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Bankers Raid Fed - Sharecropper Economic Contrivance

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Craning their heads, taxpaying 'sharecroppers' tightly gripped the dirty wall. A horde of bottom-scrappers was attempting to glare at the bankers as they pranced into the Federal Reserve headquarters.

A wall had been built with Mexican concrete and cheap imported labor to separate the poor from the well-fed, well-dressed, and well-born lobster eating class. With so much loot flowing from the coffers of the Fed into the hands of party going aristocrats it was doubly important that it be a high wall. For if it was merely a few feet up it was possible that a fleeting bill from the daily load of currency booty might float into the hands of a bottom-scrapper. A good wind could sweep through the crumbling streets at any moment with precious currency leaving the rightful hands of these pirates. What a waste it would have been to allow an income starved citizen the relief of purchasing something that originated from their own pocket. How can we begrudge the castle dwellers who'd worked so hard at greasing the corrupt governmental spokes their 'rightful' golden haul?

Called asset purchases, bond buying program, easy cash for favors, or happy time banker profit cushion whatever the cute or politically correct label all those at the top were so thankful for the governments 'stimulus program'. It was a program that was stimulating new conversation among the well to do barons of ultra-corporate thievery. What would they purchase with their ever growing pile of taxpayer milked wealth? It was clearly apparent a simple island or corporate jet was no longer the sheik approach to blissful spending sprees. More creative ways of blowing their handily acquired largess was needed.

There was no need to fret. The political puppets would provide the cover in the form of physical walls or invisible voodoo economic theories anything to justify the continued sacking of a once great democracy. Not a single dollar would reach the income-starved bottom-scrappers. The wall was just the right height. Not even the light of day could brighten the prospects of the credit hole created by this sharecroppers system of servitude.