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Big Farmers and Agribusiness Are Socialists

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Comrade wonderful news, the politburo of the combined Democratic and Republican one party state machine shoved our $100 billion-a-year Farm Bill through the House. Our political commissar who heads the Farm Lobby collective on K-Street in Washington assured me that the Central Committee (Senate) and General Secretary Obama would rubberstamp this batch of state welfare payouts ahead of many other big business handouts.

Isn't it wonderful that this time our graft will take precedence over big bank party money raids? The chief political commissar of the Farm Lobby collective was on top of this from day one pushing the serfs further into the stinking dirt where they belong. Who the hell do they believe they are expecting to eat especially when they're clogging our roads asking for handouts? Business socialism is explicitly spelled out, or more precisely the mode of production in our one party state. All these beggars really need to do is consult a copy of the 'Big Business Elitist Directive' better known as the privileged legislative guide compiled yearly by all the lobbyist collectives.

Let's just run these beggars over with our SUVs. We'd be helping them out when the Food Stamp Program that was already slashed in November is drained again by $100 billion-a-year to shore up our state farming 'business' subsidies. Better to have them die a quick death than shrivel to skeletons out in the open. Just don't feel it's necessary for good party members to have to come in contact with these dirty uncouth dredges especially when they do have the decency to head for the woods when they feel the need to drop dead.

Really has been a grand week watching the corrupt gears grinding away at party headquarters! This dictatorship of the bourgeoisie is a wonderful system of absolute power. Having the proletariat, those slobs who actually believed they were the constituents of our nation groveling for food while we pad our bank accounts with crop subsidies should teach them a valuable lesson - world domination by the bourgeoisie is almost complete so stay clear of our brand new tractors.