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Big Business Handed Trillions - Single Mother Cries

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A mother cries softly in the dark her hands tightly clenching the bed sheets. At the age of 21 she's been working 2 jobs for the past 3 years after being thrown out of her parent's home. She recalls how her dad forced her out the door when he learned that she was pregnant; all her attempts to explain were in vain, the father of her child was nowhere to be found. From that point forward she'd come in contact with a city that was a cold impersonal blunt object that struck her in ways more painful than any closed handed fists.

Her first job was working behind the machines that churned out endless supplies of fat infused food for the hurried, scared, and emotionally empty people that frantically devoured the 'gunk'. Everything was a blur now; her memories were but a jumbled mess like her life. Most of this earlier existence seemed years away, it was a subterranean hole that was always attempting to suck her into its fathomless depths. She'd been told about a year ago by some well-dressed man that a smile would help her through this temporary tough spot she was experiencing. Unfortunately, all this sparkling advice could never be transformed into anything meaningful - she was still looking from the outside in.

It wasn't long after starting her first job she gave birth at a hospital while glaring eyes scolded her - she'd wanted to shake those 'finger waging' perfect souls to see if they were really human instead of just another part of this grinding machine called society. Her heart was deeply scared from the pain that had been heaped upon her - just one barely perceptible sliver of tenderness might have carried her forward, but this precious realization of the ultimate money 'turbine' was fueled with suffering. So the 'finger waging', and scolding continued for all the troubles piled into her corner just magnified by the "you should have known better", "why don't you get your GED", or the most painful "your baby looks rather thin, you really must try to care for him better". Social Services finally visited her rat infested basement 'dungeon' one evening to look into her living arrangement - they wondered whether she was being a good mother to her baby. She'd have been a better mother if her multinational billion-dollar corporation would only give her a decent wage instead of tearing her and her baby to pieces.

Realizing that she must find a second job in order to make enough money to allow her and her baby to eat more frequently she found a job cleaning bathrooms at night through a maid service. But even though she worked 19 hours a day at her 2 jobs most of her additional money went to paying her neighbor to watch her baby past the cutoff hour - she was therefore left with precious little.

Going to the mailbox one night after her shift she opened it to find this official looking letter from the hospital. With trembling hands she tore open the envelope to find a statement expertly printed with her name bolded in the upper left hand corner - in bright red letters the words "Final Notice" screamed at her. She gently pulled out the rest of the demand from the machine world and saw the familiar dollar sign followed by numbers buried between commas. The calls started coming in a deluge the next day keeping her awake for her entire 5 hour allotted sleep time. They wanted all their money now, not later, not in a few months or years from now - circumstances weren't important to the heavy accented voice on the other end of the line. Trying desperately to explain her situation was futile since the job of the slave laborer living an ever more precarious life than hers was to collect - the more collected the more pennies would be thrown his way from a U.S. employer that cared nothing for country, humanity, or environment; their only concern was to make their executives the masters of the club of millionaires.

So tonight after living with far too little food, fighting off rats, listlessly working with eyes always closing, getting a glimpse of her baby now and then, and reaching out for help but pulling back bloody hands, she received the last crushing blow; a default judgment for the total amount plus interest was due immediately. No time to attend the court hearing for she needed her jobs whichever one would have been impacted by the intrusion of this scalding life she had been waiting for this last blow.

The corporation hospital had been receiving inadequate Medicaid payments from a government that would rather give trillions of dollars to their 'needy' corporate masters than take care of their citizens who needed a helping hand from time to time. Therefore this stockholder profit gurgling corporate gluten had to cover this shortfall even though it was doing a booming business in cosmetic surgery for the wealthy. She had no way of knowing any of this. Nor was she aware that their confident, steak & lobster eating, BMW driving, country club enjoying, 6 bedroom luxury home large living lawyer was instructed not to negotiate over installment payments - just garnish her wages. This marvelously paid large rodent even though kicked around by the same greedy business masters that this single mother followed their edicts to the letter for what really mattered was the money.

Her tears fell in a stream of pain so intense her breath became shallow. What inhuman monsters, a government more concerned for those who had no need, businesses ready to crush their fellow human beings with one splattering steel rod, but most of all a people 'tuned' expertly by their masters to hurt their fellow human beings in the interest of snatching more money from those least able to survive. What a discussing society can be found on this cruel blue planet.