like to get kicked around. These are our friends and neighbors some who are so far gone that they have not the slightest misgivings of giving a tiny sliver of bandits' free rein to siphon off most of their income. Furthermore, if the holy grail of capitalism condones outright theft by a sliver of the population, the looting of the producers' storehouse, then it must be an exulted beneficent act by our selfless bandit saviors.

Most of us have enough common sense to know that if the workers created the products and services then we should also receive the revenue stream undiluted by corporate kingpins. Just ship the CEOs, boardroom pals, executives, and major investors off to huts in the Amazon jungle or igloos up near the North Pole. Claw back all the loot these parasites have amassed in Swiss accounts, offshore tax havens, and from every nook-and-cranny they hid the money in and use this wealth they stole from our businesses by working us like their private stock of slaves to benefit the majority of citizens. With this trillions of dollars of reclaimed wealth and our new 99% egalitarian society streaming undiluted all the income into our hands we would have more than enough wealth to crisscross the planet in a mass transit system, fund Mars exploration, universal university educations, universal medical and mental healthcare, public hospitals, and a host of benefits and opportunities that would substantially improve the quality of life of every planetary citizen.

To achieve what some term the impossible requires all of us who have pierced the dirty mist of this extortion ring that promotes our slavery to help our lost brothers and sisters see the ugliness of the monster hiding in the fog. Big brother is not just the government portrayed in an Orwellian dystopia but an entire societal contrivance that has morphed into a global 1% Corporate Dictatorship - it is an effusive promoted illusion meant to keep the majority feeling impotent, unable to muster the emotional and physical strength to fight the gang of thieves who have descended upon our global communities like voracious locusts. Most labor slaves are so blind to their captivity that they never wonder why it is that 1% billionaires and assorted 10% administrative priests of the capitalist faith live like sultans but they are barely able to scrape up enough money to pay the bills that always keep going higher. These are our fellow brothers and sisters who we need to enlighten - show the path to genuine freedom far away from pecking vultures that are undergoing treatment at mental health facilities.

It is not natural for someone who is always finding themselves on the short end of the stick to enjoy being the lackey for arrogant simpletons who feel entitled to luxuriate in the wealth they stole. Pharaoh's pyramid builders should revolt. An irrepressible hatred of our oppressors is a healthy response to being shackled.

This whole planetary intertwined deviants dream, a sociopaths heaven come true - just cannot be - how in the hell did this place generate the impossible - a slave world where the slaves willingly work themselves into an early grave for masters who openly flaunt the wealth they stole from them, beat them up, kill them, imprison them, and destroy the only planet they can live on - all without so much as a whispered insult? This hole will be logged in the annuals of the unusual with the few other outliers that also could not possibly have existed but only did because of the interplay of psychology, genetics, environment, and the many variables that can perturb outcomes both positively and negatively to the point that they create absurd aberrations.

Eventually, insane contrivances that disturb the natural order, the societal cohesion necessary to an advanced species survival - that all-encompassing imperative of evolution - the propagation of a species - all of it, the entire set of variables converge, the perturbed state balances comes into direct conflict with the deviant society. This disturbance, instability, like a fault line shifting, is a sociological quake. The rumbles are being felt. A refreshing surliness is coming from the slaves, an insurgent strain that is starting to well up in the prison farm portending the end of the tidy economic and environmental strip-mining operation of the 1% royalty.

The majority are no longer easily intimidated by all the legal snares, blackballing from getting gainful employment, and the rest of the penalties imposed by billionaire piranhas to dissuade the 99% from making critical comments about their masters' deviant society. Suppression of all ideas and discussions that question this planet's enforced slavery are now impossible, especially since the advent of the Internet. Far too many people have joined the fray to rid themselves of overt oppression. We are telling the enthroned royalty that has no love of anything but unbridled power and wealth to take a hike off a steep cliff.

Citizens worldwide are furious at being treated like property. Every bottomscrapper is demanding justice, the freedom from persecution, and the assurance that they will be able to take their next breath of air. The masters of the planetary realm are infuriated. 1% pharaohs everywhere are asking their fellow sociopaths who it was that planted the seed in these expendable working stiffs that gave them the backbone to question any part of the holy scrolls of capitalism. What they fail to realize is that this system of enforced exploitation of the masses is a deviate pestilence that is contrary to the laws of nature. It is an unworkable and unstable system of upper class privilege that over the long term was always doomed to fail. Sentient creatures, human beings, should not be regarded as an undifferentiated tool to extract great stores of wealth for a super-rich 1% class of parasites. We are especially incensed at being thrown away like any other implement once it is all used up - no better than a piece of trash tossed in the waste can.

Anger at our foul treatment is swelling the ranks of our People's Movement. Insurrection coming from every corner of society is forcing the supreme class of 1% vultures to hunker down - fall back on the tried and true methods of fear and internalized compliance enforced through many years of indoctrination and propaganda. Just work and be thankful your lord has not terminated you - has not sent all your kind - the troublemakers straight to the street. This refrain is repeatedly yelled by spittle shooting ruby encrusted blue-bloods. Our bought-and-paid-for lawmakers are also quick to point out that all this 'hate-speech', the ungratefulness we direct at our overlords, it is going to have to stop so we can get back to hugging and kissing our elected officials, lobbyists, 1% lords-of-the-realm, and others who are out to shove us out the door after they have cleaned us out - left us penniless.

