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Ever-Expanding Economy Behind Castle Walls

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Evaluating an economy by sitting behind a desk in a plush office, frequenting dinner parties with wealthy friends, enjoying lunches at 4-star restaurants, and dining on lobster served by your staff of waiters can only produce forecasts that sparkle in rainbow colors. Assessing data gathered from a scan of news sources, funneling these facts through a mind prepped with sufficient historical knowledge, and correlating trends with new economic theories is an essential component of arriving at accurate economic predictions but futile without experiencing the day-to-day grind of low to middle class citizens.

The human mind is an amazing natural system unsurpassed in its ability to draw meaningful conclusions from a multitude of disparate sources. Our minds when properly saturated with relevant information are able to evaluate and draw conclusions where the latest super computer running realistic economic models using AI software would fail miserably. Machines just aren’t reliable at piecing strands of relevant data into streams of meaningful information.

We typically discount our most important natural gift – a mind capable of unparalleled ‘full-spectrum’ data analysis.

Intellectuals would rather ignore their minds in favor of a tiny chip on a circuit board than endeavor to experiment and immerse themselves in a flood of information and daily experiences in the outside world. It’s pitiful that we place more relevance in results spit out by our infinitely inferior mental replicas than we do in our own spectacular untapped genius.

But to truly engage this wonderful creation that is the product of millions of years of evolution we must unchain it from preconceptions and submerge it through our senses in an onrush of experiences. For example, if we’re interested in reliably predicting economic trends; total engagement, a drowning in factual data coupled with environmental stimuli flowing from our targeted strata of society must regularly saturate our minds. Any scrap of data, even perceptual inferences should be included. Nothing need be discarded, for the natural wizard that is our mental supercomputer is incapable of wasting any data point no matter how seemingly insignificant.

So the next time you hear the limousine riding experts proclaiming an ever-expanding economic expansion, consider the context from which these gushes of continuous positivity emanate. If your daily existence consisted of planning for your next vacation on the Riviera or how best to use that extra few million bonus dollars: rest assured, you’d be flamboyantly shouting out to the lowlands that life was grand inside the castle.