Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Rebel Inspired Barrier Free Global Society

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A truly free flowing integrative societal framework not barrier constrained by prejudice, manipulation, dogma, ineffectual puffed-up bureaucracies, and self-serving organizations could set the stage for a globalism not based upon Corporatist exploitation. Freedom of expression, an interchange of ideas bubbling up from a wellspring of individualism that isn't road blocked at every turn, this is the essence of societal stability.

Having reverted to a more centralized administrative structure, business, government, and all the offshoots that support our humanly fallible societal construct have recently been compelled to control what would undoubtedly be better managed locally - closer to the 'root'. This penchant for greater centralization stems from a spreading insecurity.

Trust is dead. Competence is no longer measured by meritorious actions but instead solely on credentials. This failure to account for the deviant that is outside the 'normal curve' perpetuates a protected club of incompetents that are routinely promoted into positions of responsibility. Aware of their inadequacies these 'successful' boot licking, agreeable repositories of accepted creeds and dogma are constantly apprehensive, and insecure.

They are the followers, sheep, seekers of the familiar, the accepted, common, process stifled 'religious sects' that abound in every established organizational construct. Acknowledging their average stasis molded inadequacies, at times recognizing glaring failures (the result of ingrained beliefs), these good employees who scrupulously follow orders quickly move to the top of the dung pile. After many years of cheerfully pleasant (at least from their perspective) mind numbing drudgery the careful plodders move into the ranks of upper management - some even climb to the exalted rarified heights of elite piracy.

Once at the pinnacle of the slimy brown mountain their feeling of insecurity only intensifies. By eliminating, stifling through artificial barriers those who pose a threat (the creatively flexible intellectuals) these uninspiring box-thinkers shield themselves from being toppled. With the societal barriers functioning properly, these groove followers, 'group think' happy acceptors of commonality fight with every fiber of their soul any progressive change.

In their anointed positions atop the stinky excretion that is human society under Corporatism these routine driven straight thinkers prosper in a world ruled by their fellow 'normal curve' life drifters.

The only consolation that those of us at the bottom of the dung pile have is that we can freely express ourselves because very rarely if ever is anyone listening. We may continue to convey insight maybe while we plan on making donuts & coffee in a donut shop out West in the middle of nowhere.

Don't fret. What we must never forget is that real happiness is still possible even after being blackballed from 'meaningful' employment. At least, this typically leaves more time to write, to contemplate.

Fellow rebels, just be thankful that we don't fit neatly into this screwed up world - let the damn thing implode. We'll pick up the pieces when we come back to civilization from our exile.

Until then, keep writing, fighting, suggesting, creating, asking why, and bucking the despotism of self-serving elites.