Lately all the democratic, patriotic accolades have been syrupy sweet - a suffocating stickiness you just cannot seem to free yourself from no matter how hard you wiggle. We are repeatedly told this abomination of greedy parasitic pillage is a democracy. Problem is it is so fleeting like when we ponder whether to have a two or three bean dinner or read that book from an obscure publisher with the intellectually juicy topics. Those special moments when we are 'immersed' in the pleasures of this 'democracy' make our chain rattling all the more bearable.

Intellectual censorship by the few dominant 1% controlled media outlets keep all of us in this movement scouring the web for insightful analysis that is not just a regurgitation of big-business approved mush coming from 1% funded intelligentsia. Harder still are finding jewels of non-approved creative thought. Keeping them from your royal Human Resources overseer who is also scouring the web for 'subversives' who contaminate the cattle herd is even more difficult. These squash brains who are the keepers of the approved corporate Orwellian behavior traits are like those Jews who wore the armbands of Nazism, selling out their brothers and sisters, perfect sociopaths ready to personally take a young child to the gas chamber. They are the ultimate enemies of the people who will be dealt with most harshly when we come to power.

Those who do not have the fortitude to fight with every fiber of their being should therefore never let the royal crown overseers at your gulag know you are reading subversive material that advocates the dumping of this 1% Corporate Dictatorship for an egalitarian society. Promoting a society that represents the interests of the 99% instead of the Trump giant plane crowd makes you a threat - a contaminant to be cleansed from the bowels of the beast. You may be permanently blackballed - never able to advance higher than the position you have held for the last fifteen years. These money sucking tyrants just have to keep all us labor slaves focused on our work and the steady stream of drivel coming from their media buddies.

In a real democracy no topic is off-limits; discussions crisscross the electronic, virtual, and open air. There are no sacred subjects that can never be broached - everything is fair game, even the society and all its interlinked facets like the economy, government, and the social mores it instills can be critiqued. That is how progress is made. By constantly evaluating the interplay of citizen experiences across the societal foundation the social group of adherents prevents their chosen culture from entering a state of stasis or degeneration. If something is amiss the entire electorate knows about it. All citizens are linked directly into their government and their fellow citizens via an electronic network - a cloud that promotes open-source government like open-source software creates community infused innovations that inhibit a status quo stasis from seeping in and activating a dysfunctional spiral into uncontrolled degeneration.

Royals across this fractured, ritualized, overworked, income inequitable societal apartheid are worried. Nature through some evolutionary quark is producing not the usual sheep but wolves' intent upon controlling their own lives in real 24/7 democracies that do not end at the office or factory door. People worldwide are energized by the possibilities technology opens up, the societal cloud networks where all can participate and control every aspect of their lives without malicious interference from 1% bought-and-paid-for political hacks or corporate executives who have pledged their allegiance to the 1% Corporate Dictatorship.

That is why the autocrats in this sham democracy are calling up all their gun totting underpaid enforcers - they are terrified that the 99% have finally seen their society for the con it is - a grand handout to those up top made possible by bleeding all of us in downstream classes dry. Our masters see a double whammy coming, a new breed of wolves that are also intellectually and creatively attuned to not only lead but objectively question why the society is ordered so a few steal everything leaving only scraps for the struggling majority.

Powerful despots really start worrying when they witness not a few but millions of formally complacent sheep being transformed into self-aware wolves. Where before there was only one wolf, now like a contagion they are popping up everywhere. This is when the masters of the realm start having their propagandists target the wolf leader with slanderous innuendos and half-truths. They need to marginalize the leader from the base of followers who are morphing from sheep to wolves at an alarming rate. Frantic that their kingdom, the loot piles that they have accumulated from raiding the general citizenry is in jeopardy of being taken back by the people the tyrant kings now use blatantly anti-democratic methods to take down the leader of what is now a slave rebellion.

Shedding the shroud, exposing the fake democracy and rough-hewn barbarism of what is nothing more than a honey coated totalitarian state is the last and final step of desperate 1% masters no longer facing a few sheep turned into wolves but numerous well organized wolf-packs. Our moment is now, not tomorrow or the next day. The purple wave that our People's Movement is surging forward in a tidal onrush must reach a fever pitch of anger, an unstoppable force that is inspired by our natural right of self-determination fueled by the respect we have for ourselves. We must show the world that all of us in the subjugated majority can and will determine for ourselves through a democratic social network of bottom-up saturation that we alone can create a 99% society responsive to our needs that does not rake all the wealth and income up top to a class of self-anointed tyrants. There is no turning back, we either achieve absolute liberty or prepare for absolute tyranny at the hands of a 1% Corporate Dictatorship that will take off the gloves.

Blockade all access points to and from the upcoming Democratic Convention. Millions need to flood the streets in a show of force. Once the lobbyist-snatched politicians and those who are the political turncoats of the 99% have entered the convention center do not allow anything in or out. Show these Wall Street favored big-business pals of this global 1% Corporate Dictatorship that we will no longer tolerate being ignored. We the citizens are the rightful constituents of our governments not a nest of lobbyist messengers of the super-rich Masters-of-the-Universe. Let the royals hear the stomping of our angry feet. Do not let so much as an ant enter or exit this barricade. Our central point will be made loud and clear - "We will not lie down while golden boots walk all over us!"