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Who Needs Voters in A Rigged Anti-Democratic Process?

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Can we even start to make sense of all the dysfunctionality radiating from this societal mess created by our good 'friends' the parasitic CEO and executive 1% leaches? What an amazing week of insanity. There were the ex-Soviet Union 'Politburo' and Chinese Communist Party bigwigs who have somehow taken refuge in the U.S. Democratic and Republican Parties wrestling with the all-important delegate totals. All of us bottomscrapers were being told by the mainstream media that political bosses were operating within the rules of their respective parties. This justified all the autocratic monkeying around, the shifting of delegates to and fro, and the super-delegate lead of Hillary Clinton. Probably they were consulting Chairman Mao's little red book or some manifesto of dictatorship essentials. Maybe these aspiring tyrants just need to get the latest edition of "Everything You Wanted to Know about Being an Autocrat" by Party Boss Publications. That's it; they just need a primer on old school party elitism to tide them over until they anoint their favorite candidates irrespective of the votes cast by the citizenry in the Democratic and Republican primaries.

Who needs voters in a rigged antidemocratic process? Let us all just salute the kings and queens of the Corporate Dictatorships like the Verizon CEO. If a self-anointed high roller gets ticked off like the Verizon dictator when his labor slaves went on strike to keep their benefits in tack and their jobs from being outsourced, all of us in the labor gulag should feel pity for the spoiled billionaire despot who is forced to deal with such an unruly bunch of chain-rattlers. Obviously, they did not get the message that they are worthless nonentities, not even citizens with a vote. But this is just a single flake in a blizzard of exploitation, inequality, injustice, intolerance, and wealth parasitism in a society that reeks to high heaven. It is pitifully sad when you can expect nothing decent emanating from your society. Even worse, is when you are so acclimated to injustice that no single instance of foil play fazes you, no matter how appalling. That is where we find ourselves, utterly adjusted to this capitalist culture. Or at least that is what our elite rulers mistakenly believe to their own detriment. We are instead infuriated that this capitalist society is nothing more than an income and wealth conveyance to a cabal of self-anointed 1% vultures who feel entitled and justified in pillaging the economy, environment, and working all of us labor slaves into an early grave.

Listening to the tone of these arrogant executive crud-balls you might have detected a whiff of: "Who do you think you are questioning my authority, the highest of the exulted capitalist pigs?" No, that is not your kid having a temper tantrum. That's right, all us chain rattling toilers in the Corporatist labor camps have read your mind. Why don't we just dump the worthless, overrated, bloodsucking, egotistical, sociopathic, and wasteful leaches who add no value other than drain the entire society of its riches and human potential? Tear out the heart of this feudal kingdom. In today's technologically oriented world the hierarchically organized capitalist societal is an anachronism. There is really no need to have a group of privileged elitists who sucked the life's blood from a society that is designed to be their exclusive cash machine. Real democracy not this sham we have been living under with bluebloods shafting us 'regular' folk every chance they get can only be created by reorienting control not from above but from below in a bottom-up ubiquitous 24/7 liberty.

Flood the streets. Stop taking orders and start giving orders. This is our society to mold, our economy to direct, and our expended labor that brings in the revenue that we should disperse in whatever way we deem best. Like the awakening taking place in this capitalist society sick and tired of taking orders from royal pigs, most egalitarian cultures are spawned as a reaction to injustice, they usually do not emerge from the void. They are typically instituted after clawing back all the wealth from tax haven loving, island buying, gigantic private plane riding, and lobster eating megalomaniacs who have crowned themselves "superior beings" - luxury hounds ready to scalp their fellows for that next dollar they can add to their offshore loot stockpiles.

