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An Un-contemplative Buzz

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With an unceasing buzz of constant commotion we all dart across our lives of busy meaningful distraction. Once at work, toiling through jobs that we look forward towards retiring gracefully from in a distant future becoming less perceptually financial secure as we move from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, decade to decade - to death. In the smooth groove of life's responsibilities, and events everything amalgamates into distractions of meaningful thought.

With so very little time to reflect upon these life events, in the context of a few well-read books we start to exhibit a self-assured stare of inadequate comprehension. More and more talk of meaningless dribble spills from the corners of lips in constant animation relating significantly trivial occurrences that act to further dampen meaningful conversation. Feed by the relentless flow of propaganda from a media machine linked to all the other societal machines we move one step - an imperceptible lock step at a time towards our uneventful demise.

Those of us that still enlist the knowledge of others eternal to their written word experience the trivialization of our thought through its dilution in the uncomprehending tongue dribble flowing like an onrushing river from the great multitude of compliant citizens. Stereotypical boxed pseudo realisms embalm all conversations that are channeled down well-worn ruts. When we finally take the time to read something that may impact our lives past the last sound bite heard on that unending chatterbox of images we quickly come to the realization that no one is out there - you're in a wide canyon with walls that echo back your words. The subtle brainwashing has been so effective that any deviation from the constant routine of existence is viewed with astonishment by those whose sole goal in life is the attainment of wealth that is always shifted further and further from their grasping hands.

Why, oh why should you even consider, or contemplate such unimportant externalities as equity, competence, community, or reality when your daily existence is so utterly filled with uninteresting, and insignificant illusions. If we were to question why more often would we then view contemplation of these now seemingly unimportant externalities as unimportant? Your job is to work and not think because thinking takes such precious time away from our production orient lives - it disrupts our life's production cycle tending to stall the steady rhythmic motion of the global totalitarian economic society. For with thought comes questions, questions about this or that which move the great global production machine away from equilibrium thus jeopardizing the continuous flow of wealth from the system into those few outstretched greedy hands in control.

Thoughts are dangerous to the stability of a tightly controlled machine for they spread like a contagion unleashed upon the winds of change and change is detrimental to the successful exploitation of blissfully ignorant souls content in their unknowing. Once the veil of unreality is removed from their eyes the black and white world is exposed for what it really is a world of vibrant colors - a world where the only constraints are those that we place upon ourselves.