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Additional $350 Billion TARP Bailout for Elite

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Move over and make room for the unlimited wants of a few that are on course to isolate us from all avenues of protest. Living in the gutter, dirty inside & out, red eyes aglow, touching the flaming heat of corruption; plutocrats are preparing another heist of our U.S. Treasury for the remaining $350 billion in TARP funds. Hurry, ready the moneybags with labels that identify the needy recipients so that they may stop off at the nearest U.S. Treasury collection site 'Billions Drive-Thru' on their way to extravagant Christmas parties. It obviously can't be helped if these destitute billionaires dip their paws deep into the large loot bags brimming with billions in U.S. taxpayer money on their way to engage in toy filled debauchery. Just the feel of all those billions of dollars sets off a fever pitch of excitement in an elegantly pampered power broker. It just can't be helped - Christmas is almost upon us, therefore all self-respecting elite plutocrats belonging to a financial institution should have already placed an order for a new Caribbean island - time is short, they must act now.

Nearby, body-snatched government representatives have already received their jolt of payoffs through their lobbyist feeding tubes. They are primed to make eloquent speeches, twist the facts around in knots, and jump to for their elite masters. Chants are echoing in the halls of the plutocratic dictatorship - get the trough ready for another feeding of the sows. Stand back at a safe distance for when they consume their billions of dollars their heads vigorously slosh back and forth in a drool flying frenzy. It's amazing how quickly these greed infected financial pigs can devour freshly minted billions in U.S. taxpayer funded dollars.

A group of scientists were so enthralled with the thieving habits of this ravenously hungry financial institution breed of plutocrats that they conducted a study aimed at determining whether any useful activity occurred after this super greedy breed devoured their loot. They discovered that absolutely no activity followed the U.S. Treasury feeding of the financial institution 'sows' other than an extended long poop dropped heavily upon the ground where they lay. Just another day in the stinking pigpen of corruption and deceit - hold your nose tightly.

One very sad outcome of concentrating upon the belching porkers in the financial institution pen is that all the other animals are emaciated and dying a slow death from starvation. Their diet now consists of nothing more than sweet water that is proffered regularly so they remain placid during the shoveling of those succulent billions of dollars into the troughs of the sacred financial pigs, piglets, and mutant evil spawn resting comfortably in the pen.

It is equally sad that the dung excreted by these sacred pigs is now being shoveled right into the adjoining pens of the starving insignificant other animals forced to exist alongside these gluttons.

At the conclusion of another wasted year all the handlers of every breed of elite plutocratic pigs has a contest to determine which pig will have the honor of being the most expansive, immense pork walking sow among this special group of pigs. Each confident pig struts down a glide way waddling from side to side with snout proudly moving vigorously ready to 'wolf down' any U.S. denominated bills that are proffered by the serfs in attendance. Sometimes those in attendance who are forced to give of their last morsels of scarce U.S. bills drop dead from starvation - no one notices, for the ritual of inequity continues each year unabated.