Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Sunny Horizonless Destiny

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Oozing extinction, the human race hordes silent hopes crossed with illusion. Delusion intrudes inside the event driven tight scheduled nervousness, the twitching howling of unfounded hope. Clear continuous bright young minds devour systematic and clean pseudo-sciences.

Pumping in the background the juicy blood pours into veins, cells die, tumors form, chemicals deform, and background radiation pulses to a frenzied dance. Deception tears at the rotting corpse of this ramshackle society - many indiscernible voices scream but all sound is smothered, a quiet pervades a palpable bittersweet defeat.

Kings pound their fists, presidents' press for agreement, nothing but a big sack of air entertains so many lively simpletons.

Caged safely from the marching putrid flesh out past stagnation, in a boundless destiny, flares a flaming clarity. A riot of delicious colors erupts beyond the fantasy ride. Perplexed passionate dreamers unify, coordinate, and adjust.

Echoing through a deaf crowd the sound of the gavel hitting the cracked sounding block only elicits awe when the shattered splinters hit the kneeling supplicants.

Let them prostrate themselves before their gods, rulers, and countless template schemers. A zombie is never happy, an automaton is never motionless, and a puppet's extremities always gyrate to an unseen force.

The self-determined being doesn't require external directives to experience self-fulfillment.

Sailing on a beautiful blue ocean with the salty wind blowing on a sunny horizonless day - ours is a destiny of absolute freedom.

Climbing a crystal white tipped mountain in the crisp cold morning air, placing our feet on the crackling virgin ice crusted summit - ours is a freedom's experience that can't be described.

Fresh love, a sensitive touch, blushing skin, expectation, summer's song, an eternal caress - these are our rainbows - never, absolutely never let them be pulverized under soiled black jackboots.

Flowers adorn gravesites, goodbyes choke on tears, it is a bleak gray inside and out, but green will push through the ashes, all the colors of life will flash back in a singular, all-encompassing startling brilliance.