Democracy is an illusion, a well-crafted ploy created by the extravagance loving 1% lords and their shadow government to keep us status quo channel diggers working furiously, shoveling more scoopfuls of products and services out the door, all so worker productivity keeps rising and extra loads of booty can be delivered to their offshore or Swiss bank accounts. The overlords have even admitted this past week that democracy never existed only volumes of rules that beget more volumes of rules, all of it building up in libraries with many more tomes that owe their existence to legions of lawyers, lobbyists, political party bosses, and bought-out legislators that grease the levers of corruption keeping the machine state, the great Corporatist society pumping at full pressure all the wealth and income up to these bloated rich control freaks.

Fairness like democracy cannot exist in a capitalist society that is based upon unfairly exploiting the majority population. So when you feel a twinge of let us all play by the same rules crafted by self-serving egotists who want to steal your last chickpea and also have you owing all your worldly possessions to their 'company store' banks - please just look at your puny never rising wages. Stop being suckers. Tell the brats who will not let you play in the sandbox because it is their private property to take a hike off a short pier, the one with the hungry sharks foaming up the water.

Through a bottom-up egalitarian democracy we the people will decide, craft, and control the society that is ours alone to shape. Send a message to the 1% corporate vampires that the majority, all of us who are the rightful heirs to this world, its environment, and all institutions that comprise the societies across the planet have the final say in how we organize our lives. There is not a speck of dust on this entire planet that the majority general population cannot claim ownership over - for we are collectively the undisputable designers, agents of change, controllers, and owners of all that is planetary based. The only way a minority or sliver of the population can rule over and extract all the riches produced by the citizens of a planet is when we the people acquiesce to their unreasonable demands of primacy. What do you think would happen if tomorrow all the people, the many billions of this blue planet took to the streets. If everyone finally understood that we alone are the drivers of our destiny, that we in the majority have the exclusive democratic right to self-determination, you would see millions taking back their societies from the 1% looters. Prisoners who have been incarcerated for many years are so conditioned to taking orders from jailers and the warden that when released they find it incomprehensible that they have the freedom to decide how to order their daily lives. Having been conditioned to take orders from our superiors the general population of this planet is no different from recently released inmates. Both have been indoctrinated to yield to authority, but in the case of a subjugated majority under the yoke of autocratic elite plunderers the legitimacy of their rule is irrefutably fraudulent. A simple fact cannot be drilled home enough - all of us via a 24/7 bottom-up technologically advanced democratic social network have the right to cancel out an unjust culture like capitalism replacing it with whatever we find an appealing alternative.

March over the manipulative and unjust institutions of this capitalist society trampling all the giant leaches underfoot. That is what we will be forced to do by an intransigent "Establishment" flaunting there absolute power over all the degenerative capitalist societal institutions like government, politics, and the casino economy. The party bosses and media propagandists are exposing this intrusive and expansive Corporate Dictatorship masquerading as a democracy to the clear light of day. They are laying out the facts for us to see, that we do not live in a democracy with one person, one vote, political representation, it is a corporate oligarchic autocracy where an upper echelon of party bosses, big-business executives, lobbyists, and other assorted 1% elitists and enablers of the super-rich control our lives to the point that they select sufficiently bought-out and fully vetted candidates for President that we are allowed to vote for in the general election. What these enablers of the shadow government and the entire "Establishment" edifice fail to realize is that by extending their middle finger to the American people they are dropping planeloads of gasoline on an already out of control forest fire. Overnight, any of the many factions of our global People's Movement may decide in our bottom-up ethereal belief/ideological arrangement that they are fed up with waiting for an "Establishment" to get a common sense understanding of their dire situation. By not allowing our People's Movement to peacefully progress through a fair unfettered presidential primary process not manipulated by party delegates and assorted other apparatchiks "The Establishment" is validating what the more strident factions of our movement has been saying for months, that the only way to move to a genuine democracy is to overthrow the entire society from top to bottom in a real revolution.

