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Attention, Calling the Real Economy - It Must Exist

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Attention, time to wake up from our orgy of internationalism and dust off our nationalist consciousness. Global relations are essential in maintaining economic stability across all the various nation-states that are interconnected by a new manifestation of political economy but this awareness doesn't negate any of the responsibilities that are unique to a nation-state government.

Nothing is gained for the citizens of Earth if their nation-state governments entirely divert your attention towards international relations out of a matter of convenience. Back home real wages continue their steady decline while unemployment has claimed the financial lives of 9.5 million Americans with 760,000 having lost their jobs over the last 9 months.

Retail stores are continuing to be impacted by income starved customers that just stagger across the aisles unable to purchase with 'maxed' out credit cards and income that barely keeps them alive. Sales for stores open at least a year in September 2008 dropped through the floor with Kohl's experiencing a 5.5% decline, Dillard's 12% drop, JC Penny's 12.4% fall, Stein Mart 14.8% plunge, Bon-Ton Stores 4.6% decline, Wet Seal 7.5% decline, American Eagle Outfitters 6% decline, Pacific Sunwear down 5%, and Target down 3%. Those whose employers hadn't reduced their hours, converted their positions to part-time, or simply thrown them out the door were shopping at the preeminent discount retailer Wal-Mart, or hopeful that they'd find bargains by becoming members of warehouse discounters like Costco's and BJ's Wholesale Club.

Real disposable personal income increased in April 2008 to 0.2%, and in May 2008 to 5.3% all in response to a token infusion of direct stimulus by the federal government targeted at 130 million U.S. citizens in an attempt to avert a serious economic downturn. But the elimination of middle class spending had already been undermining the 'consumption engine' of our economy for more than 10 years. Once this $168 billion dollar stimulus (compared to the $851.8 billion spent thus far on bailing out financial institutions) had passed through the economy from March through May of 2008 it became evident that this paltry amount of money would only allow us to survive for a few more months. In fact the oil companies had been deliriously contemplating placing their sweaty hands into our wallets to extract the extra cash. Generally, this added income was used to support the unsupportable general expenses of everyday Americans who'd been deprived of decent wages for 10+ years. Once again real disposable personal income began its trek downward (June 2008 -2.5%, July 2008 -1.5%, August 2008 -0.9%) in the new 'improved' world of global 'free market' corruption complete with labor arbitrage - corporate sandworms navigated under the sand ready to spring upon any available cheap foreign labor supply.

While American workers where having their jobs outsourced to foreign countries they also moved from 2nd to 3rd class citizens behind their new Temporary Worker Visa holder replacements who continued arriving en masse at a rate of between 98,000 to 273,200 per year - savoring their stay of up to 6 years. These corporate/government sponsored labor invasions continued during 2008 when our 'body-snatch' government representatives obediently passed legislation in the dark quiet hours mostly on Saturday's so that their lobbyist 'feeding tubes' wouldn't be easily visible.

Never fear all is well in the corporate dictatorship because those who hold the reins of power still can't comprehend how a functioning economy works within a viable society. Never mind those working serfs who we'll displace, misplace, terminate, eliminate, replace, and relegate to subsistence wages for they'll continue to spend money they don't have with credit that is no longer available on our products and services. Who do they think they are insinuating that this postulated drooling beast called the global economy requires consumers - all that is needed are gullible 'free market' indoctrinated investors, a fraternity of financial institutions, and governments ready to grab every last dollar from their citizens. Oh no, can't believe the most important incomprehensible absurdity wasn't mentioned - every cent must be scoured into the overflowing coffers of our most perfect all powerful business masters.