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Are You Better Off Now?

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Years ago politicians running for President of the United States were in the habit of asking "are you better off now than you were four years ago." Nowadays, there isn't a politician of either the Republican or Democratic Party that would have the audacity to ask such a ridiculous question of the citizens of this country. Because they know the answer would be a resounding "NO"!

No longer a world of confident citizens reaching for the next horizon we've been reduced to a pack of sniveling 'acceptors' cowering flush against a concrete wall in a dead-end ally. How is it that we could let global corporatism destroy our most cherished aspirations, democratic governments, cultures, environment, and societal framework?

Now the stark reality for citizens in the developed world is an ever-declining standard of living. Regardless of locale the majority of citizens are experiencing a pernicious decline in their standard of living.

Laborers in the developing world surely wouldn't give a "thumbs up" to a system that leaves them perpetually entrapped in an enforced penury. Working twelve or more hours in sweatshops, the developing world is at the frontlines of an insatiable heartless capitalist beast that is voraciously feeding on low cost wage slaves.

So just liquidate your buoyant expectations for a better future - we must feed the profit monster and its elite caretakers.

Don't forget that the ultra-capitalist religion has shifted our focus from bettering our lives to "maintaining" our grip on our jobs, homes, and families in our continual slide towards their world of low-cost labor slavery. The priests of greed and corruption that perpetuate this planetary degeneration insist it is ultimately in our best interest to let them vaporize our happiness, our belief in a better tomorrow.

The elite controllers chant in unison; "Scuttle that pipe dream of a better tomorrow - JUST WORK HARDER!"

A howling rises up from the depths of purgatory. The vested moneyed interests that are representatives of a special anointed class of international business savants insist they have a "divine right" to destroy your dreams of a better future. You know all too well they must feed the authoritarian corporatist profit monster of their global kingdom.

All the elite vested interests of the authoritarian corporatist machine sing a 'glorious' profane chorus…

"Get to work! Study harder, work, work, and work - increase your productivity! Expect less."

"Just accept!"

"The Gulf & Atlantic beaches WILL be polluted with tar balls, drifting toxic oil dead zones, dying birds, and bloated decaying heaps of fish all compliments of Biggest Polluters (BP) Inc. and their fellow corporate planetary killers."

An expert in mega corporate skullduggery on the preeminent business channel reassured all the investors of Biggest Polluters Incorporated that the firm could just walk away unscathed - you know the beast is so big it can give up its U.S. interests; it will just drill like hell in the Middle East.

So comforting to know that these "trashers" of our precious mother earth can just walk away, but would we expect anything less. We know from past experience that the interconnected mega business/government mafia will let nothing stop them from draining our wallets and destroying our planet. They are truly evil incarnate, the personification of the devil.