Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Proud, Passionate Nation with Grand Dreams

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Taking a route that at one time was the main road heading into Denver my car rode lazily over small hills rippling over a desolate prairie east of absolute mountain splendor. It was a trip I'd made from Oxford, Kansas (home for a short 8 months) after being laid off from a programming job in Wellington, Kansas. March of 2003 was among many bad endings leaving yet one more scar on my soul but here I was venturing towards the unknown. My lesson was just beginning, for a vast land of opportunity never embraces those who have been jettisoned to often into the flotsam of ready labor. But here I was with the window down listening to a country radio station on a sunny, dry, endless blue sky, short prairie grass drive, traveling in my favorite part of the country. Sometimes a moment lives on in your mind it just stays around for years to remind you that your life is more than just routine: this was just such a moment.

Passing through a couple of towns that were boarded up long ago probably when this road was discarded for the interstate highway - a faster more efficient form of travel. I was so thankful I'd left that sterile auto packed freeway for this trail. This road from the past had a connection to the land that it rested against - it linked me to its essence. A flow of spirits led me gently west; cowboys of long ago surely embraced those still moving in this direction; the direction of our forefathers.

Hope breathed its breath into my numb body like a refreshing tonic expelling all the logical, rational calculations that left little chance that my blue-sky dream would succeed. But that day I'd take away this place in my heart, the soul of our country - it's tough alive passionate people - a proud citizenry that never gave up but fought for beliefs that where true and untarnished. We are a nation of windblown, unrelenting, determined individuals that are mingled with the best from all nations. That's what I carried away from this place - an understanding that we'd all endure whatever was hurled in a crushing blow at our destiny. For those who sacrificed to bring their families to a frontier of thought set our destiny: in a place that cherished freedom.

Just one more day - no it wasn't just another day for there was an unspoken message that even when the odds bury us in despair we should all take comfort in the fact that we haven't come this far too simply accept our fate. All of us are sealed to a nation of believers in tomorrow; we have never and nor should we ever strive for anything short of grand dreams that are the visions of a grand people.