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Big-Brother Oligarchy Punishes Nonconformists

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Do you ever wonder if anyone in the corporate realm ever contemplates how refreshing it would be to come to their own conclusions unaided by sterile business doctrine?  Instead of mindlessly chirping the party line wouldn’t it be invigorating to contradict all the ‘experts’ who enforce mind-numbing conformity. What inspires positive change in a corporate ‘landscape’ denuded of conflicting intellectual voices? Why fear contrary opinions?

Opinions in an opinion-less world are the exclusive domain of elite sanctioned intellectuals who have been sufficiently indoctrinated by the educational system. Regardless of their cerebral prowess the individual that ventures outside the established ‘grooves’ of condoned dialogue is invaliding a central pillar of oppression. By effectively utilizing our cognitive abilities we are dispelling the folklore that only the anointed mythologists are capable of proposing new ideas.

Do the oligarchic manipulators want the common rabble to contemplate their fate? No, the finely-calibrated tool of oppression can’t withstand the scrutiny of billions of minds actively engaged in understanding their circumstance. Any sham that is inspected, removed from darkness into the light of day is usually seen for what it is – a contrivance designed to elicit desired behavior.

Business being the enforcer of ‘established’ norms of behavior can’t have citizens questioning any of their activities especially their intertwined association with government. Anyone who stirs up those billions of dormant minds turning them into inquisitive societal contributors is a threat to the well-oiled system of global oligarchic pillage.

These trailblazing citizens feel the full brunt of the ‘hive’. A fanatical purposeful vicious force that is a multitudinous carbon copy of the imprinted set of beliefs – a fury let loose on the nonconformists. Legions of brainwashed zombies who identify with the “Big-Brother” business/government societal mutation threaten the inquirers with every conceivable weapon at their disposal. Every business zealot, a whole horde of body-snatched ‘free’ market policy spewing idiots will want to make your life miserable. They’ll do everything in their power to protect their absurd belief system because to do otherwise would invalidate their existence. The lie that is a dictatorship of the super-wealthy would be shown for the fraud that it is – a parasitic destroyer of humanity.

Financial ruin is a constant menace. Businesses will deny jobs to those who don’t tow-the-line. Wash your creative spirit down the abyss of conformity if you want to succeed and desire more than ending life with a bowl of chick-peas and rice. These wardens of your intellectual prison especially despise the citizen labor-slave that writes because this form of free expression is the most dangerous of all the unsanctioned divergent occupations. What would happen if everyone actually started reading what this simple worker had to say? Worse yet, what if they finally comprehended their dire situation?