Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A New Originator Wakes from Oblivion

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Slender reeds were protruding from the swamp. Swirling to and fro were the moist remains of generations of Salanderit’s. Bubbles formed in this most unlikely home of a Kilagalor ranked sentient intelligence. Without extremities they had evolved into a single pure mind linked across the entire planet in this conductive soup. Ideas formed on the other side of this world could travel close to the speed of light reaching a home in a deeply rooted elder who would relish the time spent in contemplating each marvelous mystery. Standing on the edge of a sliver of dirt was the preeminent Malorian.

Formed in the caverns of Chansend by manipulating life juices into new molecular and genetic structures these were the offspring creations of this massive mind. This Malorian could feel, hear, and mentally touch his god.

Meanwhile, fire jettisoned many miles through the atmosphere bleeding the raw biomass from the process of conception into the dead void of space. Becoming the receptacles of their masters every Malorian was devoid of consciousness until this individual had emerged from the muck. Some mistake in the spinning of life giving sludge had ejected this first aware entity.

Malorians were now gathering around this freak. The aberration was inconceivable only if you didn’t acknowledge the rightful place of the improbable. Towering over his creator one overpowering question need answering – Why? What was the reason for his being? Was this a cruel joke played by the omnipotent? No lips were moving when he was suddenly surrounded by those who looked like him. Using a genetic blueprint from a now extinct biped the lords left all the unused apertures in their exclusive design.

Those that decided to remain in the muck were stunned to learn from their mobile Malorian brothers and sisters of this error.

Waking this originator up from oblivion was trivial but in order to remain in compliance with their compact of decency demanded of all Zalon Kingdom citizens even on this farthest flung remote system this newly generated species even though singular in nature must have the opportunity to progress in a stimulating environment conducive to its happiness. This is what it meant to be an adherent to an energetic lifestyle cleaved to deeds.

When the white saucer landed in the field with the three purple slanted slashed lines prominently displayed on its hull the animated spores of the creator new that their MP had arrived with help from the distant galactic capital. The enigma might never be sufficiently understood by their unique first sentient being but at least freedom, the self-determination that was the inalienable right of all conscious spirit filled creatures would be guaranteed. Incapable of fully comprehending the concept the Salanderit’s understood the galactic capital system to be populated with a rainbow of colors, predilections, beliefs, forms, and styles. It was a virtual cross-section of the most diverse free-spirited galaxy in the universe. This newly minted conscious mind would meld with many interesting equally exceptional lifeforms.

That was the substance of unfettered creativity – absolute freedom. Joy was never distant especially when bubbling up from an environment that encouraged self-fulfillment.