This is not the preferred path to egalitarian 24/7 civilizationist democracy that some of us in the movement are still hopeful we can bring about within an admittedly flawed capitalist society. If only "The Establishment" were to honor the will of the people, their majority one vote, per person, being the overriding determinant of who becomes the presidential candidates in both the Democratic and Republican Parties we could avoid the ravages of all out revolution. What has been the response of "The Establishment"? These all powerful self-anointed upper class manipulators of a multitude of rigged processes that are contrived to keep them and their peers in power and flush with billions of dollars are telling the American people: "You can vote but it does not mean anything." If we are only going through the motions in a pretend democracy that some in "Establishment" circles are now suggesting was a delusion promoted by big-business interests and all those in the well-oiled circles of corruption so they could pacify the general population into complacency, then why not just allow the highly capable more strident factions of our People's Movement to be done with this disgusting Corporate Dictatorship in a single grand stroke. For if what we were living was nothing but a big fat lie, a place where one person, one vote, never existed, why not just allow the full blown revolution to commence?

There is no more sobering a realization than coming to the factual conclusion that everything you have been told about United States democracy, the "land of the free", a place where the electorate, the voters matter, a basically fair republic, was nothing more than an elaborate fabrication, a grand marketing blitz, an effusive propaganda to spread the most obscene of lies - that the liberty of this country was just a clever rouge to keep us labor slaves working harder for our 1% elite masters. Grab that flag and hug it, sing the national anthem, read the Constitution of the United States, or the Gettysburg Address, or engage in any other inspiring act of patriotism but at the end of the day it all means absolutely zilch if you do not have the right to choose your own candidates for office, unobstructed by any party boss or set of procedures. You start to understand your place, that you are just a cog in the wheel, a meaningless number, a worker slave who along with all lower and middle class citizens have no individual value to "The Establishment" powerbrokers, that blob of 1% elitists who care only about what we collectively produce for them, how many more billions of dollars they can rake up into their tax haven secure offshore and Swiss bank accounts by exploiting us wholesale - that is our only value to this country, world, and international parasitic royalty. Each of us has little value as individuals for these mega-wealthy vultures can easily replace any of us with anyone from the billions in the global reserve labor pool, a virtually endless supply of labor slaves that they can keep lowering the effective real wage on until we reach the CEO and executives dream state of pure slavery - a zero remuneration corporate nirvana.

Nirvana that perfect state of bliss has never been achieved. Why is it so elusive? Are there just certain inviolate laws of nature that preclude the attainment of some seemingly possible outcomes? Having a naturally slow metabolism that requires my body to be aerobically exercised every day to maintain a semblance of lucidity is a negative genetic aberration that plagues my physiology. In such a diverse universe that has spawned many unique evolutionary paths, predominately all of them very, very different, no definite conclusion can be preordained especially where chance plays such a central role. That is why since we have so little control over who we are even if we were to use unfathomable technological marvels to alter our makeup through transmutation or other genetic tricks coupled with life-enhancing Nano-bots or other scientific breakthroughs we will still run head-on into a brick wall called biological determinism. This simply means that this universe guarantees death, the termination of all lifeforms regardless of if they have billions of years of scientific prowess on their side - all living beings die. So just stop wasting precious time on solving or subverting natural laws. Achieving immortality and breaking down the innate desire of sentient beings to be free are unsolvable and unattainable aims. No matter your future intellect, the absolute power of your ancestors to mold and shape matter, their supremacy at transforming matter to energy and back again without losing a single subatomic particle in the process, or their prowess at traversing the heavens through generated time/space wrinkles, there will always be insurmountable peaks that you will fall off of trying to reach - two of these are death and a sentient being's instinctive primary need to be free, both are 'hardwired' into all living creatures.

