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All That Babble Distorts the Facts

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Carry us past the babbling fools to a land of fact-based analysis.

Illusion running rampant in the land of fervent ultra-capitalist believers…

Half-baked accounting profits that dissolve under further analysis

The ever handy: "this double digit [fill in the appropriate percentage] decline in profits [revenue may also be used in place of profits] is better than expected"

Even more popular: "employment is a lagging economic indicator"

And don't you know it "we" the "American people just don't support raising taxes [on the wealthiest 5% of Americans] to fund a 1/3 forecasted funding gap in a new healthcare system that will benefit the 95% of Americans paying exorbitant insurance premiums that are pumped back to insurers who are raking in handsome profits. Bulletin, this is real pirated money legally stolen from citizen's paychecks; not 'ghost' profits.

From an investment standpoint nothing takes the place of in-depth financial analysis. Call this approach old fashioned, or time consuming, but the ferreting out of the facts from the puffery distinguishes the amateur from the serious investor. Use the 10-K, corporate financials, and media "scanning" to isolate the facts from the fanfare - let the cheering crowds dance around like dervishes over this or that pronouncement from recently graduated Ivy League 'experts'; the facts will speak for themselves.

How low can you go; can this forecast be ratcheted down any lower? Maybe a 60% drop in revenue for Company A might not provide enough of a cushion so that they're able to meet our expectations when they report their earnings.

Behold, Company A's reported earnings came in at the simply 'marvelous' 50% plunge in revenue - isn't that just spectacular, Company A did better than our expectations. Wow, let's all have a party to celebrate that 'good' news. Better yet, let's roast dung and 'enjoy' the smell.

It sure is neat the way everyone's uncle (or aunt) is spreading happiness in the fantasy that we have reached the bottom of this economic calamity (depression) - sorry for the dose of reality. And by the way, don't worry about that pesky unemployment figure for it is a lagging indicator.

So sorry to break the news, but when you're losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every month with no end in sight, when companies across industries are experiencing unabated double digit declines in revenue, and no tangible steps are being taken to resolve the significant income disparities between the elite upper tier of income earners and the rest of us - just brace yourself for this roller coaster is flying down the chute. What, not a 'green shoot', isn't that just sacrilegious.

Of course this next little tidbit of logic deviates slightly from the cheering and horn-blowing coming from the hard core of the economic front, but here goes. This next line of poppycock is basically pure propaganda. Just needed to notify the weak of heart that a monstrous helping of that dung we started roasting two paragraphs back is now ready to be consumed - any takers, come on, you know you want some?

Oh well, no takers, here we go anyway.

Don't you know it; you, that mean's all of us in propaganda parlance really want to help out our poor disadvantaged fellow wealthy citizens. We couldn't fathom taking back just a fraction of their horded income, just a smattering of income, coming from this untouchable top 5% of income earners. Doesn't it give you the 'heebie jeebies' to consider acting in your own best interest? These are the same corporate executives, super investors, and other well-connected elite that drained all the income from our lowly depths to support their "lives of the rich and famous".

Quickly take a breath: you rich folks who are feeling light headed from horror at the concept of justice, and equity. Relax, its ok, your lobbyists are hard at work on Capitol Hill - no need to pass out on the floor. They'll protect your hordes of booty so that you can purchase that extra yacht or private jet plane. Don't worry, your propagandists are also working overtime to convince those of us who are weak minded that we don't want to tax your 'castle' to provide us low dwellers with decent healthcare.