Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Americans United Behind a More Equitable Future

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Click…Click…Click… Silently the seconds pass away. We the citizens of the United States, who also have our home on a planet 'gasping' for ecological survival, must unite across ideological boundaries to cooperate on solutions to the myriad of problems exacerbated by a dysfunctional society rooted in greed. A siren has sounded the warning of the coming legions of unemployed poor, and cast aside citizens who no longer have a voice in their government. We'll all experience traumas from an economy that is designed to shove an increasing number of average citizens into the abyss of poverty - decimating the once vibrant middle class engine of the world.

Everyone will be exposed to the coming economic typhoon, for it is not a calculated controlled process that differentiates between those who are rich and those who are poor. Its effects are equally catastrophic for both the well-heeled who are observing their businesses die a slow consumer starved death and those income starved citizens within the endangered middle class who are left with empty lives, mounting medical bills, and no homes. Shouting partisans raising their voices against their ideological enemies while the sky darkens in the oncoming economic storm will only find that they're unprotected, facing a shared reality - oblivion.

Click…Click…Click… Getting closer now - very little time left to unite. What a wonderful country, comprised of a potpourri of heritages and ethnic backgrounds. What an amazing diversity of political beliefs - Republican, Democrat, Socialist, and the far too numerous shades of strongly held convictions - we are all Americans. Excitingly vibrant is this blessed nation, for it is our diversity when utilized productively that has brought dreams to reality. It is a beautiful pageant of beliefs, convictions, aspirations, experiences, and cultures that will rocket our country through the 21st Century blazing towards the heavens on dreams of promise. Promises rooted in a past that is based upon equity, equality, but most importantly a realization that our accomplishments must be availed to the many not just a privileged few. For we are American's - we would have it no other way.

Other cultures may be based upon castes that segregate, differentiate, and perpetually limit the achievements and aspirations of those unfortunate to belong to the lower castes - not so in our beautiful nation. Are you one of those who've aspired to belong to a new class of American royalty sitting atop a mountain of wealth that is pillaged from those least able to sustain the loss? If so we may be akin to 'oil and water' but the time has arrived to enter the 'centrifuge' that is America and create a merge of the impossible for our history is based upon beating unfathomable odds in the realization of a better country.

Click…Click…Click… It's amazing to see so many Americans joining together in the conquest of yet another future that will usher in a stable, equitable, advancing society - one based upon exploding barriers to entry. We are at our best when we work together to overcome adversity - for we are Americans. Nothing can drag the greatest country in the world to its knees when its citizens are united.