Another constant that cannot change is reforming a degenerate society like capitalism into something it is not capable of morphing into like a competitive decent culture that places the interests of the majority over the privileges of a minority of ruling elites. President Obama's executive order this past Friday mandating that his agencies do more to enhance competition in the economy will do nothing to stop the natural progression of capitalism to move towards an end state of industry oligopoly operating in an anti-competitive societal environment. This is the final resting state of capitalism. Nothing can interfere with this result. After about two hundred years capitalist society's economic component always ends up organized around a few dominant companies within each industry. Large corporations sheltered by a doting government that enacts big-business friendly legislation and scales back taxes to zero promote oligarchic industry domination. These megalith combines squash any upstarts that try to muscle in on their turf. Just like a few mafia gangsters controlling their own special slice of the underworld in certain designated geographic localities the mega-corporate players of capitalism all the way through to their bought-and-paid-for government stoolies make it difficult for any new firm to even enter an industry. Only in an idyllic textbook capitalism that has never existed in the real world are there a multitude of firms fighting it out on price, quality, customer service, or any other factors that differentiate their product or service from their competitors. There is no competition in the latter stages of capitalism. Only layers of corruption that fester into more disgusting heaps of disinformation, pilfering, dishonesty, government malfeasance, and a whole host of snares that confront honest citizens who would excel if they had been given a fair break.

That is why if you are a sociopath with zero empathy or concern for your fellow human beings you will fit right in, this will be the godsend of all cultures for you to thrive within - just sharpen your spear and get the biggest club you can find. For the ability to pass as hamburgers scooped up cow dung that you shape into lovely flat patties and fry up on a griddle, that special art at conning your neighbors and friends out of their last dime will set you apart from the rest of us who have a conscience. Most of us would never even contemplate doing something so utterly insane and illogical, yet alone unethical. Earning that extra buck is just not that important to the majority of us mere mortals. We would never even dream of engaging in the flimflam tactics that are employed daily by the biological misfits who rule this backwoods culture of elite predation.

Then why would anyone, especially a very intelligent man like President Obama even suggest we can somehow inject competition into this parasitic rich-take-all system infested with sociopaths ready to clobber anyone muscling in on their turf? Such a suggestion that we can somehow reform capitalism is curious given the recent history of capitalist society. All you have to do is read the business publications to realize that capitalism has an intrinsic dynamic that encourages mergers and acquisitions. With each successive combination, progressively larger less competitive firms are reconstituted, until all industries become amalgamations of oligopolies that never compete on price. Only in markets that have very low profit margins and thus are of no interest to big-money players can we breathe in a whiff of the competitive spirit unsullied by endemic corruption. Lawn service, hair care, the cleaning services, and many other personal, typically low-skilled service sectors of the economy, are still fairly competitive because there is so little money to be made in these easily entered low capital intensive trades. But even in this the poor revenue boondocks, a few larger companies especially in local or regional markets are starting to build towards the natural condition of all capitalist societies: industry oligarchy. This is the final state of every capitalist culture.

Capitalism is a noncompetitive economic setting where big-companies never compete on price. They instead focus on taking market share from there gigantic brethren. Never a year passes without prices not rising. Set by these huge parasitic blocs, prices may only fluctuate lower temporarily, but never permanently, with all the tiny firms just following suit, never substantially deviating from these 'market prices' set by the major companies. Blight eats away at the healthy smaller businesses that struggle to remain viable in the diseased 'fields' of local, regional, national, and international corruption that favors the mega-firms. These inefficient, top heavy, largely corpulent monsters, allot a portion of the billions they stow away free from taxation to fund shadow governments and lobbyists that are always ready to shore up and destroy any upstarts that dare interfere with the grand scheme of income and wealth redistribution from the middle and lower unrepresented classes up to the 1% royalty. Always income depleted and destabilized inside the deteriorating capitalist cultural template the less advantaged majority population and smaller businesses that spring forth from the vibrant pool of the populous must fight to stay alive under a 'mountain' of onerous rules, anticompetitive practices, and tight credit at usury interest rates. So let us just forget the fantasy of prices moving lower, quality improving, and of course a splendid competitive atmosphere with many companies fighting to win customers who are flush with income. That beautiful paradise, filled with fair-minded entrepreneurs out to beat their competitors in an open market that has no barriers to entry or corrupt government officials eager to help wipe out any newcomers that try to push into the territory of their corporate mob bosses is just a figment of a lurid imagination.

