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An Octopus of Kleptocratic Control

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An octopus of control reaches its tentacles across all our societal structures organizing each so that the desired outcomes are realized. This is an insidious global destruction of unencumbered individual thought and speech. The single overriding goal of the manipulators of our global kleptocracy is to pacify us to the point of lethargy – turn the vast majority into compliant working slaves.

We’re constantly fed a rewrite of historical events linked with an infusion of elite vetted phrases intended to evoke the desired complacency. All the bottom-scrapers must march in lockstep to the trains without a single consideration of what waits at the other end – for many the terminus of an empty life sucked dry of income and happiness.

Cleansed labels like “Financial Crisis” are created by the purveyors of elite approved spin. These historical tags should have the correct psychological effect an inhibiting inquiry. Questioning minds must be subdued, mentally tranquilized from investigating for its best if they fix their further declining intellect upon their work. Any activities that involve real expansive comprehensive tunneling through the layers of misinformation is counterproductive to the central global objective – grind every serf into the ground – extract superhuman productivity gains.

We’re working harder and harder for less and less real income. If you’re a sociopath and blessed to be among the truly selfish, vicious, ego-centric few who are helping shroud reality in a cooperative haze, this team centric dilution is surely an astounding pillage. Gullible doesn’t even begin to describe the mass of sheep being herded behind the gulag barbed-wire. How else would your eminent castle dweller view his supplicants?

Do you actually believe that the sewer slug passed as historical fact is untainted and undistorted? Leading the impressionable along a path of your choosing is the oldest propaganda ploy used by innumerable tyrannical regimes. The former Soviet Union was a master of the historical rewrite. Their unique system of favoritism demanded that the majority view history through a prism of a global class struggle. Citizens were constantly bombarded with glorious accounts of Soviet prowess – an ever expanding military might – the cooperative burden of every proletariat was to defeat the scourge of Capitalism. Few asked why their living standards were declining because it was invigorating to drink the Kool-Aid of group struggle.

Our masters of elite power wielded behind their lobbyist henchmen aren’t unique; their just following a well-worn path.

Let’s infuse our individual self into the muck. Extract yourself from the hive mentality, the teamwork ethic of cooperative deception. Move every thought out into the crystal clear clarity. Throw off all preconceptions in what you believe.

Good, we’re now ready to shed some light on what has been creatively termed the “Financial Crisis”. You must admit that using the word “Crisis” to describe this loot grab by investment bankers is a marvel that every spin-doctor can appreciate. The minute you couple any word with “Crisis” you equate the whole with some unavoidable calamity. It becomes some divine desire of a malevolent god or gods to place all of us – that’s the collective many including those poor unlucky Wall Street bankers in the grip of an uncontrollable hell.

Now step back just a minute with your individual self, that same person still viewing events from an unobscured perspective. Ask yourself how was it that these creators of the very system of economic corruption, a contrivance that drains every last ‘drop’ of income from a planetary gulag were caught in the grips of this unforeseen unavoidable calamity? They weren’t, they were the sowers of our collective destruction.

They were essentially binge-buying worthless mortgage-backed securities leveraging not only the investment funds from their fellow wealthy leaches but also the deposits from hardworking citizens. When the system of income starvation that they helped to create made it more and more difficult for everyday citizens to pay their mortgage payments and interest rates started increasing on adjustable interest mortgage loans the slight upward momentum in these rates brought on a wave of defaults by already struggling homeowners.

Homeowners like all of us who haven’t seen their real incomes increase but instead plummet were faced with either paying their rapidly increasing monthly mortgage payments or paying for essentials like food simply walked away from their homes. This left the holders of these wrapped up mortgage securities having to dip into their already compromised financial reserves effectively draining these to zero. Once they’d washed away their reserves in this greed induced orgy and the financial worth of these crap shooting casinos was just a fantasy of worthless paper who do you think they called – that’s right, their lobbyist pushers. That was when we the global citizens were left holding the bag of junk or toxic assets that those of us in the U.S. ended up bailing out to the tune of $13 trillion dollars.

The nightmare continues. More chapters are still to be written. Will we break away, become individuals, or will we fall in line behind our fellow fury white animals?