Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Pragmatic Severing Of Orthodoxy

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Stumbling a little bent over in a meandering walk on the rock-strewn path, our ancestors did the best they could to survive in an unforgiving environment. Hero's weren't the only ones who confronted head on, life and death - altruism wasn't yet an identifiable concept for minds that were flooded with apprehension day and night. These were pragmatic people organized in small patriarchal clans that had the unenviable spotlight of many a predator's gaze.

Jolting back millions of years to a time and place filled with misery, loss, and continuous movement could very well help us to understand the imperfect nature of the human animal. We were never saints of pure clean goodness washed over with holy water. Our path would have us slide uncontrollably down the side of a cliff, get up if we could, and brush ourselves off hurriedly before being caught off guard by our fellow sojourners or a 10 inch fanged cat waiting up top on the hill. Higher contemplation was never a currency we could afford in a world that demanded the living live or make way for a hardier species that would be tenacious enough to make a go of it.

You wanted to take a mate, you took a mate, you wanted to copulate, and you did so without any principles inhibiting your actions - crystal clear shiny actions guaranteed our ancestors continuance from one century to the next. Emotional tension was never built up for it was always quickly released. In fact, there wasn't any accumulation of any emotions of any type in a sub-conscious reservoir. No time or intellectual space was allotted for such wasteful frivolous utilization of non-here and now issues.

Our modern day striving for perfection is admirable but flawed with societal fissures that have their origins in all the dingy souls that traveled along paths riddled with potholes and large craters. All of us can regularly wash away the muck from our imperfect institutions and world, but actually achieving unblemished perfection in any lifetime just isn't a reasonable expectation. Let's just move inch by inch towards a blissfully content, happy, fulfilled world but never be under any illusion that sparkling absolute clarity of thought and action will ever be our blessing.

Does this mean we have to be satisfied with the prevailing state of affairs? Surely not, why drift about like mindless amoeba when we can fight until we reach our goals. We've fought our way out of insignificance on a spiteful planet littered with its fallen victims. Ours is a triumph of ingenuity, sensuality, soul, spirit, and tenacity. Humanity never gives up, quickly cowering in a corner to sulk. We fight in order to advance ideals that perpetuate an unbroken dominance of whatever is our current environ. Realistically, if we can ignite a general renaissance of civility, compassion, tolerance, equality, and equity in our grimy human villages then we'll have taken giant strides in our attempts at insuring our intergenerational continuity.

My needs are many, my wants are endless, my desires are unquenchable, but my yearning for seamless tranquility (some would say happiness) tempers these ancestral drives within reasonable expectations. Our remote ancestors just took - having no conception of what was unreasonable or disadvantageous to their clan or species. Higher-level cognition hadn't yet made its way into the evolutionary tree. It is therefore my firm belief that we shouldn't have to regress emotionally from our present day affirmation of enlightened compassion back to club wielding reactionaries. We can move from spasmodic societal mysticism imbued with prevailing taboos, and sacred principles towards a pragmatic solution centered results oriented society. What we should all demand is a set of solutions to our problems that don't rely upon this or that ordained political, economic, or cultural orthodoxy. Don't we ultimately just want something to work - give me a screw and screwdriver to fix the dislodged door - it shouldn't matter whether the tools came from some neighbor's unfamiliar toolbox.