Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Bend Down and Touch Those Rare Roses

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Do you ever feel like you’re running in place? No matter how hard you work the paychecks barely make it in the bank account to cover bills that are due. Shouldn’t go down that dark alley for it leads straight to a dead end. Luckily, Folger’s Coffee club store grind has only gone up $2. At least this great proletarian brew is still affordable – at least for now.

Any day the manager for the apartment complex will probably want to increase the rent to help the mega-property company give their CEO a multimillion dollar raise. We wouldn’t want this or any other collector of bottomless grandeur to start pouting. Especially since it’s getting so close to the banker party month of December we must keep the opulence flowing to the elite bloodsuckers. Extend your neck so the vampires can gorge on your life’s blood. When they are in a feeding frenzy they’ll suck you dry of your last drop of happiness. Those buccaneers have been eyeing that fifth castle they spotted in the last issue of The Journals of Piracy. You wouldn’t want to deprive your masters of such simple pleasures. Just pick out your cardboard box to live in because it might be your time to sacrifice yourself on the altar of ultra-capitalism. Sorry, they just don’t grab luscious maidens like in the movies.

This really wasn’t intentional. Never set out to write this rambling ditch dragger.

Maybe, there’s still time to salvage the tone of this spill the guts escapade.

Do you ever feel that you are just a single dire prediction away from screaming or maybe throwing the china across the room? The barbarians are on hyper overload beheading yet another innocent, this time a Frenchman. There’s to damn much hate gushing from all the diablo freaks.

Really now, how can we continue down the foxhole we are crawling without being swallowed up by some gigantic sinkhole? Leaders aren’t supposed to get depressed. We are not to expose deep seated emotions but this is just the tonic that helps. Just releasing some anguish. Being up front with fellow citizens about what we are all experiencing is refreshing. The soul is already starting to heal.

This titanium linchpin will never break. A trifling spec of love is all that is needed to drain this ocean of sorrow. Far too many have died in fights for freedom. Many more are still perishing at the hands of monsters. Prisons are bulging in places like Venezuela, China, Syria, Thailand, and other places with our fellow freedom fighters whose only crime was they wanted to live in a real democracy. Yet we are still the stainless steel in the girders of a planet destined to be united. We will not fail.

Don’t want to live in the past but it does rush back in moments like this – all that happiness flash burned long ago was such a terrible waste. The memories are starting to get distant. Fading in and out they are becoming puddles on a road of agony. Surely this isn’t different from the great majority of commoners. Only the lords of waste can afford to have fun. Those of us in the planetary feudal gulag who are the new modern day serfs are just windup toys for the elite lords who hold the keys to our mutual annihilation.

Plans haven’t changed, all is well, and we are still on track even though it is a long painful journey.

No joy is squeezed from rainbows already wrung dry. Tramping along in the direction of where happiness was last ‘sighted’ we are finding too few roses. Recently, we have had many successes that will help us discover many more beautiful flashes on this long trudge in the outskirts of hell.

You are all close confidants. We have shared many weary nights. Glimpses of freedom and joy crowd out the present. This is our shared journey. Bend down and touch those rare roses. Don’t miss a single ‘flower’ because you may forget the texture and aroma of paradise.