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Acquiring a Rational Economy

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Trade with other nation-states is to be encouraged within an economic framework that does not allow extreme aberrations to develop which have the tendency to destabilize the entire global system. Too often during our experiment with the laissez-faire 'free' market we've tended to focus only on short-term profits to the exclusion of rational sustainable long-term dynamics. Investors demanding a continual flow of increasing profits in the form of dividends or stock valuations along with executives determined to exact their constrained interests ahead of everything else have focused upon engaging in unimaginable contorted schemes in order to shore up their bottom line on a quarter by quarter basis.

A chorus of chanting 'free' market cultists having spread their gospel of praise for unfettered, unregulated markets into every global citizen's psyche in an effort to convert the remaining un-indoctrinated while continually disregarding the factual results of their contorted, distorted, abysmal failure of a 'un-free' market. What's transpired is a 'feast or famine' roller coaster ride for all living under the yoke of this distorted system, both the market clergy and labor slaves.

With little to no real income reaching the majority of global citizens, failures of large investment banks occurring regularly for lack of real capital, revenue declining because income starved citizens are dropping their consumption off the cliff, business elite who feel entitled to feed at the government taxpayer trough when their 'free' market monster bites them, and workers being used up and thrown to 'the wind' when a cheaper wage slave can be located in some dark thatch hut within a remote outpost of destitution - is it any wonder the 'free' market cultists must live in a world of illusion in order to cling to their failed system.

We've all been forced to believe in a fantasy perpetuated by the business elite and neoclassical economic shamans who've deluded us into assuming the impossible is possible. They've adhered to lies, distortion, sociopath tendencies, unbridled corruption, unlimited power, and other degenerate tendencies that denigrate community cohesion, which is essential to any sustainable economic system. No economic system is nurtured for the exclusive benefit of a few anointed elite. For it to function long term, it must involve the majority of citizens in meaningful inflows and outflows of income streams. Damming income at the top only increases the investment inflows and outflows while also encouraging the development of more contorted investment vehicles (toxic debt is a good example) to handle the abnormal investment demands of the privileged few.

We need consumption spending by the highest percentage of global citizens in order to even begin to adhere to the concept of a sustainable global economic system. This means that every worker must be paid a wage that allows him to purchase the broadest possible commodities and services produced by the global economy. For firms to continually seek out the lowest cost wage slaves forces the entire economic system into a state of economic stagnation.

So little time remains, we must break our chains of habit and involve everyone across the spectrum of humanity in a new awakening of ideas that will lead to a more sustainable and stable world.