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Adding More Useless Layers of Complexity

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When something doesn't work just add another layer of complexity to the already numerous layers that surround and penetrate the original human creation. Never mind that this additional layer will further aggravate an already distorted outcome into disrupting anew everything else that is dependent upon its successful functioning. No permanent solution to any problem may be found when the underlying foundation is flawed. It must be first recognized that significant changes need to be made to the foundation from which springs forth all the abortive attempts at fixing this or that problem. Instead we usually take the easy way out by 'patching' something that clearly requires a new vision not just a reformulation of old worn out concepts.

A point is reached when so many layers of complexity have been added that no one is able to discern how something was originally intended to work or whether it ever worked in its original form. We then are reverted to managing each layer of complexity with an irreverent distinction of professionalism that has built up around these distinct layers. Time, energy, and money are thrown at all the subsidiary problems that ensue from each of the layers interactions with other systems. These convoluted systems may be societal (Economic, judicial, governmental, human relations, etc.) or take any other form such as engineering (computer, mechanical, etc.) but one aspect that they all have in common that was the precipitant in their path to distortion was a desire to fix something quickly without understanding how the fix would interact with the endogenous and exogenous environment.

Our current economic society is a case in point. How can our current manipulated, distorted, and contorted economic society continue to function even marginally when each new correction in its complex weave of intricate interrelatedness is breaking down one by one under its own incomprehensible weight? Fix this or that distortion designed exclusively to benefit the business elite (CEO's, speculators, integrated business boards) and the system is perturbed into another completely unpredictable failure. Contrary to what the priests of the gospel of "The Free Market" convey, the market economy is not self-correcting without considerable economic pain being felt by every citizen in the form of a periodic razing of the economic landscape. Nothing is further from factual evidence than the belief that there is something inherently stable about our current system; all we need do is look around at the multitude of business, bank, and institutional failures that have occurred over the course of many years to realize the fallacy of this argument. The simple fact remains that if it were not for government bailouts of innumerable business organizations of differing characteristics this distorted economic system would have been rendered useless years ago.

That's not to say that there aren't certain benefits to be had from a pure (undistorted or corrupted) market economy but that in its current form the totalitarian economic society doesn't even come close to resembling even a mixed form - it is a mere oligopolistic monstrosity. Within a market economy there exist certain incentives to work hard, create, or generally just derive a better product than the competition but this must remain a central part of whatever form any new economic system is based upon. Our current economic system embedded within our economic society has been so distorted that there no longer is any reward for working hard, creating, or making a better product because the business elite who jealousy hold onto to the reins of power are able to negate this pure benefit realization when it threatens their continued accumulation of power and wealth. When was the last time anyone who worked hard or created something novel on a job received a substantial financial benefit from doing so other than the far too familiar "good job" platitude or "this creation of yours is corporate intellectual property from which you have absolutely no claim".

What is clearly evident is that anything that benefits business in any form whatsoever is valid and justified within their (business elites) contorted economic society whereby anything that benefits the average laborer or citizen is completely unjustified and outside their slanted conception of a fair economic system. Balance must be maintained throughout any viable functioning society or else disturbances in many forms will occur that will disrupt societal cohesion. Therefore basing every aspect of society upon well maintained propaganda that has no basis in reality is dangerous because not only are rifts opened up between classes but also over time those who have perpetuated these 'untruths' begin to believe their own falsehoods. When this transpires it then becomes acceptable to replace reality with illusion thus any new alignment of the illusion based societal systems is viewed as acceptable regardless of their enhancement of an already overly complex weave of fixes that keep the monstrosity 'lurching forward'.

At times there is no other solution than to purge the errant systems completely - starting over with the understanding that no concepts or ideas will be discounted or discarded until they've been fully vetted. Taking the elements that work from whatever framework that currently exists and melding these with completely new concepts and ideas would allow us to build from the ground up a more equitable, sustainable, and vibrant economic society. It is abundantly clear that the current totalitarian economic society that is geared towards benefiting the business elite to the disadvantage of the majority of global citizens in the long run benefits know one because it does not function. Therefore it is indisputable to the majority of rational global citizens that they are not even marginally participating in the financial benefits of the current economic society - that is when it isn't in a cyclical downturn or collapsing outright.