Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Blind Acceptance of Unjust Economic Society

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We've all been blessed with the ability to rationally discern reality from illusion propped up by an aesthetic orthodoxy of economic fundamentalism. What do we realize when we arrive at a gas station to fill our car up with gas, visit the grocery, receive a bill from a hospital that shows a $200,000 balance that our insurance didn't pay, open the mailbox and find a foreclosure notice on our home, get the news that our office or factory is closing and moving overseas, or we find ourselves unable to send our child to a university because the cost is now beyond our comprehension? Are we then struck with a profound belief that the 'free market' coupled with 'globalization' will continue to provide us with economic security or does reality 'grasp' us by the neck demanding our recognition.

We all know far too well what is transpiring globally - a select group of oligarchs (the business elite) that comprise less than 5% of the population have setup a system (totalitarian economic society) that ensures them ultimate power over the 95% of us that fall under their crushing 'boot'. Within their society we're continually bombarded by the frantic ranting of fanatic experts espousing the omnipotence and infallibility of the 'free market economy". They've even instructed the most intellectually pliable among us in the fine art of simultaneously reconciling a multitude of contradictions into unquestioned compliance and acceptance of their orthodoxy. Essentially, all it requires is a citizenry that is indoctrinated into thinking in terms of proffered processes and dissuaded from deep thought.

When you can rob someone of all pretenses of personal power over their lives and instill in them a sense of hopelessness in the face of forces seemingly beyond their control you've essentially anesthetized them from taking meaningful actions at understanding the reality of their situation much less directly acting to change their condition. Feelings of "that's just the way it is", "we've done it to ourselves", "there's nothing we can do about it", "and we'll just have to adjust", begin to permeate the collective consciousness.

If history has taught us anything it is that everything that man creates is malleable - nothing is fixed in stone only those precepts that the powerful require to have perceived as immutable in order to maintain their position of power. Therefore, the propaganda spews forth in wave upon wave, emphasizing that the 'free market economy' is the natural unswerving economic state of the human animal. It's almost as if this abomination that they call the 'free market economy' was somehow grafted into our genes readying us for our subservient, obedient, compliant role within their society of complete and utter control over our thoughts, governments, actions, survival, and beliefs.

One thing is certain; this slanted, skewed, and abnormal confluence of evil that denigrates human beings by transforming them into mere widgets that are instantly replaceable across the globe is doomed to failure once we've finally awakened from our torpor of helplessness.

Let your anger seethe forth at all the inequities that are continually being dumped like a slimy refuge all over your reality, consciousness, and sense of fairness. When you go the gas pump don't feel despair - feel rage at the fact that a few within the oil trust are draining your wallet. When you go to the grocery don't feel despair - feel rage at the fact that prices are rising daily on food you require to survive. When you get a foreclosure notice in the mail - feel rage at the fact that our government has bailed out investment banks but your only recourse is to have your family live on the street. Rage is productive when inequity continually piles up without end. We were not placed upon this planet to become the pawns of the few powerful business elite for their exclusive enjoyment of all the wealth that we produce. It is not our destiny to suffer for those who suffer nothing. We are all human beings regardless of where we live or our stature within our communities therefore we are all capable of living within a just, equitable, sensible, and fair world but we are not guaranteed of this outcome.