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Nothing, Absolutely Nothing Changes Until Capitalism is Vanquished

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Count your blessings, grab that new normal applying it to extreme inequality, unaffordable insurance meant to enrich fat cat 1% executives, a planet spiraling towards perfect extinction, governments hijacked by powerful special interests, and every other destructive consequence unleashed by idiots ruling over a complacent global population. Hold on tight to that new normal when you are forced into homelessness because the executive class needs to buy more personal jets or increase their payouts to their lobbyist enablers.

Nothing, absolutely nothing changes until this corrosive and 1% self-serving capitalist anti-democratic society is replaced with a bottom-up People-First Society. Fundamentally, the global gigantic leach that is a manipulative extraction system for the wealthiest planetary citizens - this capitalist top-down feudal holdout must be totally vanquished thrown into the great abyss of human failures. No tweaking of this mess, this legalized extortion of the general population by a tiny sliver of self-anointed despots will ever stabilize this inherently destabilized greed and sociopath generation abomination called capitalism.

Do not believe for a millisecond that your vote matters whether for a Democrat, Republican, or any other derivative capitalist enabler you have placed your faith in to deliver you to a real democracy that is 24/7 - even at your workplaces. Only the complete elimination of all hierarchical power structures that are inherent to all lord-over-serf societal systems of pillage will place us on the path to a reasonable minimalist society where everyone benefits from their hard work.

Not just those who have the power and money to distort outcomes to enhance their own personal pleasure and greed should extract all the benefits from society - everyone on this planet has the right to fully participate in THEIR society.
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