Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Assured Talkers Offer Assurances

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I'm sure there was an opening here! Wasn't it here? I've spoken to five other people who've provided me with varying accounts of the size of the opening, that it's never existed in this precise spot, it may have existed here long ago, or that it may be found on the far side of the cave. To my amazement no one is quite sure of anything within this cave other than that we exist. Do we exist for the pleasure of someone or something else? How are we to spend our time - walking around the circumference without rest waiting the moment when another opening might appear - that is in fact if one has already truly appeared?

There's one group that just sits quietly over in a far corner chanting these unnerving mantras about water flooding us from below. While there's another group dressed in black that stirs and picks through this huge stack of glistening white bones some of which towards the bottom of the pile have turned into this powdery white dust. I'm fairly certain that the group in black is already dead in spirit and mind given their preoccupied trance like state but the chanting group might have something important to impart although they have long ago forgotten the meaning of the words that their chanting.

That leaves one remaining group that we may safely belong to - the assured talkers. They never stop talking, imparting wisdom with each fleeting sentence that echoes across the cave walls. They're so focused in their conversation with one another that they've completely isolated themselves from what transpires daily within our placid quiet space. Anything requiring an explanation they will instantly provide without hesitation or contemplation. In fact if any event or condition needs explaining their insulted beyond forgiveness if they're not first consulted. Furthermore, if you consult them don't for a minute think that you'll be able to first consider their explanation or suggestion, molding it into a more appropriate response to our reality on this dirt, inside these walls - you must unconditionally accept their 'knowledge' as completely valid.

Quit pointing at that disorganized rabble by the far slope of our enclosure. Yes, they're the individualists that spend their time devising ways to sample our air, soil, and generally not accepting the sound advice of the assured talkers group. At least we're all in agreement the assured talkers offer sound timeless advice to all our concerns or problems - they on the other hand just tend to upset the rest of us who are content upon wishing for the next opening to emerge in the wall. They're latest advice surrounds the writing down of what the chanting group utters.

Supposedly, the chants of the chanting group were originally intended to impart a warning - something that the first person to enter this cave noticed on the outside. He carved it down on that wall right after his arrival to this rock dungeon - the same one that they periodically bow towards during their chants. One thing is absolutely certain; the individualists have been very quiet lately - they very rarely even utter any words above a whisper preferring instead to carve these little symbols on flat rocks that they pass around between them. They've offered to share their rocks (written in a language that we're all familiar with) but the assured talkers in their unending ramblings tell us day after day that what they have to offer is utter nonsense.

Oh, yes why not just go and read their rocks.

Warning, the reason we're all crammed into this cave is because the enemy above is to numerous and would kill us all if we ventured outside. Be prepared for they will return with greater numbers blowing a hole through the rock - at that moment be prepared to ride the water entering the cave all the way to the top opening from which I originally entered - this will take you to freedom while their preoccupied below with killing all those who remain and make themselves known through their noise.

I'm not certain who to believe the assured talkers or the individualists but no one else has ever spoken about their being an outside other than what we know to be this inside. The assured talkers tell us time and again only of the inside and more specifically the view a few inches in front of their faces when they talk, talk, talk, and talk. I now believe that they've never had anything meaningful to say.