Not having the luxury of entertaining an unrealistic interpretation of our situation those of us forced to exist in this anti-democratic hierarchically organized top heavy play toy of the rich called capitalism feel the sharp bite of income inequality and the 1% elite enablers like political party bosses, lobbyists, mainstream media propagandists, and all others who suck vigorously on our blood. Lately you can sense just how desperate "The Establishment" has become by all the media parrots cackling endlessly about how the political party bosses in both the Republican and Democratic Party demand all us lowlife voters to just "get over it" and stop complaining about our primary votes being a worthless exercise in futility. These lovers of totalitarian process are quick to point out that there are rules, even those that are changed overnight like in the Republican Party. But damn it, there are rules, and all us demanding primary voters should just let the Hong Kong, Soviet Russian, or Communist China authoritarian politico types handpick candidates that we will be forced to choose between in the general election. Just forget all that highfaluting crap we have all heard since grade school about how the United States is such a wonderful example of democracy - the preeminent epitome of liberty.

Of course most of us already know the outcome of a bunch of 1% elite enablers shoving their 'special' candidates down our throats. A firestorm will erupt that will involve all elements of the People's Movement springing forth to force this undemocratic rich-boys-and-girls club to bow down to the will of the people. Those in the nose-bleed billionaires' castle dwellings should be ready to confront not hundreds, or thousands, but millions of Americans who have already aligned with the belief system of the People's Movement. This is no idle threat but a guarantee that we will not stand by and be further ignored by a sliver of the population who believe they can plow us under, and turn us into pure slaves to be lead around on a leash. There will be very, very, very severe consequences to continuing down this path of disregarding the wishes of the general population. How can the shadow government that passes along all the goodies like billions in big-business tax breaks, the political apparatchiks that ensure an uninterrupted stream of pro-elitist office seekers, those 1% luxury hooked simpletons, and the rest of the drooling idiots wasting away on some tropical island believe this world is still theirs to rule shamelessly? They are so utterly disconnected from reality, always moving further from exercising their diminishing intellectual facilities. Never once taking notice at how infuriated the general populous is they just keep throwing kerosene on a blazing hot fire. Not looking up once to glance around at who fills all the positions in 'their' companies, government posts, and many other positions both essential and nonessential throughout the nation and across the world they have not yet perceived how truly alone they are - silently our People's Movement has been infiltrating, converting, in a ceaseless Fifth Column purple wave of change the entire capitalist culture. In a ubiquitous egalitarian societal refactoring we have made the existing capitalist power structure irrelevant - turned it into a withering nonentity without any majority support.

Never before in the history of humankind has this entire planet come together under a single banner of egalitarianism. The People's Movement is just such a uniting force that through the individual actions of global citizens just like you we are all succeeding in pushing our 'purple' vision past the boundaries setup by an "Establishment" dead set upon maintaining the status quo. Collectively we have rejuvenated a nearly wiped out community spirit at the local, regional, and national level turning it into a cooperative community striving to build a genuine 24/7 spherical democracy. All of us are the driving force that is disconnecting the 1% elite power base from their positions of influence, making them immaterial, a no longer respected bunch of illegitimate dispensers of favors and injustice. Gradually, we are transforming this anti-democratic apparatus designed to pilfer the majority for the benefit of a ruling minority into our People's Movement springboard that will help us leap over the chasm that separates capitalist Corporate Dictatorship from a bottom-up civilizationist pure democracy. Never underestimate the power of a people determined to change their circumstances. Sliding further into autocratic Corporatism where the wealthy rule over us in the most openly disrespectful ways - blatantly thwarting our will, invading our privacy, and trashing what few freedoms we have, all of us are now ready to concede without any doubt that this world is a business-kingdom dressed up as a democracy. Pretty up the pig, but it still oinks.