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The Establishment is to Blame for the Blight, Hopelessness, and Violence

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"The Establishment" is more interested in perpetuating the lie that easy access to guns is driving the increase in violent deaths in cities like Chicago and Detroit. By focusing on a symptom of deindustrialization and decoupling it from the general destruction of the middle class and associated job opportunities the top 1% can redirect condemnation away from their dysfunctional capitalist society. This allows them to continue to drain all wealth up to their castles leaving behind economic wastelands transformed into third-world hellholes where vibrant communities once flourished. Blacks and Latinos are the inner-city casualties of a war waged against the 99%. Enforcing an economic Apartheid, modern day feudal lords at the apex of a two-tiered society use their unlimited power wielded through lobbyists, marketers, and other professionals to control "The Establishment" so they may profligately 'strip-mine' the planet of all its wealth. Elite pillage is evident in the ugly scars of economically destroyed communities, the environmental wastelands of denuded forests, mass extinction of wildlife, polluted water, dying plastic-filled oceans, and a rapidly heating atmosphere that is turning the Earth into an inferno.

A world is left to decay. Billions pick through the ruins searching for a way to make a living. Leaving nothing behind but destitution where there once was a bounty of good paying jobs the 1% bleeders retire to their castles. Within minutes the clanking drawbridge over the mote slowing starts rising. Next the canals bubble from the outpouring of hundreds of famished gators. We are left to fend for ourselves, former residents and members of close knit communities now forced to fight for the rotten scrapes of the rigged economy, a society that from top to bottom is manipulated to achieve a single overriding purpose: enrich a 1% ruling elite class by placing the rest of us on a pyre fire. Falling further into debt, with medical bills piling up, unable to afford the fees, taxes, fines, and other levies of our tax starved blight stricken towns, witnessing the deterioration resulting from slashed government budgets, with no chance of ever finding a job that pays a living wage or decent salary, and stomachs incessantly growling it is clear we are near the end of this mirage, illusion of a viable society, that is in reality a conman's fantasy come true, the ultimate scam.

Blight settles across the country. Governments slash deeper. Year after year more services are reduced or eliminated. Roads are left to decay. Trash accumulates along thoroughfares. Dirt swirls in eddies across glass strewn lots bordered by crumbling abandoned buildings. School budgets are axed; taxes once used to defray tuition for residents are diverted to fill gaping funding chasms. The new world order comes down like a sledge hammer on the 99%. We are left to hold the bag in the form of yearly double-digit percentage increases in tuition. Workers in all professions are transformed into ghetto dwelling labor slaves. Already underpaid, police officers and fire fighters have their paychecks and benefits cut to cover shortfalls in tax revenue. This is not so different an income razing experienced by all 99% laborers. All of it vacuumed up to the castle dwellers.

Is the impact more significant? There is inconvertible evidence that the level of societal decay can be inferred from the stench coming from a deteriorating legal system. Corruptible judges, police officers, and a legal system blinded by money and graft grab the residents by the throat. Because of the effect a poorly paid police force has on the rest of a denuded municipality their actions are usually the firsthand negative experiences of citizens. Poorly remunerated ill-trained police resembling the trigger-happy corrupt bandito cops down south start using citizens for target practice or just reject the premise that democracy rules in increasingly bureaucratically insulated governments shielded from a disconnected, unplugged citizenry with little recourse to change the mess controlled by upper class lobbyists. It should not be a stretch to conclude that a society is collapsing when law enforcement officers can shoot unarmed or fleeing citizens, filling them with slugs, and not be held accountable for their actions. Sinking into the gutter with the rest of us each crop of police cadets is less educated, more prone to bigotry, and attuned to blame the general decline on 'others', an enemy that takes the form of the general citizenry.

Depression becomes endemic. Feeling trapped without any avenue of escape the economically squeezed search for other ways to leave behind a reality they would rather not face. Distraught over not being able to pay skyrocketing insurance premiums, college tuition, medical bills, rent, and other wildly escalating basics of a developed nation, the discarded drop deeper into the shadowy denizens of the underground economy. The former just and decent are transformed out of necessity into thugs, survivors willing to 'pop' anyone who gets in their way. Shut out and ignored by governments that coddle lobbyists who are now the exclusive constituent voices that speak only for an elite royalty the divided society grows further apart with each passing day. Poverty is now just a single wrong turn down the road. Homelessness the outcome of a devastating illness and financial ruin is only one lost paycheck that does not cover mounting bills.

We therefore should not be surprised that anxious citizens are coping by drowning in alcohol and taking drugs. Any means of escaping the hopelessness even if for only a few short hours numbs the pain making it more bearable to be ground up when the next unfulfilling drudgery filled day arrives or the search for a decent job yields just short-term part-time employment. We are now 'gap fillers' trying to make ends meet before the next round of transnational corporate cuts throw us on the street with sign in hand: "Will work for food."

Unable to find decent jobs the former middle class citizens fall prey to black market forces that typically take hold when a society is plunging towards chaos. Drug dealers the crud that accumulates at the fringe of this societal squeezer become the 'bacteria' that devours the decomposing remains of the public road kill, the human casualties of a fixed cultural scam. After reducing the citizen automatons to an unrecognizable shell, so much human pulp, gorged to a belching ecstasy, the 1% flesh eaters leave these remains to the 'microbes', the subculture black-market criminal niche to do with what they want. The leaders of this underground slot are by nature adept sociopaths like their upper echelon 1% elite lowlife.

This burgeoning demand for drugs and alcohol is met by ramping up of supply. In the case of drugs the black market narcotics gangs recruit more dealers and expand their networks transforming this illicit business from a million to a multi-billion dollar transnational business. With an abundant supply of labor slaves to pick from after the legally sanctioned capitalist vultures have picked the neighborhoods clean the illegal businesses now tap these workers for their rapidly expanding dealings.

Those of us a few notches above the last few rungs now point accusatory fingers at all those blacks and Latinos 'turning' cities like Chicago into gang infested, crime ridden uninhabitable places. The more fortunate professional 99 percenters, the 'decent' folk, limit their exposure to these hellholes by each weekday evening evacuating the city down disintegrating freeways with liter, dirt, and rust pelting our debt purchased cars. Bigotry becomes a widespread response to a worsening quality of life - a release value of hate from an increasingly more ignorant population.

The end is near. How we extricate ourselves from this disaster, whether we choose a more inclusive community oriented, equitable, decent, and egalitarian path will determine if the human species is but a blip of evolution or a sustainable sentient race capable of making the next great enlightened steps required of an advanced civilization. Will you chose the path of obvious destruction back into the cave or take the sunny open air journey to planetary unity?