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Behold, the Taker-Economy Crumbles

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Sloshing money around in the domain of the rich and famous isn’t going to save an economy dying from income starvation. Investments that don’t translate into meaningful job growth are nothing more than a charade, a game played by high rolling gamblers. Worse yet are the miserable jobs that have been created in recent years. These positions provide a wage that is in most cases below the subsistence level or so depressed from years of inflation that there real wage equivalent is a pittance.

Retail sales are declining. Over the past two months new home sales in the U.S. have plummeted. Excuses have been more plentiful than fire ants racing out of a mound that has been accidentally stepped on by a carefree walker. First we were told that it was the horrible winter in North America that was to blame for the first quarter’s abysmal economic performance. Then we were promised a candy tray in some alternate universe that never seemed to materialize. Always, the refrain is, be patient all will improve next year or was it the year after next? What year are the wizards referring too? We never reach that mystical year of blessed prosperity.

There must be two economies operating simultaneously. Up in the clouds where the princes of shuffled paper have their golden kingdoms all the Wall Street CEO types play with income they loot from our pockets. Down below the single mother working at a fast food restaurant has to work three jobs just to pay the bills. Even technology workers have fallen into the same pit that has devoured other citizens – they are no longer able to withstand the unrelenting pilferage of the elite crown princes. Labor arbitrage has significantly destroyed the real incomes of these high-tech workers. Multinational corporations that have no allegiance to any nation-state scour the planet for cheap labor. This devaluing of expert professional talent coupled with rising inflationary pressure is wiping out the discretionary income of this last pillar of economic stability.

No need to belabor the point that insufficient income is the main culprit for the unabated decline of the real economy. The issues surrounding this tragic state of feudal affairs is very apparent to those of us forced to watch insurance, oil, and food conglomerate companies gouge us for every precious penny. Problem is fewer pennies are being thrown down from the balconies of the ivory palaces.

Our superrich masters’ focus has always been on maximizing their take of the booty so that they can horde billions of dollars that they’ll never spend. Let that single mom burn her hands to a pulp on that French Fryer. She can silently cry every night before she passes out for her three hour respite from endless drudgery just so a billionaire braggart can boast that he now has a more expansive fleet of private planes than his fellow sociopath hoodlums.

Not many would dispute that the elite power mafia has locked down our governments. It is an undeniable fact that the perpetual maximization of profits is unsustainable on a planet reeling from declining real income raids. So is it any wonder that businesses that derive their revenue stream from the real economy have seen their financial results deteriorate.

How significant are declining week-over-week U.S. unemployment filings? If these jobs haven’t seen any meaningful wage growth over many years how the hell are we ever going to turn the corner on this elite-take-all economy? We won’t, each month we’ll slide further into the abyss.

The People’s Movement “Communication Saturation Campaign” that is a spearhead of free speech protest across all communication platforms is creating many societal fractures. Our purple legions of outspoken citizens networking across a multitude of social networks, break room chats, emails, news pieces, a mass communication wave that questions the validity of our current societal structure is sowing doubt. We’ll eventually lay waste to the entire elite system of global income theft.

Citizens, our goal is to neutralize the oligarchs’ power infestation by turning it into an inert set of societal interfaces devoid of validity. Their linkages will be neutered, unable to function. Once this is achieved we’ll once again have control over our governments so that we can make the changes necessary to turn around this feudal house of cards.