Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Reflection Turned Into a Painful Present

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Traveling across the Colorado plains with the shining peaks of the Rocky Mountains creating a barrier of adventure between my car and the road the wheels of movement carried us towards Pueblo. A barren beauty of brown dirt and rock framed a landscape more wildly alluring than any other.

Early, in the 1970's my car was traveling through a country sure of its future and secure in its present, absorbed in nothing but the progress of each and every citizen across all fronts of society. The constant nagging pull from all directions of a life gone wild hadn't yet exposed itself through the residue of a global unconstrained 'free' trade.

Each stop at a gas station, restaurant or motel was a pleasant intercourse with fellow citizens engaged in similar travels or owners not yet vanquished by a corporate entity bent upon equating quantity with quality. We drove on roads that were well maintained - in some cases recently carved from the land. In other places new extensions in the web of automobile travel were extending the pavement into new places.

Once we reached Pueblo, Colorado it was immediately apparent that this was a vibrant center of manufacturing commerce humming and busy with citizens contently moving to and fro in their daily ritual. A massive factory burst into view on the south side of the expressway alive with production and activity. Upon leaving the city limits we were once again in the crisp wilds of the American west with a sunset cresting across the mountains with a promise of a bright future gleaming upon the cobalt blue skies of our beautiful country.