Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Autocrats Coming Out of the Woodwork

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All the blank staring eyes clamor towards the stage. Droopy lips with traces of dried white spittle at the edges are framed in exhausted faces. Heads wag from left to right erasing past travesties in an onrush of ideological ecstasy. Protectors of the faith emerge from hiding; they carefully shuffle towards the podium.

Potent is the suggestion sprinkled with the dust of eternal. The mesmerized are noticeably fearful of not receiving their spec of powder. They immediately commence their chant.

Obeying a 'fear fever' lunging at logic the devout drop to sore knees. The wizard's cloak shimmers in silken elegance after an inappropriate evil tremor slices up his spine. Enthralled by a radiance covered in darkness the pacified believers rise.

Emancipation, societal freedom, real democracy, the rumbling roar of the people's revolution for weeks bounced from the bolted steel door of these manipulators; knotty fingers wouldn't release the bolt - to early, must be patient.

A subversive climax, the usurpation of the people's dreams did arrive, the eminent jailers of liberty emerged from the shadows, and their hurried hands groped to unlatch the bolt.

Very advantageous this People's Revolution! Different forms of tyranny are gearing up for the mother of all despot festivals. All the peddlers of outmoded autocratic social ideologies are swarming in from every direction.

There are the social revolutionaries who cherish revolt so much that they'd build a huge bureaucratic state festering in endless terror. Not to be outdone, the religious zealots relish the opportunity to zip up all forms of free self-expression. Who could forget the old-fashioned megalomaniac tyrants practicing their red-faced rants with black jack-boots pounding away at the ground?

But the mega-business CorpGov technocrats accompanied by their legion of lobbyists would by-pass the podium entirely in favor of greasing the palms of locals. Of course, this was after their more powerful bought-and-paid-for governments had pounded the loyalists back to the dark ages. Isn't it wonderful when the people owe global CorpGov? Better yet, having CorpGov infect their fledgling democratic councils with highly organized corruption - now that was the way to get an errant Third World satellite back in line! This was so much easier than appealing to citizens, all that messy politics could be avoided. Anyway, it was just behind the times getting folks all excited and enthralled when you were ultimately going to screw them by reattaching their shackles.