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"Hate-Speech" and "Fake-News" Attacks on Free Speech - New Orwellian Doublespeak

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All the apparatchiks and propagandists of the 1% Corporate Dictatorship have been hard at work 'liquefying' free speech into an elite approved insubstantial porridge. Our corporate masters up top in their castles have transmitted the edict that all the political speech traveling across the web must be stopped - free speech protections need to be watered-down and in some cases completely nullified. Planetary citizens are starting to comprehend their imprisonment under an obtrusive superclass capitalist autocracy. Far too many are reading, communicating, and rebelling against the sticky sweet paternalism of a global "Big-Brother" who asks that you hand over your soul, ideals, dignity, and self-determination to the corporate masters. So in response to our People's Movement ideology umbrella that unifies many groups under the shade of reality the robber barons have instructed all their minions in government, the media, and business to engage in a labeling campaign that will have the effect of limiting free speech.

Already there are regulations enacted or making their way through the 1% rubber-stamped lobbyist infested corridors of bought-and-paid-for governments that will bar or constrict free speech. Media experts are hard at work coming up with a bunch of new phrases like "hate-speech", "fake-news", and other new terms that will be floated in the coming months. Essentially, all these phrases have a single common thread - they limit the unfettered free expression of individuals by having them worry about whether some 'select' group of unelected censors in government or business will construe what they are saying as falling within any number of newly forbidden categories that could mean instant deletion or worse yet a long prison sentence.

This is a slippery slope our royalists are taking us down. By further categorizing certain forms of speech as unacceptable they are inhibiting discourse between individuals and groups that is an essential part of a viable, fluid, and relevant democratic process. The hallmark of a free people is their ability to express themselves in whatever way, shape, or form without worry that someone or some group may construe their opinions or information to be an affront to the "Fatherland" or the general citizenry represented by an in vogue ethical Star Chamber.

Of course, all this presupposes that the world's citizens have been living within a democracy - that our combined activities are enlivened by liberty every hour of every day even when we are at work. Most of us know that this is not the case. What we face in our workplaces for the greater part of each day is anything but an egalitarian freedom - it is instead an anti-democracy, an authoritarian corporate dictatorship that rules with impunity from the CEO executive office. Down the hierarchical chain of command all the way to the cubicles or factory floors, those of us in the 99% are really nothing more than modern day slaves endlessly toiling to enrich the interlocked 1% masters so that they may gluttonously devour all the income we generate and the remaining resources of the planet.

Given that illusion is no longer required because the planetary slave-gang already knows that they exist not in liberty but tyranny the castle-dwellers have decided it is time to take the gloves off - the facade of happy-go-lucky obedient citizens adhering faithfully to the gospel of Capitalism has been blown asunder. That is why our masters have decided to chain us up ever more securely to the gulag walls. They can no longer afford to have rebel slaves like myself speaking out against their bleeding of the general population. Therefore, the elite royalists have resolved to gag everyone by creating so many exceptions to free speech it will take a horde of legal minds to dissect each word, sentence, phrase, paragraph, story, essay, slide, image, or whatever communication medium is used just to ascertain whether the communicator's information violates some obscure standard or law meant to discourage free expression.

The end result will be that the slave masters can continue to live like sultans without the least worry that they will face a rioting chain-gang scaling their walls. Today's political discourse will become tomorrows "hate-speech" or whatever other clever terms are invented to allow status-quo establishment sellouts to parse the ideas and dissatisfaction bubbling up in the hinterlands. Moldy and stale concepts will never be purged because of fear that the Orwellian crowd will burn at the stake any unholy wrongdoer who proposes revising Scripture.

This is not the world that the People's Movement will allow to be thrust upon this planet's general population. We will fight with every fiber of our being against this all-powerful cabal of sociopaths seeking to cement their absolute rule over the 99%. Once we start down this path of Orwellian defined and "Big-Brother" controlled speech, actions, and demeanor we will be fast-tracking our transformation from ethics bound human beings into mechanoids devoid of any emotionality.

A world resting upon a foundation of pure capitalist exploitation forbidden to freely express opinions, beliefs, concepts, ideas, dreams, and goals is a sterile vacuum without passion and creatively. People who are effectively silenced by fear revert back to rudimentary behaviors; they become devoid of knowledge, incapable of formulating and synthesizing ideas into coherent concepts. Only the whip-masters living in palaces inside gated communities, the priests of the sacred word, will be allowed to exercise their meager cognitive abilities. Slaves, the mere robots, who are at the beck-and-call of this master race, will rot away in rat infested filthy rundown ghettos.

Revolution... White Christmas... Reboot... Revolt... Purge... These are some of the words that come to mind. We are all too human to allow a bunch of money-grubbing kingpins to lockup our future in one of their bank vaults. Here's a teensy-weensy bit of hate-speech - "To hell with them!"